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Fried foods are tasty but they are dangerous to our health when consumed frequently, which is why many people are moving to air fry as a healthier option since it doesn’t need much oil yet still produce quite similar results. Air Fryer Vs Deep Fryer are popular cooking tools we use today and while many controversies circling deep fried foods, they are still consumed by most of people. To see which will give you the best cooking results, see whether these methods are identical or not. 

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Fried Foods are Dangerous
  • What are Air Fryer and Deep Fryer
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  • Air Fryer Vs Deep Fryer

Fried Food and Its Health Risks

We love the texture of fried foods because they are dried on the outside but still soft on the inside and this is the method we used when trying to create overall a dry dish with very less moist to get those crunch. Frying technique is used all over the globe and it can be used to process almost any ingredients while also the most popular being used in fast food chains due to its economic value and of course convenient preparing process.

If we are to be honest most people love fried foods but the fact that it is not helping our goal to have a better health is concerning because as you may already know, fried foods are not the best to have frequently. First of all, fried foods tend to have a lot of calories compared to other cooking methods which makes a formerly healthy ingredients such as veggies which naturally low in calorie to become not so ideal anymore for those who are dieting.

While not all friend foods are soaked in batter, many of them are prepared this way and this batter will add calories into your foods. The dangerous part is because they are dipped in hot oils and losing the water content by absorbing more fat which of course will also increase the calorie content. In general, all fried foods will be significantly higher in fat and calories compared to those we prepared with other methods such as baked or boiled, or grilled.

Even if you are not dieting, fried foods are still not the best option to stay healthy or maintain fitness because they are high in fat, calories, and often salt, few studies found that this prepared foods are likely to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease since they may create obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol level. For those who often binge of fast food restaurant chains menu, their foods often cooked in hydrogenated oils.

This oil is used because it will give the food its satisfying taste and crunch but the bad side is it also high in trans fats and when consumed, trans fat increases LDL cholesterol or the bad cholesterol levels while also lowering the HDL or good cholesterol which means we have increased heart disease risk. They are even worse when reused since oil breaks down with each frying to make more oils being absorbed into the food. 

About Air Fryer and Deep Fryer

FDA banned trans fat in 2018 and in theory it will make fried food safer but it won’t prevent restaurant to use the same oil for several times and binging on fries is still not healthy. This is why we prefer to cook at home because not only it make sure we know what we eat and put in our body but also help us to tailor the nutrients needed to support better health. We can still eat fried foods but reducing the frequency greatly will be wiser.

Cooking at home is fun and will improve our cooking skills over time but they can be inconvenient for some people for not all of us have the time to spare some moment working with ingredients and doing the cooking itself. However, with the help of kitchen appliances and tools, everything seems more convenient today and for those who are loving the crisp, crunchy texture of fried foods, we either have Air Fryer or Deep Fryer at home.

These cooking tools are very useful for fried food lovers out there and also very different in terms of working mechanism as well as the result in which your foods will be done in each cooking process. Air Fryer was already used in commercial platforms since 2005 patented by Turbochef and used by large hotel chains while the end-consumer version was introduced by Philips back then in 2010 using its own patented Rapid Air Technology. Today, they are available almost everywhere.

Deep Fryer itself is a very popular cooking appliance that has been around for quite some time already due to the huge enthusiast on fried food itself and what makes it very attractive for home use is as the name suggests, they can submerge your food deep in the hot oil thanks to its design which results in a more even cooking area and better crisp all over the surface as well as fast in the process. They run on electricity but there are those used commercially fueled by propane gas.

Air Fryer and Deep Fryer are must-haves if you like fried foods and prefer them to be cooked at home for this way we can ensure that all of the ingredients are healthier including using better oils that high smoke point such as extra light olive oils or sunflower oils to be more mindful about our health. Air Fryer itself is an overall the healthiest option to fry foods today compared to submerging them in hot oil.

Air Fryer and Deep Fryer Design

Air Fryer can be designed differently depending on its manufacturer but in general they will be looking like a multi cooker like Cuckoo Vs Tiger rice cooker with an oval, round, or rectangular body but its edges are smooth which is great. These designs probably inspired by the original look of first Philip air fryer but they can varied widely today and in the middle of the unit there will be a tray and handle to pull it out while the control are placed either at the front top or the top panel.

Deep Fryer on the other hand will look the same no matter from which brand we purchase them from because almost all of them will be rectangle in shape and tall enough to accommodate more oil so we can submerge the ingredients in. The sizes will vary widely and the bigger they are, the more likely they will be fueled by propane gas while the home-use version mostly powered by electricity.

Air Fryer and Deep Fryer Mechanism 

Have the same “fryer” name doesn’t make Air Fryer and Deep Fryer the identical because they are working differently and as a healthier option, the former will use far less oil than the more traditional method of deep frying. An air fryer appliance is very similar to your convection oven because there is a small electric appliance with heating element and fan that blows air around inside the cooking chamber. This air is circulating quickly making it better at reaching all food surfaces.

This fast moving air is the one that makes your food has its certain crust despite not being submerged in hot oils and in addition, the basket of air fryer is perforated which increase the contact with the hot moving air itself. As for Deep Fryer, its mechanism stays the same as when using stove top and sauce pad to fry foods. There is a heating element inside the compartment chamber of your deep fryer which is powered by electricity and it heats the oils just like a rice cooker.

Hot oils will evaporate the water content that formerly reside in your foods and it creates the cooked foods while also adding the dry and crunchy texture of the surface. Notice when there are tiny bubbles appearing around your foods when it makes contact with hot oils and it is actually gas barrier from the water to keep the oils out which makes the food dry throughout the deep frying process.

Cooking with Air Fryer and Deep Fryer

While the working mechanism are different, these cooking appliances are very straightforward to use but an Air Fryer doesn’t necessarily need to be pre-heated unlike when using Deep Fryer in which we have to spare time to heat the oil until a certain temperature first. The next steps stay the same; putting the ingredients in and let the appliance do the rest of the work until the timer is up. Air Fryer will not need a paper towel for they use very little oils only on the surface while it is a must have when doing deep frying.

Air Fryer and Deep Fryer Features

Similar to many cooking appliances, there might be some features on your Air Fryer and Deep Fryer that are necessary to ease the cooking process. An Air Fryer usually have very less features that the one we can get on the unit will be mostly temperature settings, timer to cook your foods and depending on the models, a different racks to put few dishes at once. Deep Fryer are also the same because in most cases we only get temperature control and timer.

Air Fryer Vs Deep Fryer

Air Fryer Deep Fryer
- Use hot air - Hot oils
- Healthier- High in fat and calories
- A little oil - Much oil
- Less capacity - Higher capacity
- Less Crispy- Very crispy result
- Not for heavy battered foods - Can cook battered or non-battered foods

Fried foods are not the healthiest food options we can consume but they are certainly tasty and to help reduce the bad effect of enjoying the food frequently, Air Fryer used hot air with a thin layer of oil on top of the foods to produce similar texture of deep fried process. Deep Fryer is good for home or commercial use but since the cooking process absorbs so much oils, it is far less healthy compared to air frying method yet, its crispness is also hard to beat.


All in all we can pick one appliance to have in the kitchen but if you are worried about health issues especially for those who eat fried food often, we highly recommend moving to Air Fryer because it doesn’t use much oil.

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