Blendtec 570 vs 575


Blendtec 570 and Blendtec 575 are two blenders that have become the consumers’ favorite choices for quite a long time, for good reasons. They are equipped with nice features and enough power to handle various tasks. So, what is the difference between Blendtec 570 vs 575? Which one does give a better value for the money?

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Design and Power

As a matter of fact, Blendtec 570 and Blendtec 575 have the same dimensions and power. So, basically, regardless of the model that you choose, you still get the same power. Each of them is armed with a powerful 1575-Watt motor, which can produce 3 HP worth of power. This is a highly powerful motor that can easily cut down tough items. See also: Thermos Flask vs Hydro Flask.

Both are basically one-touch blenders that allow hands-free blending. Once turned on, you don’t need to hold the blender in place. They can work without really needing your supervision. Each of them is equipped with a countdown timer and a preset program. These blenders are also very convenient and easy to clean, as they have a self-cleaning program.

Blendtec 570 and Blendtec 575 really excel in home uses. They can easily make smoothies with the best results. They can also make hot soups from raw vegetables, crush raw or frozen food items, and mill flour. Both models have digital controls, which are very easy and convenient to use. The slight downside is that the digital controls offer less variability in the speeds.

Color Choices

The first difference between Blendtec 570 and Blendtec 575 is the available color choices. Blendtec 570 only has two color choices. If you don’t really care about the color of your blender, this is not a problem at all.

However, if you want to make your kitchen look pleasing and stylish, you should consider choosing a blender with a matching color. Blendtec 575 may offer better options here because it has six color choices. So, you have a better chance of finding a blender that matches your kitchen’s decoration.

Speed Settings and Blending Cycles

The second difference between Blendtec 570 and Blendtec 575 is their speed settings and blending cycles. Blendtec 570 only has three speed options and two blending cycles. So, it is not flexible. You may find difficulties in getting the right settings to get the best results with different food items.

Blendtec 575 is quite more flexible. According to Blendtec, it has five speed options and four blending cycles. So, you can adjust the blender more precisely for specific food items. You will find that it is easier to work with.

Blendtec 570 vs 575

Blendtec 570Blendtec 575
- 2 color choices- 6 color choices
- 3 speed settings- 5 speed settings
- 2 blending cycles- 4 blending cycles
- More difficult to adjust to different food items- More flexible, easier to adjust to different food items


Between these two blenders, we highly recommend you to choose Blendtec 575. Although the dimensions and maximum power are similar, Blendtec 575 has more color choices and controls. You can choose the color that suits your kitchen’s decoration. The additional controls are very useful for adjusting the blender for different food items.

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