Camelbak vs Hydro Flask


Using water bottle is good to reduce the waste of plastic bottle and let us save some money by carrying our own beverage from home compared to always buying beverages from the convenient stores or restaurants. Two good bottle brands you may want to pick are Camelbak vs Hydro Flask because they equally offer many high quality bottles. If you also interested in them, go check our article below to see which brand will give you the best bottles or with the kind of features you prefer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a water bottle
– What are Camelbak and Hydro Flask
– How many variants do Camelbak and Hydro Flask have
– What Camelbak and Hydro Flask can offer to you
– Camelbak vs Hydro Flask

Water Bottle
Since we are still little, our parents often prepare us with water bottle when we go to school or do another activities outside to make sure we are properly hydrated and even until now, water bottle is just as useful when we are outside. The best thing about water bottle is we can carry them everywhere without spending money on water or beverage and more importantly, they are reusable so one bottle can last for a long time if treated properly.

Water bottle is also useful to have if you spend many time working in an office and sitting in front of your computer for the most hours because when faced with much works, we often forget to hydrate our body and this can lead to dehydration without us realizing it. Keeping a water bottle in your desk is a good way to remind us to take the water and using an interesting bottle may attract our eyes to drink the liquid inside which is why some bottles are unique and pleasant to see.

For those who loves doing activities in the wild will also need to carry water bottle or reservoir that they can carry in their backpack because the more our body move the more it lose the liquid and need to replenish more as well. Water bottle or water reservoir are a good option but for those who don’t want to carry bulkier and heavier bottle may opt for collapsible bottle like those from Platypus vs Camelbak that can be folded when empty.

There are many types of bottle out there to suit your need because each user may want to have a certain bottle that match with the kind of activities they are doing and it is why we need to pick the one with suitable specifications for our need. There are regular plastic bottle, insulated bottles, collapsible bottles and even glass bottle for those who fancy the material and doesn’t mind carrying the fragile body.

About Camelbak
Just like when looking for other products, it is important to make sure we are choosing the one that offer a good quality and still available in the price range we are willing to spend and among those many brands, Camelbak is a good option to choose. This brand is already popular among people who love to do activities on the wild like hiking or camping because of the high quality backpack and beside the pack, they actually also offer a wide range of water bottle for both outdoor activities lover and for people who want to carry their beverage from home.

Camelbak Variants
Camelbak have several collections and one of them may suit your preference because their collection is covering regular plastic water bottle and insulated bottles for those who want to keep their drink hot or cold. They even have those bottle that suit a certain sport like biking with a proper design and mouth to ease the drinker taking the water while doing the activity while children will love the colorful design they put in the Kids collection to attract their attention and drink their water.

Besides bottle, Camelbak also have drinkware like mugs or tumbler that are made with stainless steel and even insulated for when you want to carry hot beverage like coffee, tea or another warm drink to your journey or just to go to office. Carrying coffee from home is more efficient since we don’t have to spend time waiting on line for your coffee on the way or spend money to buy coffee from coffee shop or similar establishment. If you love personalized bottle, they also offer custom print service for business or events.

Camelbak Features
For everyday use or when you don’t need another features on the bottle, their regular Eddy bottle will be a good option because these bottles is just like your regular bottle and all of them are clear to make sure you know how much you drink each time. This model have straw and bite valve to prevent spill when drinking while doing some activities but if you prefer the one that can be drank more freely, there is Chute bottle with wider mouth.

On the insulation bottles, the brand have several compartments including bottle and tumblers. What’s unique about Camelbak insulated bottle is they have the plastic version of it that is made from Tritan, so it is safe just like their regular bottle and this bottle have two layers which is why they can keep the water cold longer even though it is not made with stainless like many other insulated bottles. As for the stainless steel variant, there is regular bottle and tumbler bottle to carry hot and cold drinks.

The stainless steel variant have different ability on keeping the temperature but most of them will be able to keep hot water up to 6 hours while cold water is longer up to 24 hours. Since there are two types of cap, the one with straw is not suitable to keep hot water in fear of you will burn your tongue but there are bottles and tumblers with cap, so you can sip the inside without worry. For sporty people, their Podium bottles are available with insulated features as well to let you enjoy cold beverage on the go.

About Hydro Flask
It is always good to have another option when looking for something because we can compare them side by side to make sure we are picking the one with the best benefit for our need or give the most value for our money. When talking about water bottle especially those that can retain the heat inside or insulated bottles, Hydro Flask is almost always mentioned because they are one of the most popular in the market with high quality products.

Hydro Flask is specializing in insulated compartments but the most popular products is the water bottle even though the brand also offer flask or insulated compartment for food in case you want to bring hot soup or similar food. This brand offer various insulated bottles for many other beverages such as those for coffee and alcohol especially beer and wine, so you can carry them in your journey and share with those who comes along without worrying of breaking any glass.

Hydro Flask Variants
Hydro Flask have many bottles types but generally, they are the same and only differed by the mouth or cap type which you can purchase separately if you want to use a different cap for your bottle while the material and design are very similar to each other. There is coffee bottle and mugs for carrying hot beverage with cap to make sure the water will stay warmer for longer. The bottle variant have two modes; regular and wide mouth to ease you when inserting ice cubes inside.

They also have tumbler collection if you want to carry another tasty beverage and since they have an even wider mouth, these collections is perfect to carry cold drinks or beverage even with another ingredients like fruits inside. If you are not fond of sipping, there is straw and cap accessories that you can purchase separately to make it feels like Starbucks tumbler.

Hydro Flask Features
The one in our picture above is the wide mouth bottle and just like many other compartments from Hydro Flask what makes it the favorite of many people is the insulated feature. This brand proudly present their TempShield technology which used double wall as an insulation to protect the temperature inside your bottle stay longer for up to 24 hours for cold water and 6 hours for hot beverages. This technology even combined with the Honeycomb insulation lid for additional temperature control.

All of Hydro Flask compartment is insulated so they are made with stainless steel and it is very durable, won’t retain the taste or transfer it to your next drink or food while strong enough to accompany you in every adventure. To make sure your drink won’t alter your genetic makeup, all of their compartment is BPA and Phthalate free. The Proprietary powder coat are used to make sure you can grip the bottle firmly while eliminating the sweat that happened when you bring cold beverages.

Now, let’s compare Camelbak with Hydro Flask. Both of them are a good brand and offer insulated bottles with the same capabilities. What seems to set them apart from each other is the fact that Camelbak offer many other bottles including the plastic bottle and hydration pack or reservoir in their catalogue while Hydro Flask have compartments made for certain alcoholic beverages like beer and wine.

Camelbak vs Hydro Flask

CamelbackHydro Flask
- Offer Tritan bottles- Only offer stainless steel bottles
- Wider collections- Smaller collection
- Offer sport bottles and water reservoir- Offer flask for alcoholic beverage and food

All in all, they are equally a good option for high quality water bottle. However, if you want to have a wider option that include plastic bottle or sport bottle, then Camelbak is a very good pick with a wide variant to choose.

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