Camelbak vs Nalgene


Bringing water bottle from home is one of our efforts to save money and reduce the use of plastic bottles. Water bottle is also useful because you can refill them again and used for a long time. Two good water bottle brand in the market are Camelbak vs Nalgene. Both of these brands have many collections for each of your need. If you also interested in these brands, go check our article below to see what they can offer to you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a Water Bottle
– What are Camelbak and Nalgene
– How many variants do Camelbak and Nalgene have
– What Camelbak and Nalgene can offer to you
– Camelbak vs Nalgene

Reusable Water Bottle
Hydration is an important thing to do no matter if you do many activities outside or when just laying around at home. Our body depend on water to survive and to make it functions properly, we need to take our water every day. There is a believe that we need to drink around 2 liters of water each day but in fact, different people will need different amount of water because our activities are different thus, as a regular office worker, we probably won’t need to drink that much of water like athletes.

Bottled water is a common thing and are available almost anywhere we travel and one problem from using bottle is the waste that can be hard to deal with after which makes many of us prefer to use the reusable water bottle. Water bottle is just like any other compartment, you can use them to carry and drink your water anywhere, whether you want to carry them to do some activities in the wild or just for carrying your beverage to work.

Just like you may already know, unlike the bottled water that can only take regular or cold water, water bottle may have insulated body, so you can carry both hot and cold water that can last longer than regular bottle. For those who want to keep their backpack compact and light, there are even collapsible bottle to pick, which you can fold when not in use and hold more firmly when you need to take the water in the go for the body is flexible.

There are so many options out there if you only look for a water bottle and they may vary from price because good products usually are more expensive. When looking for plastic bottle, what you need to make sure is the material and pick the one that are food grade with no BPA so your water will be just as healthy as it should be. The safest option is probably insulated flask because they are made from stainless steel, but beside heavy, they are far more expensive than plastic bottles.

About Camelbak
Among those many brands, Camelbak is one of the best option you may want to choose because this brand have a huge collection of both plastic bottles and insulated flask for your everyday and sports activity. We are sure most of you are already familiar with the brand for they are very popular with the outdoor people especially with their hydration line and backpack for tactical and similar activities in the wild. The bottles itself is vary to match the user need and preference.

Camelbak Variants
Camelbak is coming with many options to go but all of them are mostly for outdoor activities or to be used on the go because the features and design they put in the bottles are indeed useful to carry water or other beverage outside. They also offer bottles for certain activities and kids bottle with interesting design that can catch your children eyes and remind them to take the water when they are in school or doing other activities outside. Read also: Platypus vs Camelbak here.

As for the office worker or those who spent most of their time indoor, you probably prefer a mug or similar compartment to carry your drink because there is no need to move a lot. For these people, Camelbak have a travel mugs or tumblers to pick which is ideal for carrying hot beverage like coffee, tea or hot chocolate and even cold beverages because they are made from stainless steel and are insulated so the initial temperature will stay longer for you to enjoy.

For those who don’t mind to carry heavy bottle and mostly spend their time indoor, the brand even have a glass bottle to choose. For everyday use, they have a wide collection and you choose from those with insulation or regular bottle while the type of mouth and cap are different to match your need and preference; some of them are small and some may bigger to drink the water faster while the other are with straw to avoid spill when you love to suck the water rather than lifting the bottle.

Camelbak Features
The bottle in our sample picture is their Chute bottle with a rather big mouth to ease the water flowing and this model even available in a wide color variants thus, you can pick the one like your favorite color. This bottle is safe for drinking because Camelbak made it from Tritan Copolyester and free from BPA, BPS, as well as BPF, making your drink as fresh as how it should be without the taste from the bottle.

For those who loves to cycle and enjoy the nature, there is Podiums series that is designed to be carried while doing such activities and these bottles have smaller mouth to ease you when taking the water. There is the regular version but if you wish to carry cold water or beverage, there is the Chill model which is insulated made from Polypropylene with Hydroguard to keep the beverage inside stay cold in a prolonged period so you can drink your water cold even after a few hour later.

If you want to carry hot or cold water longer while doing your outdoor activity, the most ideal choice will the stainless steel bottles. These bottles are insulated to keep the temperature inside and have different mouth or lid to go, such as the bigger chug or smaller bite valve flips. Camelbak claimed that these bottles can keep cold water as long as 24 hours while hot water can stay hot for up to 6 hours.

About Nalgene
It is always good to have another option when looking for something because then we can compare them to see which brand or model will give you the best benefit or available at more affordable price. The other option for best water bottle is Nalgene and just like Camelbak, this brand is also equally popular among those who do outdoor activities a lot because there are many options that are suitable for the kind of activities due to the strong construction.

Nalgene Variants
Among many similar brands, Nalgene is probably one with the widest collection because not only they offer water bottle, they also offer those compartment for home use including water bottles and storage jars to keep foods and other ingredients in your kitchen. Additionally, they offer travel kits with many type of smaller compartments and bottles inside which is very useful to be carried in your travel or another activities that require several days outside the house.

Nalgene bottle are coming with different design and purposes with different caps to match you preference as well as size to make sure you can always have the perfect size for your activities. They also have children bottles with locked cap and smaller mouth to make sure children can drink it comfortably. There are the adult version of OTF bottles but it only different from the size and design, for the children variants may have various picture printed on the body.

Nalgene Bottle Features
OTF or On the Fly bottle is also suitable for those who do activities outside for the cap is carabiner friendly, so you can hook it in your backpack thus, it won’t take space inside your backpack. When talking about Nalgene, the one appear in our mind is the wide mouth variant like the one in our sample picture above because this is the most popular variant from the brand. It is coming in a varying size from the one enough for one person to big enough for beverage sharing.

One of the best thing about this wide mouth bottle is the simple design featured with a quantity marks on the body to make sure we know how much it can carry which is very useful when you need to monitor your water intake. Depend on the size, the diameter of the mouth can vary as well while the cap is screw type and with lock to make sure you won’t lose it. As for the material, these bottles use Tritan and it is free from BPA, BPS, and Phthalate.

Now, let’s compare Camelbak with Nalgene. As you may already know, both brands are offering a wide variety of water bottle made with safe materials and with different caps to match their users’ preference. Nalgene generally offer far more products than Camelbak but this brand have wider variant on the insulated compartment.

Camelbak vs Nalgene

- Less products- More products
- More expensive- More affordable
- Offer insulated bottles- Doesn’t offer insulated bottles (only offer the sleeves)

All in all, in our opinion both brands offer a good amount of bottles and is a very good option for reusable water bottle. However, we prefer Camelbak better for insulated bottles because there are different options available and is a good option for those who want to carry either hot or cold beverage.

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