Coffee Grinder vs Spice Grinder


There are a lot of reasons to grind your coffee and spices at homes. The common reason is because you want a freshly made spices or you are currently looking for an even better-tasting cup of coffee. Some people might not fond to pre-ground coffee, since it went stale long before you bought it. Coffee release its aroma when you ground it. The same thing may happened to dried spices. Some people use coffee grinder to grind their spice and some use spice grinder to grind their coffee. They are both made to grind hard materials, here is an introduction about coffee grinder and spice grinder.

Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinder is tool made to grind coffee beans. Like all of us already know, coffee beans need to be roasted then grind to produce coffee powder so as to increase the surface area necessary for extraction. The finer the grind size, the faster is the extraction. The result of espresso will depend on how evenly the coffee is ground and its final temperature after grinding. Coffee grinding will take up heat and the more heat the coffee takes, it will affect the final product. The more coffee we grind the hotter the coffee gets due to the grinding burrs and surroundings parts getting hotter. When choosing a coffee grinder there are two options which can be chosen according to your preference. They are Blade grinders and Burr grinders. Blade grinders have blades that slice the coffee beans into multiple parts. The fineness of the grinds is determined by how long you let the grinder operate via a built in timer. The longer it grinds the finer the coffee becomes. This type of grinder also comes in the manual version, with a handle to grind them. The negatives of a blade grinder is that they produced uneven grind. The other type is burr grinder, these type of grinder have two burrs, one that stays still and the other that is attached to a motor and rotates. Rather than slicing the coffee beans this type of grinder crushes them. Since the force isn’t concentrated on one specific point, the grind tends to be more consistent.

Spice Grinder

Spice grinder is a tool used to grind up hard, dried whole spices. The traditional spice grinder is granite and mortar grinder. This type of grinder does not use blade, we have to crush the material using our strength. The advantages of these traditional spice grinder is you can use it to grind water spices, since it is not in a machine it will be a lot easier to clean. Some people even said using a traditional grinder like mortar and pestle grinder can cause lesser mess, because it does not use the fast motor-driven chopping blades, which sometimes makes the spices go out from the container. There is also electric spice grinder. This type of spice grinder can grind spices into fine powder so that flavors remains balanced throughout your recipe. It is easier to operate the handle. The material is usually easy to clean too. There are also spice grinding bottles you can buy, first you store your whole spice in the bottle, and when you don’t need the grinded spice you can just open the lid and directly take the spice. If you want to grin it, you have to turn the jar upside down, and turn the lid, which grinds the spice out. Some of them have a catch mechanism on the top that the ground spice falls into. In effect, you get mini grinder dedicated to each spice storage bottle, it doesn’t take up any more room than spice bottles would in the first place. Most of them are glass bottles, so it is recommended to store them in a dark place to extend the storage life of the spices.

Coffee GrinderSpice Grinder
- Coffee grinder is commonly come in a larger size- They commonly comes in smaller sizes
- The price is slightly higher- Many of spice grinder have cheaper prices
- Many coffee grinder can be used to grind spices- Some type of spice grinder cant be used to grind coffee


There are no rules which said you cannot grind coffee in a spice grinder or grind spice in a coffee grinder. You can use both of them just the same. The final results may vary depends on how you grind them though. The most important is deciding on how you want your coffee or spices to become after it is grinder. The blade grind is cheaper than burr grind but it gives inconsistent results, while burr grinder is more expensive than blade grinder but it can gives you a fine grind and more consistent result. You can use your coffee grinder to grind your spices but remember, the taste will not go away after you grind spices in it, so you may want to use a different tools. You also have to pay attention on the canals inside the grinder, for example pepper grinder have far smaller canals than coffee grinder, so you can’t use pepper grinder to grind coffee, since it won’t fit in the canals.

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