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Carrying our own drink is a good thing to do to save more money when going outside or when you are in a journey where access to clean water is hard. There are so many water bottle out there you can try but Contigo vs Camelbak are among the best due to the huge amount of option to match your need. If you also eyeing these two brands, go check our article below to see which brand will give you the best benefit or available at more affordable price.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a Water Bottle
– What are Contigo and Camelbak
– How many variants Contigo and Camelbak have
– What Contigo and Camelbak can offer to you
– Contigo vs Camelbak

Water Bottle
Keeping our body hydrated is important and it will send a signal by making you thirsty when need to be replenished. There are so many benefit of drinking water besides helping our body to function properly, it will also help flushing the waste in our bladder and make our skin healthier. When in home, we can just drink water anytime we want but when in place where access to drinkable water is hard, it is best to carry your own water.

For those working in an office or spend most of their time sitting in a desk, you will need a cup or bottle in the desk to remind you to take water from time to time to stay healthy. We are aware about the need to drink water but when in pile of work, it is easy to just dismiss the thought of drinking water which is why we need to pay attention to the hydration even when just working in an office.

For those who works need a lot of movement, you will get thirsty faster as well and taking water is just as important. If you loves hiking, bicycling or doing similar activities that left you with harder access to drinkable water, then you will need to bring your own water or beverage from home to stay hydrated in your journey. Depend on your need, you can choose regular bottle or flask compartment that can retain the temperature inside to stay longer and make the drink more enjoyable.

Using water bottle is preferable because you don’t have to buy bottled water every time you go outside and need to take your hydration since bottle from bottled water are not made to be reused. Generally, water bottle are the same and serve the same purpose but there are those with additional features to make drinking more enjoyable or provide the capabilities to match your need. Another thing you may want to consider when looking for a bottle is the capacity because they are widely varied in size.

About Contigo
Among those many water bottle brand in the market, Contigo is very popular because the brand have a huge collection in their catalogue and very well-known to always offer a quality product made to match their customers’ needs. What makes them special is because the design of their bottles are made with on-the-go lifestyle which is the main reason why we need a water bottle because we are not at home all the time and they actually apply the user’s demand on their bottles.

Contigo have a huge collection and all of them are tailored to be different from each other, so we can find the one that match our preference easier. The brand have four types of bottles and mugs including the shaker and kids bottles. For those who want to keep their coffee or tea piping hot, you will love to see their mugs collection with their insulation and innovative lid while those who love making shake and carrying it on the go will love their shaker collection. Read also: Corkcicle vs Hydro Flask here.

Contigo Variants
– Mugs, as it has been mentioned earlier, this is the one that you may want to pick if you plan on carrying coffee or tea or even hot chocolate to your office or working site and want to keep them hot as long as possible to make the beverage more enjoyable. This product line have several interesting features mainly on the lid because they have 3 different method of locking and drinking.
– Water Bottle, this line have two types of water compartment; the one is regular bottle and the other one is stainless steel insulated bottle which as you can expect is featured with vacuum insulation. Similar to mugs, these bottles also have 3 different types of lid to let you choose how you drink the beverage.
– Shaker Bottles, these bottles are marketed towards those people who love fitness and want to carry their protein shake to the gym. There are 3 types of shaker; regular, double-walled and vacuum insulated bottles to retain the initial temperature of your beverage.
– Kids Bottle, these is just like the name, intended for children or teens and mainly coming with interesting colorful design to attract children attention while coming with two different types of lid to make sure they can drink with ease and avoiding spill.

Contigo Features
Depend on the model and product line you are choosing, Contigo bottles or water compartment have several worth mentioning features. The thermal insulation for all of their vacuum insulated bottles or mugs are able to keep the water inside hot for up to 5 hours and cold up to 12 hours for mugs variants while the water bottle variant will provide a longer insulation because this variant is able to keep the temperature hot up to 10 and cold from 18 hours up to 28 hours depend on the model you are picking.

Besides the insulation, what makes Contigo stands out from its peers is the locking system such as the AUTOSEAL technology to prevent spilling even when you knock the bottle/mug and SNAPSEAL with an easy opening system with spill proof technology. If you pick the bottle there are two additional lids; the Straw and Chug. Just like the name, the straw will flow the water through a straw that you can cover and pop up when needed while the Chug is opened with a press to flow the water.

About Camelbak
It is always good have another option when looking for something and if you like the kind of option or features in Contigo bottles or mugs then you may want to check another brand called Camelbak. We are sure many of you already familiar with the brand because they are making many outdoor activities equipment, mainly popular for their high quality, rich-features backpack for those who love to hike or do similar activities. Similar like their backpack, their bottles and drinkware are made to meets the users’ need.

Camelbak separate their drink compartment into two categories, the bottles and drinkware that contains tumbler and travel mugs as well as water reservoir to be used in a backpack. They also separate the bottles again into various types but mainly based on the main purpose of the material used to make the bottles. They have kids collection for young users and even glass bottles for those who fancy the material and plan to use it only on indoor or fairly safe activities.

Camelbak Variants
– Everyday Bottles, this variant mainly use Eastman Tritan Copolyester for the body which is safe and dishwasher friendly while the caps are BPA-free Polypropylene. Since it is not insulated, they are categorized as regular water bottle.
– Sport and Bike, this variant just like the name is made and design for the particular activity, made from BPA-free Polypropylene while the wall is doubled to make the beverage stay cold longer for better experience.
– Their Insulated bottles have two variants; stainless steel and Copolyester which make them ale to keep the water cool longer. But in performance, the stainless steel is better at keeping the temperature longer than the other material.
– Tumbler, their tumbler is designed with stainless steel and with a special cap to prevent minor splash, suitable for both hot and cold beverage.
– Travel Mugs, this variant have leak-proof rotating valve and since it is vacuum insulated, the mug can keep hot beverage up to 6 hours while cold beverage will stay cold for up to 24 hours.

Camelbak Features
As you can see, Camelbak has a huge collection and depend on the type of compartment you pick, the features will be different as well. Their vacuum insulation are varied in capability because depend on the model, they can keep both hot and cold water for longer. Another good feature from their bottles is the cap because the Flip, Bite and Sip lid is very suitable when used on the go to prevent spilling the water accidentally. For the mugs, the spill-proof lid is very useful to assure the beverage won’t spill when knocked down.

Now, let’s compare Contigo with Camelbak. Both bottles and mugs or tumblers are made with high quality material to ensure your beverage will stay healthy and tasty. What separate them prominently is because Contigo offer a wider variant of lid for both of their mugs and bottles to match your preference while Camelbak offer bottles specifically made for sports activities.

Contigo vs Camelbak

- Many lid/cap options- Many material options
- Hot water up to 10 hours- Hot water up to 6 hours
- Cold water up to 28 hours (Chill bottle)- Cold water up to 24 hours
- Offer Shaker bottle- Offer bottles for Sport activities

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good option and you can go with either of them. However, we prefer Contigo because they have different lid options and the bottles specifically able to keep hot water as long as 10 hours longer than Camelbak at 6.

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