Contigo vs Klean Kanteen Bottle


Contigo and Klean Kanteen are two food wear brands that have been known for their qualities and their designs. In this article, we will see the comparisons between Contigo VS Klean Kanteen Bottle. So, how about the performance? Is Contigo at least as good as Klean Kanteen ?

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Contigo is the brand originally from USA and headquartered in Chicago. Contigo is a brand from ignite USA, LLC, a company with a passion for great product. Contigo bottle are design for ready-to-go bottle or traveling bottle for any occasion like school, work, workout, and many more.

Contigo also design for both kids and adult. It was divided by the sizes, colors, materials, and functions. For kids mostly the design would be full color, easy to use, with BPA free material, and for the handle use the rubber material. For adults, Contigo designed their product with mainly black and white color, the material are made with BPA free material and stainless steel material. Read also: Klean Kanteen vs Yeti.

Technology of Contigo Bottle

Base on the technology that used on the product, Contigo designed their product with five technologies, Autoseal technology, Autospout technology, Thermalock vacuum insulation, Snapseal lid system, and Autoclose technology.

  • The Autoseal Technology

First, the Autoseal technology function is to seals or closes automatically between sips. Autoseal technology also gives an advantage to prevent the liquid inside the bottle leak or spill. It is easy to use the Contigo bottle caps that use the Autoseal technology by only pressing one button.

To make it more secure, some of the Contigo bottle caps are provide with a lock system to prevent the bottle caps being pressed accidentally. The bottle caps with Autoseal technology is easy to cleanby opening the lid. The caps that the lid have been open can be clean with dishwasher machine and it is also top rack dishwasher safe.

  • The Autospout Technology

The Autospout Technology makes hydration easier for us. It help us to open our straw only with one press on the button. It is also convenient for people who have a tight schedule to use the water bottle so they don’t need to waste their time just to stop and drink that will be slowing them. This technology provide a cover to secure and protect the mouthpiece of the water bottle from germs and dirt.

Autospout technology also provides spill-proof for kids, it helps the parents to protect the furniture, car, or any other things from spills. This technology combined with a safety valve especially for spill-proof water bottle for kids.

  • The Thermalock

The Thermalock vacuum insulation system keep the temperature of our drink for hours. With this technology we can keep our coffee hot up to seven hours. Not only to keep our drink hot, this technology also can be use to keep our icy beverage cold up to eighteen hours.

This technology created by using double-wall vacuum insulated system that trap the heat or cold from our beverage. Forth the Snapseal lid system is similar with Autoseal technology, the only difference is how to use it.

  • The Autoseal Technology

we need to press the button to open the seal for us to drink and when we release the button it is automatically seal. The Snapseal lid system, we need to pop the top to drink and simply to snap it closed after we use it to seal the leak-proof lid.

  • The Autoclose Technology

The Autoclose Technology is use to protect us from leak when we mixing our favorite drink. The system works when the tumbler’straw is removed, the spring-loaded “trap door” under the lid seals in our drink so when we accidently drop or turn our tumblers upside down, the liquid will be seal and make our tumblers leak-proof.

Contigo Bottle Price

Contigo products set the price around $5 until $50 per product. The price are still make sense considering many technologies, system and features that Contigo gave on each of their products.

Klean Kanteen

The second brand is Klean Kanteen. Klean Kanteen is the brand that design in Chico, California and responsibly made in China. Klean Kanteen is a brand that produce several food wear product like water bottles, beverages container, food container, baby bottle and stainless steel straw or reusable straw.

Most of the product are made with stainless steel material. Klean Kanteen is a brand that use their products as a campaign to support the none plastic movement by using the none plastic material like stainless steel.

Technology of Klean KanteenBottle

This brand also have some technology that Contigo also have.

  • The Vacuum Insulation System

First is the vacuum insulation system. Klean Kanteen use this system to keep the temperature of the beverage for a long time. Second is the leak-proof technology. Klean Kanteen use this technology to prevent the water bottle from leaking.

  • The Klean Coat

Klean Kanteen also has its own feature that Contigo doesn’t has is the Klean coat. Klean coat basically is to make Klean Kanteen water bottle become more durable from falling, banging, and etcetera.

Klean Kanteen Bottle Price

Klean Kanteen set their price for each of their products around $2 until $112. Klean Kanten not only sells water bottles, food continers, steel cups, and other food wear but also sell some of the maintenance kit for their products to hel the customers maintains their food wear products.

Contigo vs Klean Kanteen Bottle

ContigoKlean Kanteen Bottle
- More technnology- Cold water for 100 hours
- Lid underside flips open completely for easy cleaning - More product variants
- Double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel keeps beverages hot for 5 hours or cold for 12 hours - More affordable


Both of these two brands are using the same material, eco-friendly, reusable. Klean Kanteen and Contigo are campaigning about an eco-friendly product so we don’t need to use the plastic made product that can destroy the environment.  Klean Kanteen brand provides us many food wear products. Contigo provides us many unique and practical technology that really convenient for us to use on their water bottle product.

By using these two product we can save and maintain our environment, reducing plastic usage, and the most important thing is we don’t need to spend some extra money to have a cup of coffee, a plastic straw, Styrofoam food container, and many other plastic product.

Not only we can reducing plastic usage and save our environment, we can also take care of our health by not using products containing BPA. It might cost us some money to buy some eco-friendly product like some products that produced by Klean Kanteen and Contigo, but we will get some benefits and advantages for a long time.

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