Contigo vs Ozark Trail Tumbler


Most would agree that hot beverages have become something of national leisure activity. People love their cappuccinos, bistro mochas, lattes, herbals, and green tea, and nothing, short of the apocalypse will change that. Be that as it may, except if you need to spend a little fortune on a new cup of Joe from your nearby café each morning, you need to discover choices for keeping your beverages warm on the go.

Travel mugs have all of a sudden discovered resurgent notoriety, attributable to your expanding need to take your preferred refreshments with you, anywhere you go. Indeed, you will need a travel mug in the event that you go climbing in the wild or angling on a left lake. However, they can prove to be useful for all intents and purposes of any circumstances, even the morning commute.

Presently, numerous organizations are promoting comparable travel mugs for keeping beverages cold or hot. The costs fluctuate broadly. In this article, we would like to look at the two absolute best travel mugs, Contigo and Ozark Trail Tumbler, available with the goal that you can more readily choose which one is the perfect choice for you.

Quick Review

The travel mugs from Contigo are wonderfully planned and highlight an advantageous button press for drinking. One thing to know about is that the lid configuration is somewhat hard to clean. It has a section that folds out of the way with the goal that you could run it through the dishwasher, which is likely the most ideal approach to clean it.

Additionally, metal development is a piece on the dainty side contrasted with different alternatives. This is great in that it keeps the cost and weight down. However, it does not feel significant in your grasp.

Contigo Tumbler is best for somebody who needs a practical travel mug and would not fret of being more persistent about clearing the lid out. See also: Corkcicle vs Hydro Flask.

Meanwhile, on the off chance that you have not heard about Ozark, at that point you should realize that it is an organization that has some expertise in outdoor recreation items. Beside the tumbler, it additionally delivers and sells tents, trail seats, protected containers, and compact fans.

Ozark Trail Tumbler is a 30 ounce, twofold walled, vacuum-fixed tumbler that is extraordinary for both hot and cold fluids. There are two different sizes accessible. It is specially equipped for keeping your espresso and tea hot for an all-encompassing period. Most clients state that it can keep their espresso warm for 3 – 5 hours.

Be that as it may, with regards to keeping drinks chilly, Ozark Trail Tumbler is increasingly reliable. Truth be told it can keep an ice cube strong for more than 12 hours. Despite the fact that it is not dishwasher safe; it is anything but difficult to clean by hand washing.


A spill-proof and watertight seal in Contigo guarantees you will never need to manage the dissatisfaction of spilling hot espresso on your perfect pants while heading to work or discovering spills on your schoolwork in the wake of hurling your cup in your rucksack.

There is likewise a lock directly over the auto seal button, so you can bolt the jug and ensure it is never accidentally popped open. You can even include accessories, similar to a tea maker frill, to make your container significantly increasingly fit your needs.

Protected tempered steel will keep your hot refreshments hot for as long as five hours, and your cool drinks cold for up to 12. The cup is truly low-maintenance. You can toss the top in the dishwasher for simple cleaning. However, the body should be hand washed.

With 16-, 20-, and 24-ounce alternatives in an assortment of hues, there is something for everybody.
Meanwhile, Ozark Trail has a perspiration free, tempered steel development and is BPA-free. Its twofold walled protection enables hot or cold refreshments to keep up their temperatures for extensive stretches of time, making it ideal for driving, climbing, or simply working at your work area throughout the day. The shatter-proof top can withstand dishwasher heat, so you can without much of a stretch wash away germs.

Pros and Cons

(+) Smooth structure
(+) Helpful lid sealed lid
(+) Little structure factor
(+) Lightweight
(+) Cost competitive
(+) Lids are replaceable
(-) The lid is to some degree entangled and difficult to clean
(-) Steel development is to some degree meager

Ozark Trail:
(+) Keeps hot drinks hot and cold refreshments cold
(+) Costs ¼ of Yeti yet plays out the equivalent
(+) Available locally
(+) Highly appraised
(-) The lid is not spill-proof

Contigo vs Ozark Trail Tumbler

ContigoOzark Trail Tumbler
- Patented AUTOSEAL lid automatically seals between sips to eliminate spills and leaks- Featuring a durable, rust-proof and sweat-free design, this stainless steel tumbler is BPA-free and comes with a lifetime warranty
- Lid underside flips open completely for easy cleaning - Great for both hot and cold liquids
- Double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel keeps beverages hot for 5 hours or cold for 12 hours - Durable, made of high-grade, double-walled stainless steel

Bottom Line

Regardless of whether you are hoping to keep your espresso sweltering or your midyear drink cool, these protected treated steel tumblers will work. Contigo is a top pick for the best travel mug you can purchase, and in light of current circumstances. It verifies pretty much every must-have. It keeps drinks hot – or cold – for quite a long time.

It does not release or spill, in any event, when heedlessly tossed into a pack. It fits in most vehicle cup holders and you just need one hand to work it and get a taste. You can even include a good injector for making newly blended teas. It may not be impeccable yet for just 25 USD or less, it is an incredible buy.

In case you want to save more of your cash, you can also get the 9.97 USD Ozark Trail Tumbler when you see it in stock at the nearby Walmart. What it truly comes down to is whether you are contrasting Contigo vs Ozark Trail Tumbler, you are practically looking at precisely the same item.

It is intriguing how close Contigo and Ozark Trail are in a rivalry and furthermore how well Ozark Trail is at its cost. However, many customers are going for Ozark Trail more as it is less expensive.

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