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Keeping our body hydrated is necessary to keep the body working properly as well because it needs water to do the basic job such as digestion and lubricating your joints. Water bottle like those from Contigo Vs Yeti bottle will ease your water consumption throughout the day and if plain water is too boring, we can even carry some special beverage as well inside. For those who are considering to get any bottle from these brands, go see what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Drinking Water is Important
  • Why Using Water Bottle
  • What are Contigo and YETI
  • How Many Variants Contigo and YETI have
  • What Contigo and YETI Look Like
  • What Contigo and YETI are made of
  • Are Contigo and YETI Convenient
  • Contigo Vs YETI

Importance of Hydration

Those who loves drinking water can differentiate the taste of different water they have been drinking and while this sounds weird for some, it is indeed true because water can easily be affected by their surroundings. However, as long as they are safe to consume then we don’t see any problem except if you do have a refined palate, bottled, sparkling, mineral water will probably taste the best. Despite the seemingly minor issue, drinking water is important for our body.

We are sure some people are already familiar with what our body use all of these water for inside the system and if you don’t yet, they are actually crucial for many reasons such as regulating body temperature, keep your joints lubricated, prevent infections, keep organs to function properly, and delivering nutrition to cells. Being hydrated will also help your body improve its sleep quality, mood, and cognition so if you feel cranky the whole day, try drinking water and see if it helps.

The amount of water we need each day will vary depending on our level of activity but many experts seem to agree that roughly we need 11 cups of water per day for females and 16 cups for males. This is the collective amount and not only from plain water for we can get hydration from foods like fruits or veggies and when consuming dishes rich in liquid like soup.

Water Bottle

When someone is doing lots of activities we can often forget about drinking the water, especially if it is deskwork because we barely moving from our seats to be as thirsty as for example when jogging. The solution is getting a water bottle and place them on your desk so then we can remember to take a gulp every now and then to stay hydrated and we recommend reusable bottles because overall they are the best option over those we should throw after finishing the content.

Water bottle is better for the environment because producing one bottle will take fewer resources and creates less pollution for we can use it more than just a couple of times as well as saving plastic bottle from being made. They can be expensive at first but we are going to use them for a long time and the initial cost when divided will save you a lot more than just getting those non-reusable ones. In addition, drinking from these bottles are as healthy as the commercial water bottled.

About Contigo and YETI

As people are becoming more aware of their health and the environment, we are getting lots of options when it comes to water bottle because this is seen as the best answer for both issues and in the cost of very little compared to what we can achieve in the long term. Expensive water bottles are not necessarily the best because as long as the material used to manufacture one are safe to be used in a prolonged time and has no effect on our health, they are good to get.

Among those many great options that we can just grab one from nearby store, Contigo and YETI are probably two of the most popular when it comes to the water bottle people always bought from for their outdoor activities because they are well-known to have a great collection with various sizes and useful features intact to ease people taking their hydration. But, it doesn’t mean you who are working while sitting throughout the day can’t use them because we are free to choose.

These companies are dedicating their products to ensure their customers are getting the best water bottle they can create and not only just a simple gulp in hot weather but they also think about lots of methods to help you enjoy whether it is just plain water or a special beverage anytime. For example Contigo is very proud of their products because they have been designing them with on-the-go lifestyle in mind and this is the case for many of us today.

They have been trying to create ideal products for an active lifestyle, for those with busy morning, and have to catch lots of things early. Even after hitting the shelves, they seems to continue upgrading the products to answer any complaints and overall bettering the design for everyone to enjoy. YETI story is very different on the other hand because most people recognize them as the cooler brand despite the huge amount of amazing water bottles they have in the catalogue.

Unlike Contigo which is focusing on how their products are going to assist you in a busy and active lifestyle, YETI specialty is insulation which is why they don’t have plastic bottles. Their goal is trying to keep anything you bring from home to stay in the nearest condition as how they initially entering the compartment even after you have spending quiet time out there. Read also: Klean Kanteen vs YETI.

Contigo and YETI Variants

One of our favorite things about Contigo is their huge options and it is nice as a water bottle company to offer this many choices to pick from. Currently the brand has different lines; Couture, Luxe, Mugs, regular water bottles, shakes, and kids bottles while YETI offers tumbler for your on-the-go beverage, mugs for indoor or outdoor use, as well as barware. The one we are using as an example today is the Couture Thermalock from Contigo and Rambler tumbler from YETI with the same capacity of 20 oz.

As for the sizing options, Contigo and YETI are available in a wide range of choices depending on the stock, for example, the former has the size up to around 40 oz. for the plastic bottle while the stainless mostly stay up to 24 oz. The latter also has small bottles for kids at 12 oz. or if you carry the drink for few people then its 36 oz. tumbler will be a very nice one to go.

Contigo and YETI Design

Aesthetic wise, both of them are looking like any water bottles out there but Contigo did put much effort in designing their bottles or tumblers to look as attractive as possible and we love this one which has a marble-like pattern that will definitely looks great on your table or while being hand carried. There are lots of fashion to choose from whether you want the lighter shades or the darker and subtler ones such as metallic mussel, merlot, and carbon.

YETI also has some interesting color options to choose from but they lack texture because the color is single yet, if they seem too colorful for you, we can just opt for the stainless finish one like the example picture above. Color options available are green, purple, grey, clay, black, red, blue, white, and navy. Depending on the size we pick, the dimension will vary as well but this YETI 20 oz. is about 9 and a half inch in height with 3 inches in diameter.

Contigo and YETI Material

Moving further, the most important feature in a water bottle especially the insulated type like these two is their material because it will affect their performance. The one from Contigo is made with 100% BPA-free stainless steel body which is recommended to be hand-washed only and the bottle is claimed to be able to keep your beverage cold up to 24 hours while the hot water will stay warm up to 10 hours so we can definitely enjoy a warm coffee from home at lunch hour.

As for YETI, the Rambler tumbler is made from 18/8 stainless steel which is kitchen grade thus, the bottle will be puncture resistant remembering we may have accidentally abused them while doing some outdoor activities. This material is also rust-resistant for safety and long lasting in your gear list. Unlike Contigo, this tumbler is already dishwasher safe for better convenience. It has double wall insulation and similarly will keep your water cold up to 16 hours and hot up to 10 hours.

Contigo and YETI Convenience

The last point we want to talk about is their convenient and it’s about how easy it is to drink through these bottles. Contigo has a smaller mouth opening and a lid which is attached to a carrying loop. Smaller mouth makes drinking less messy and what’s amazing, the top spout is removable to fit ice cubes. YETI has a sturdy, no-leak lid as well but less convenient to unscrew and the big mouth often spill some liquid when we are not being careful enough.

Contigo vs Yeti Bottle

ContigoYeti Bottle
- More variants  - More durable
- Hand washed only- Dishwasher safe
- Better Aesthetic- Subtler design
- Better performance for cold water- Good performance 
- Affordable- Expensive 

As long as the bottle is made from safe materials, any water bottle including Contigo and YETI should be a nice option. The difference between these two amazing options however, for this certain models we have been reviewing is that YETI has lower performance in keeping the beverage temperature inside longer as well as the huge mouth which is good for inserting ice cube and washing but not very convenient for drinking on the go. Aesthetic wise Contigo also offer various designs to choose from.


Contigo and YETI are an equally good bottle both for plain water or your favorite beverage but if we are to choose, the Contigo is nicer for cold or room temperature liquids because it has smaller mouth as well as has better performance to keep cold water while hot beverage drinkers should opt for bigger mouth bottles like YETI to avoid getting our tongue burnt.

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