Conventional Oven vs Convection Oven


Most of us may already know a little about oven, the probability that this cooking equipment is currently exist in our kitchen is also high. Oven is very useful, it can be used to bake, roast, broil, and even heating up food. The usage is also pretty simple, we only have to place the food inside the cooking chamber and then wait until it cooks. When talking about oven, there are two types we usually come across to, which is conventional oven and convection oven. Here are some brief explanation about a conventional oven and a convection oven.

In the ancient times people used to cook using an open fire, whether to roast, grill, bake, or making soup and other type of foods. The cooking fire were place on the floor and using some simple equipment, they hang the food above the fire. The first simple oven was used by the ancient Greeks in the making process of bread and any other baked goods. In the middle ages, people had comes as far as building taller bricks and mortar hearths, usually built along the chimneys, people at that time use metal cauldron which hang above the fire to cook food. In the 1735 Francois Cuvillies invented a Castrol stove, also called stew stove, this stove used wood to heat up the oven. In the early 1800s an iron stove was invented by Count Rumford which is not only can heat up multiple pots, but it also able to adjust temperature in each cooking chamber. the electric oven was first invented in 1880s, but it was not until 1920 when the electricity improved which makes the electric ovens become more prominent. The first patent of electric ovens was issued in the 1896 to William Hadaway, who also designed the first Westinghouse toaster. In the 1940s Percy Spencer, an engineer at Raytheon discovered the heating qualities of a microwave beam and a decade later, the microwave oven was invented and commercially marketed. In the present day oven vary from stainless double wall ovens to gas and electric ranges to microwaves, there are also dozens of cooking equipment available today.

Conventional Oven

Conventional oven is a kitchen appliance used for roasting and heating. Foods normally cooked with this method such as, meat, casseroles and baked goods like bread, cake, and other type of dessert. In modern days oven is not only used to cook food but also can heat up food. Current oven are commonly fueled by either natural gas or electricity, with bottle gas models available but not common. Ovens are mostly used to bake and cook or roasting. The heat from the oven also able to provide broiling or grilling.

Convection Oven

Convection oven or fan-assisted oven is an oven which have a fans to circulate air around food. Convection ovens can distributes the heat evenly around the food, removing the cool air surrounding the food when it first placed inside the oven. This method allowing food to cook more evenly in less time and a lower temperature compared to regular or conventional oven. The first person who invented convection oven was Maxson Whirlwind in 1945. Convection oven is built with heating elements and fans inside to circulate the hot air inside the cooking chamber. Some convection oven include a radiant heat source at the top and bottom oven, which is used to improves heat transfer and speeding the cooking time. While there is also some oven which have all the heating elements placed in an outside enclosure and hidden from the food. This may reduce the effect of radiant heat on the food, however the walls of the oven will also be heated by the circulating hot air, and even though the resulting temperature is lower than that radiant heat source, it is still hot enough to cook foods.

Conventional OvenConvection Oven
- Do not have fans inside- Have fans inside
- Works by constantly heating the food- Works with fans to regulate the hot air inside
- Typically less expensive than convection oven- Typically pricier than convection oven


Both conventional and convection oven can be heated using gas or electricity, when using convection oven the food may cook faster than when using a conventional oven. The difference between them are the heat distribution inside the cooking chamber. The heat source in conventional oven is stationary, usually radiating from the bottom, while in a convection oven there is a fan available to circulate the heat inside the oven. Convection oven allow for a fast and evenly cooking because the heat inside is more consistent, while conventional oven have pockets of warmer or cold air. Hot airs may rise, and if you are cooking in both racks, the food in the bottom rack may become under-cook while food on top rack might be overcook. Convection oven also have a down side, for example when baking cake, convection oven can cause the outside of the cake to bake and rise faster than in the middle, also the top could blow over to one side. And it may result with the whole cake could dry out before it fully risen.

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