Cooktop vs Rangetop


People are already using fire to cook their food since ancient times. At that time the most effective method was to hang their food above the fire. Since the technology and human gain more experience a lot of new inventions are being made to ease human work. These days people can easily cook their food in the kitchen by using their cooktop or rangetop. Many people still confuse about the difference between both of them, here are some information regarding cooktop and rangetop.

Earlier in history people are using clay stoves to enclosed the fire, this method made cooking easier since the fire is focused in a single place and people do not need to hang their food container above the fire anymore. With a clay stove the food container can be directly place above the stoves to heat up and cook the food. This method we first known in the Chinese Qin Dynasty about 221 BC-206/207 BC. A similar design was found in Japan in the Kofun period about 3rd to 6th century. The modern kitchen was first invented by Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford in the 1790. Sir Thompson was an active scientist and prolific inventor, he put the study of heat onto a scientific basis and developed improvements for chimneys, fireplace and industrial furnace, which led to today kitchen range. The first kitchen range are made from brick, with a cylindrical oven and holes in the top for the insertion of pots. Modern kitchen stoves have burners on the top which is called “stovetop” or “cooktop” in American English and “hob” in British English. A stovetop can refer to the top of a stove or burners built into countertop. A lot of newer version of stovetop are made from glass ceramics.


Cooktop is a kitchen appliance made for the purpose of cooking food. It is a placed in a cutout in the countertop with countertop completely surrounding it. Some of it have knobs or control at the counter and some have it placed in top of the counter. There are several types of cooktop, and each one of them are very different. First, gas cooktops, this type of cooktops required gas to fire the stove. The benefit of using this type is it can cook with a precise heat, it lets you change the heat levels quickly, also can be heats up and cool down in no time. The downside is it’s hard to clean. Second, coil electric cooktops, this type of stovetop used electricity to heat a spiral metal coils. The benefit of using this type is it is pretty affordable, you also can use any type of cookware and it is pretty durable. The downside is it’s hard to clean, take a long time to heat up and the heat levels are not as precise as gas stove. Third, smooth electric cooktops, this type of stove use electricity to heat up cookware. The benefit of using this type of cooktop is it has a nice, sleek aesthetic design, easy to use, easy to clean and often comes with special features. The down side is it is pretty expensive, easily damaged and cannot be used with some type of cookware. Last is induction top, it is the most modern among those cooktops types and also the safest. This type of cooktops use electromagnetism to cook the food directly, without actually heating the surface. The benefits are it is the safest option among all the cooktop, don’t need a lot of room, offers a great precision and most energy efficient cooktop.


Range or “drop-in range” is a combination of stovetop and oven unit that installs in a kitchen lower cabinets flush with the countertop. Just like cooktop, range is divided into some types. From the fuel type, there are gas range, electric range, and dual fuel range. The benefits of using gas range is it can cook with a precise heats, the level of heat also can be changed quickly, it can heats up and down in no time and use less energy. The downside is the stovetop may be hard to clean and we need a gas hook up to use it. Second, electric range, some this type of range have smooth top stove top and some have coil stove top. The benefit of using this type of range is it is good for baking, the coil stovetop are pretty affordable and the smoothtop version are easy to clean. The downside using this type of range is the heat levels is not as precise as with gas, and it also use more energy than gas. Third, dual fuel range, this type of range is the most expensive among others, it has a better precision for cooking and the electric stove is good for baking, the downside is you may need to install gas hookup and also will spend more on the electricity.

- Have smaller size- Have bigger size
- Placed in the surface of countertop- Build in the countertop into the cabinet
- The controller is placed in the top- Have controller placed in the front of the unit


When choosing between both of them, it is important to consider your home space, and how much you can spend on cooktop or range. Range is definitely pricier than cooktops because it already have oven installed in them, while cooktop is less pricey because it only consist of stovetop. Rangetop also need a large space to place them in your kitchen, while cooktop is far smaller and consume less space. Choosing between what kind of fuel they operate is also important, since you may spend some extra cost to use them. It is wise considering your needs and how much you can spend when choosing which one you need to purchase.

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