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Every house needs a kitchen because this is where we will cook food and create meals for ourselves or for our family members. Depending on your personal preference, there are lots to choose for your kitchen such as deciding between Cooktop Vs Stove. Both of them will have the same function and will allow you to heat and cook foods but slightly different as well. If you are currently wondering what’s the difference between the two or not sure yet which to get, see our article below for more information.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Consider When Shopping for Kitchen Appliances 
  • What are Cooktop and Stove
  • What Cooktop and Stove Look Like
  • How are the First Cooktop and Stove
  • What are the Similarities Between Cooktop and Stove
  • What are the Differences Between Cooktop and Stove
  • Cooktop Vs Stove

Choosing Kitchen Appliances

Cooking at home is best if you want to be more mindful about what we put in our body and if you are also currently struggling to lose weight, having a meal at home can at least let you decide what nutrition is required and what to shave from the diet. To be able to cook comfortably, we also need an ideal kitchen and this is a very personal decision as not all families will have the same preference and even among family members our taste can be very different too. 

The best kitchen is the one that makes you belong there and to achieve it we also have to put effort, not only in designing the room and layout but also the items inside which will be used in cooking activities. The choice will vary as wide and as personal as you want them to be based on what we will need to do or most likely what type of cooking we will be doing. For example, among Asian it is necessary to have a rice cooker because we often have them.

In western culture French Oven Vs Dutch Oven are probably the most common for their versatility especially if the family love stew and baked dishes. There are various methods to shop and choose the kitchen appliances but in our opinion budget is the first one. It is not meant to limit your spending but more into narrowing down the options. It is great to plan how much we want to spend for each item based on what you look from the product.

The next step is finding a perfect size for your kitchen and this can be very tricky at times as well as require you to put some effort. Depending on your kitchen, it is best to measure the available space for certain appliances, for example a range or refrigerator. If we live in a studio apartment, having a huge refrigerator will be inefficient but for those living in houses, we can allocate more space for this type of large appliances.

Another important factor is the lifestyle you have in the house and this is important if you have some issue in the kitchen regarding how we use the space available such as a drawer that can’t be used due to limited space or a placement of certain appliances that is hindering your mobilization. If you have a certain taste or preference about the finish, we can add it as well into our shopping guide to make sure everything looks good together.

About Cooktop and Stove

Now when we are all prepared to find the right appliance, it is time to see what we need to buy first and just like in every kitchen, everything started from the main appliance first and for cooking, your stove will be the most important. They are the one we use to heat up and cook ingredients thoroughly as well as the basics of all kitchens. They can produce heat from gas, using electricity or induction and we use them to process various ingredients that need to be cooked.

While in general all stoves are the same, there is still some confusion regarding the name or term being used itself. Stove is often used interchangeably with Range even though the word is older in comparison. Another term used to call this cooking appliance is Cooktop and for some people it can be confusing which one is a Cooktop and which one is a Stove. However, since there is no regulation that clearly stated each one of them, they also often used interchangeably even among some manufacturers.

Cooktop and Stove are very much similar to each other and they are used for the same purpose which is to produce heat which then can be used to heat ingredients in your cooking vessels. In some places or in British English, Cooktop is also called as Hobs and this is the same unit used to heat up food in pots in order not to get mistaken for an oven. 

Cooktop and Stove History

The first known device used to cook and is heating the pot is called a Stove and the historical record is it was first built in 1490 in Alsace which used to be made from brick and tile including the flu. The Scandinavian stove later had a tall, hollow iron flue with iron baffles arranged to lengthen the travel of escaping gases in order to create the maximum heat. As for the more modern cast-iron stove, it was first produced in Lynn, Mass in 1642 but it has no grates and more of a cast-iron box.

In the 1700s, Benjamin Franklin invented the Pennsylvania fireplace with a heating stove as it burned wood on a grate and had sliding doors that can be used to control the draft or flow of air through it. Since it was so small, we can place it in a large fireplace or used in a free-standing mode in the middle of a room but by connecting a flue into it. For the one that looks like our modern stove, it was made in the 1800s both the round cast-iron stoves with grates and the base-burning stove fueled with coal.

Cooktop and Stove Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, Cooktop and Stove are very different and they can be easily differentiated by the design itself. As the name suggests, Cooktop is placed at the top and only the top part which means it is a standalone unit that we can put on top of the kitchen table or a dedicated stand. It can be fueled by gas or electricity both the traditional coil and induction one. Design wise they can vary from one hob to 4 and 6 hobs.

As for Stove, this is also called as Range but the former was an older term used to call a cooking chamber which can be used for room heating purposes as well. Originally Stove and Range are different as the latter is more modern but the shape is similar hence we still use the term today while the earlier stove with burning chamber below is no longer used. Today, Stove is the same as Range which is a combination of Cooktop and oven.

Cooktop and Stove Similarities

Moving further, let’s talk about the similarities and differences between both Cooktop and Stove which should make it much easier to decide which one we want to have in the kitchen. Starting with the similarities, they are used in the same manner which is to heat cooking vessels like pot or pan as they generate heat from certain fuel types that can be either gas or electricity. For electricity it can be with a heating coil or element on top as well as using an induction system.

The difference between traditional electric and induction is the electromagnetism itself as the latter is using metal coil to produce transference of heat through induction capable cookware which has iron in it hence glass, aluminum, and copper are not ideal as they are not magnetic. Among the fuel types, whether it is Cooktop or Stove, gas creates higher temperature faster but also lacking in safety compared to when using electricity. But, when there is a power outage we can’t use either traditional electricity or an induction stove for cooking.

Cooktop and Stove Differences

Moving into the difference, we are sure you can already guess and yes, it is the inclusion of an oven in Stove which is not available in Cooktop. Cooktop itself is sold separately so you can place them on top of a table or a dedicated stand and since there is no other element, they are also cheaper. Stove or Range has an oven built at the lower part of it, so we don’t need a table or stand anymore as both are coming in one unit.

For the size aspect, a Stove will consume more space due to its oven and usually at least they have 4 hobs at the top while if you choose Cooktop we can adjust the size at ease because the hobs can range from just one hob to six or even more.

Cooktop vs Stove

Both of them are the basics of the kitchen just like your cooking pot and knife but also different from each other. For the main purpose both Cooktop and Stove are equally useful and will do the job just fine as well as can be fueled with either gas or electricity. The difference is only on what they are attached to because Stove is a two in one product with Cooktop at the top and oven at the bottom while Cooktop is a standalone appliance which can sit on top of a table or kitchen top.

- Standalone hobs

- Cooktop and oven

- Will require a table/flat surface

- No need for table
- Cheaper
- Expensive
- Lighter/easy to transport- Heavy


Based on what you need, it is best to choose the one that you will use or the budget range if it is limited. For those with the space and will need an oven, Stove is actually more versatile and useful as you can cook on a pan or pot then transfer it to the oven which is required for various dishes but, if you already have a standalone oven, we only need the Cooktop.

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