Corkcicle vs Hydro Flask


Almost all people know the importance of hydration and we usually drink when we get thirsty. To keep us hydrated even when doing some activities outside, we can carry the water or beverage from home using flask bottles such as Corkcicle vs Hydro Flask. Both of them are equally popular and made from high quality material. If you also interested on these bottles, go check our article below to see which brand will be the best option or offer the kind of benefit that meet your preference.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why do you need to carry a Water Bottle?
  • What are Corkcicle and Hydro Flask?
  • What Corkcicle and Hydro Flask Look Like?
  • What Corkcicle and Hydro Flask can offer to you?
  • Corkcicle vs Hydro Flask

Hydration and Water Bottle

Drinking water is not a heavy task and most of the time we don’t have to be reminded to keep our body hydrated because it will send a signal by making us thirsty. Water is indeed very important to our body because it contains mostly water and if we don’t drink enough, it can’t perform as it should. To put it simply, drinking fluids is crucial to our body to maintain its health and function of every system in our body such as the heart, brain, and muscles.

This is because fluids carry nutrients to our cells, prevent constipation and flushing the bacteria from our bladder. When we are at home, we can drink water as often as we need but when doing activity outside, we often buy bottled mineral water or other beverages to deal with the thirst and it can cost a lot if we do it every day. To help you save some more, the best idea is to carry your favorite beverage or water from home using water bottle.

Bottle from bottled water is not supposed to be use after you finish the content because it is not made to be reused. To carry your beverage when going outside whether it is just a water or any other beverage, you can use water bottle or flask that is very similar to those thermos in your house. This type of water compartment is popular of being able to keep the temperature inside so you can enjoy whatever beverage you are carrying in its best condition.

About Corkcicle

There are so many brands out there that offer this kind of bottle water or compartment in general and most of them are using the same technology which is why the result and features are usually the same. However, just like everything else, similar doesn’t always mean the same so it is still important to check the features and compare them to each other. One good brand you can always rely on when it comes to flask is Corkcicle. Read also: Corkcicle vs Swell here.

This brand is very popular and not only offer drinkware in their catalogue but also some accessories to make carrying your own beverage becomes more interesting. Corkcicle has a huge collection consisting of several bottles and cup or tumbler as well as wine glass but without the stem. Beside those drinkware, they also offer a unique compartment to keep your beverage cool when you carry them outside or coolers. What’s unique from this compartment is it looks so stylish and those who never see or know the product may think it is just a regular bag.

On the drinkware collection, Corkcicle has several lines that differ from each other mainly on the finish or design while the technology used is still the same. On this collection you can find those that has shiny finish, matte finish, dipped finish which is those with the body and cap coming in the same color or those that designed to follow a certain label. If you prefer something more unique, you can try the Walnut line that has wood like finish to mirror your love for nature.

Corkcicle Design

As you can see from our sample picture above, Corkcicle bottle or as they called it Canteen is coming with a similar design like shaker bottle used by bartenders to combine the ingredients of your drink. The one in our sample is from Classic collection that has several different color option and coming with a silver cap instead of the same color like Dipped collection. This line have 4 different sizes that you can choose to match your need starting from 9, 16, 25, and 60 oz.

Corkcicle Features

As it has been mentioned earlier, Corkcicle is offering flask container which means their bottle can keep your drink whether it is hot or cold in longer period even when you don’t keep it in a refrigerator. Their bottle or Canteen are designed with several layers on its wall to insulate whatever you put inside and keeping them just as tasty as you pour them in at the first time. Aside from being able to keep the temperature longer, we do think that the design is very interesting so you can carry your beverage with style.

To be able to keep the liquid inside hot, warm or cold, Corkcicle bottle or Canteen is using triple insulated technology which is just like the name, there are 3 layers on the walls and keep the temperature from decreasing or increasing too much in a quick period of time. If you only bring a regular water, you probably won’t need this insulation but if you loves to carry any cold or hot beverage like hot or iced coffee to work then the bottle will surely be useful.

This triple-insulation technology is claimed to be able to help keeping the liquid inside stays cool for up to 25 hours while if you bring hot water, the compartment should be able to keep it warm for the next 12 hours. Another thing you may want to know or consider when looking for a drinkware is the material used because some material can transfer the taste into your beverage or retain it which can affect the taste of your next beverage.

Corkcicle Canteen is made using stainless steel material to keep the taste of your beverage as tasty as it should be and won’t transfer the taste to your next drink. Not only regular drink, you can even carry an alcoholic beverage inside such as wine, sangria, margaritas and more. When carrying cold beverage, you will need to insert ice cube as well if you need to make it extra cold and to make sure you can put them easily, this bottle have a wide mouth to fits the ice.

An issue when carrying cold beverage is the condensing body that make it hard to grip your bottle but since Corkcicle Canteen is made to be non-condensing you can grip the body firmly while the bottom have silicon layer to help it stand better. The cap is screw model which is good when you accidentally knock the bottle off so the liquid won’t scatter everywhere but for ease of use, it will require a slightly more effort to open and close.

About Hydro Flask

As it has been mentioned earlier, there are so many brands out there that offer flask bottle or those that can keep the liquid stay warm or hot for prolonged period. If you love the kind of capabilities in Corkcicle then you may want to check Hydro Flask which is just as popular and well-known in the market for high quality bottles that you can always rely on to when there is an activities outside and you need to bring your own drink.

This brand has an up and down history but being exist until now proved that they are very tough and trusted with a good reputation. Hydro Flask offer several kind of compartments in their catalogue to carry both drink and food as well as cooler and some accessories you may need to upgrade your bottle. They have the bottle for regular beverage, specific for coffee, and alcoholic beverage like beer and wine but the technology used are still the same while mainly separated by design.

Hydro Flask Design

The item in our picture above is the Hydration Bottle in wide mouth variant which aesthetically speaking looks like just a regular bottle with no curves or unique pattern on the outer coating. However, if you prefer, you can choose the one with a smaller mouth to prevent the liquid from spilling when you drink it. This bottle also have several sizes that you can pick to match your need starting from 18, 32, 40, and 64 oz. There is only one design pattern but the company has a partnership with WSL, so the variant also have the logo printed on the bottle.

Hydro Flask Features

To keep the water inside hot and cold longer, Hydro Flask is using their own technology called the TempShield which is constructed with 2 layers to protect the temperature inside as cold as long as 24 hours and hot for up to 6 hours. This mean if you carry hot coffee from home, it will stays hot until afternoon if you don’t finish it yet and if you bring iced chocolate or other cold drink, it will stay cold even until you get back from work.

Hydro Flask bottles are made from high quality 18/8 stainless steel material to keep the taste from your beverage to transfer into the next so you can always carry any tasty or flavorful beverages in your journey while it is tough enough for your adventure. It is also BPA free so you don’t have to worry anymore about the drink will alter your genetic makeup.


Now, let’s compare Corkcicle with Hydro Flask. As you may already know, the prominent difference between them is the fact that Hydro Flask is only using double insulation which mean it can’t keep the temperature inside the bottle for a prolonged period or as long as what Corkcicle can do. Another difference is Corkcicle have many types of finish and design/pattern in the catalogue that is aesthetically make the bottle more pleasing to the eyes.

Corkcicle vs Hydro Flask

CorkcicleHydro Flask
- Triple insulation- Double insulatio
- 25 hours cold- 24 hours cold
- 12 hours hot- 6 hours hot
- Interesting design- Mediocre design
- Various finish- Same finish


All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good brand and you can pick the one that you prefer the most. However, if we are to pick, we will choose Corkcicle because it use triple insulation with more interesting design and variants of finish.

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