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Hydrating is very important for our body and if we don’t drink enough water, our body won’t function as it should. Carrying your own bottle is a good way to remind you to keep rehydrate during the day and Corkcicle vs Swell are the two good options you may want to choose. Both of them are high quality water bottle that can help retain the initial temperature of you beverage for better experience. If you also interested on these bottles, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is the importance of Hydration
– What are Corkcicle and Swell
– What Corkcicle and Swell Look Like
– What Corkcicle and Swell can offer to you
– Corkcicle vs Swell

Importance of Hydration
Our body is depend on water to survive and we think almost everybody already know that it is mainly contains water which is why dehydration is a common problem and may bring serious injury to our body. This is because every cell, tissue and organ in our body will need water to work properly such as when they need to retain the temperature, removing the waste from what we had consume and lubricating our joints. To put it simply, water is important to maintain a good health.

Drinking water is not a hard task because we do it when we get thirsty and many people who spend their time working at a desk often bring a water bottle or cup or glass in their table to remind them to take their daily water intake and to maintain their health. You can purchase bottled water every time you go out when need to replenish or bring your own water bottle from home containing either just water or any beverage you want.

This is a good method to save money since we don’t have to spend extra dollar every time we are thirsty and not currently at home. Since regular bottle you can get from bottled water is not made to be re-use again after you finish the water, you have to purchase a water compartment that can be re-use again or water bottle. In the market, there are so many brands offering water bottles that can retain the temperature inside or we called it flask.

If you ever use or have a thermos in the house then this types of water bottle is working in the same manner. Of course most of them are similarly useful when you just want to carry a beverage but since they are coming from different manufacturer or brand, their ability may be slightly different which is why we need to read some information about the product first before purchasing.

About Corkcicle
Among those many brands, you probably already ever heard of Corkcicle because this one is very popular in the market and loved by many of its users due to the quality and useful features they put on their products. Just like many kitchenware brands, they are also not only manufacturing or producing water bottle but other drinking ware as well including tumbler and cup or wine cup. They even also offer cooler in the catalogue to help you keep your water cool in a stylish compartment.

This brand have so many collections in their catalogue and most of them are separated by the design, not the overall shape but the color scheme and the material or the kind of outer layering they use for the products. You can find the compartment that has a single color scheme while some of them may come with other logo, pictures or even more complicated pattern such as flowers and plants. If you are into a more unique design then you may want to check on their walnut collection with wooden pattern.

Since there is so many choices and pattern, we are going to take one of the variants to dig in deeper and check about what these bottles can offer to you and our choice fall into the Classic line and unlike many other brands, Corkcicle is calling their water bottle as Canteen and they are available in various sizes consisting of 9, 16, 25, and 60 oz., so you can pick the one that match your need the most. Read our previous article on: Zojirushi vs Tiger Thermos here.

Corkcicle Design
As you can see from the picture, this model is having a gloss finish and almost all of their collections are having a gloss finish as well. The shape of their canteen bottles are going to remind you of a shaker bottle used by barista to mixed your drink and we do think that this design is very attractive if you want to stay hydrated while being stylish as well. Just like many other insulated bottles, you can have so many color options from this collection so you can pick the one that match your favorite color.

Corkcicle Features
Corkcicle compartment are all insulated so whether you want to pick the bottle, tumbler or cup, all of them are coming with the same technology even though how long they can keep your beverage at its initial temperature will depend on the product variants. As for the bottle or canteen variants, the company claimed to use triple-insulated system which is just like the name, they use three layer or insulation inside the bottle and to make sure your water won’t change in taste, the material used here is stainless steel.

For the canteen variants, Corkcicle claimed that their bottles is able to keep your beverage both hot and cool for a longer period of time, around 25 hours for cold water and 12 hours for hot water but if you carry the cold water with ice, the temperature can be retained longer. One issue when carrying cold water is the sweating outside but the bottle is condensation-free, so the outer layer will stay dry for better grip.

For those who loves carrying cold beverage with ice, even though the mouth look small in the picture, it is actually quite large so you can insert ice cube easily or even other ingredients to make a tasty beverage. The lid for this variant is screw type which is good to give an extra safety when you accidentally knock the bottle.

About Swell
It is always good to have another option when looking for something because then we can compare them and see which item will give you the best benefit or at least available in a range of price you are willing to pay. If you like Corkcicle then you may also want to check on the competitor Swell. This brand is very popular and we are sure you already see someone near you use the bottle because this one not only offer a water compartment but also style to carry along.

This brand has so many collections in the catalogue and they are specializing on making water compartment so you can choose a range of water bottle and tumbler. They even offer you to put your initial or name in the compartment when you order it in from their website to personalize your water bottle.

Swell Design
As you can see from the picture, Swell bottle is undeniably stylish and the one we pick as an example is their bottles version which is having a shape similar to those bowling pin. If you prefer, they have other water bottles that have different design such as those looking like a jug called the Romaers or check on their other unique bottle on Swell’s under $25. The bottle mainly have glossy or marble like finish depend on the variants you choose or they may come with pattern as well like the sample picture.

Swell Features
Since this is an insulated bottle, the brand use a several layering inside the bottle to keep the temperature stay as it is even in prolonged period and to maximize the performance, Swell use triple-insulation system. Depending on the kind of beverage you bring, their Thermas’well technology claimed that the bottle will be able to retain hot water up to 12 hours and cold water up to 24 hours which mean if you leave the house in the morning, your coffee will stay warm until afternoon if you don’t finish it yet.

Since Swell bottle are having a smooth outer layer, you may worry about the bottle getting slippery when carrying cold water but you can rest assure since this bottle is condensation-free so the exterior will remain dry. As for the cap, this model have screw lid so you don’t have to worry about spilling the inside everywhere when you accidentally drop the bottle, as long as you screw it properly after drinking.

Now, let’s compare Corkcicle with Swell. As you may already know, both of these brands’ water bottle are using the same technology and roughly have the same features because they use the same triple insulation system. However, Corkcicle claimed to be able to retain the cool temperature inside the bottle for longer period at 25 hours opposed to 24 hours from Swell bottle.

Corkcicle vs Swell

- 25 hours cold water- 24 hours cold water
- Offer more drinkware variants- Offer less drinkware variants
- Slightly more affordable- Slightly more expensive
- Have less design/pattern- Have more design/pattern

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a good option if you want to look stylish while bringing your own beverage from home. However, since Corkcicle is able to keep your beverage in their temperature longer, we will recommend you to pick the bottle or Canteen from the brand.

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