Corkcicle vs Yeti


Between Corkcicle and Yeti insulated water bottles, which one is better? Both are suitable for day-today basics, but for longer trips, the differences matter. In this article, we will see the comparisons between Corkcicle vs Yeti insulated water bottles in terms of build quality, features, and performance in keeping your drinks’ temperatures.

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About Corkcicle

Corkcicle is quite popular among coffee lovers. It is simple, affordable, yet effective in keeping their favorite drinks hot. Even so, it is equipped with many desirable features. For example, the capacity is truly spacious. It can accommodate about 16 oz of coffee. This is sufficient for most coffee drinks. With Corkcicle, you can quench your thirst for coffee throughout the day, instead of ordering multiple cups from local restaurants.

The design and build quality are nice. It is light and portable. The exterior has flat non-slip sides. So, this bottle will never slip out from your grip to create a messy spill. It has also been designed with a sweat-proof technology, so the exterior surface will not sweat regardless of the temperature inside.

Unfortunately, the exterior finish is not very durable. The paint may peel off over time. Because of this, in order to preserve the finish, you should clean the bottle gently by hand.

Corkcicle does a good job in preserving hot coffee for about three hours. This is good enough if you prepare your coffee in the morning for lunch and afternoon moments. However, this is probably not good enough for longer travels. Corkcicle can also hold cold water; the performance in keeping cold water is better, as it can last for about nine hours.

About Yeti

Yeti Rambler has rapidly become the favorite of many coffee lovers all around the world. If you are looking for the best quality insulated water bottle, this product is among the most recommended. With a spacious 20-oz size, Yeti Rambler can meet the needs of most people for various drinks.

The build quality is excellent. Yeti Rambler features a durable stainless steel case which is free from contaminants, including BPA. The exterior finish does not stain or corrode over time. The exterior finish also resists scratches, so it will not get worn off for a long time. The tight-sealing lid ensures enhanced insulation and prevents spills. This bottle is dishwasher-safe, although cleaning by hand is still recommended. (See also : Thermos vs Yeti)

The insulation performance is impressive. Yeti Rambler can easily hold hot coffee for about six hours. It can keep cold water or ice for more than twenty four hours. So, this is a great choice for daily commuting as well as some trips.

Corkcicle vs Yeti

- Slim and light design- Somewhat bulky
- Non-slip sides, but the exterior finish is not durable- Stainless steel surface
- 3 hours of hot coffee, 9 hours of cold water- 6 hours of hot coffee, 24 hours of cold water


Between these two insulated water bottles, you should consider getting a Yeti Rambler. This model has a much better build quality. The exterior finish is more durable. It also offers significantly better insulation, as it can keep hot coffee for about six hours and ice for more than twenty four hours.

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