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To keep your kitchen neat and spend less to purchase various kitchen appliance as well as cooking ware, we can use a multi cooker instead because then we can still cook different recipes with only one and simpler appliance. Cosori 6 qt vs 8 qt are two good option for those who also loves to cook at home and pamper their family with home cooking. They are very useful but may be different a little bit so, before going to shop, make sure to see what they offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using a Multicooker
– What are Cosori 6 qt and 8 qt
– What Cosori 6 qt and 8 qt Look Like
– What can we cook with Cosori 6 qt and 8 qt
– What else Cosori 6 qt and 8 qt can offer to you
– Cosori 6 qt vs 8 qt

Multicooker Benefit
All people loves delicious food but unfortunately not all of us also enjoy the making process which is cooking. From when we are still a child, we often see mother cooking in the kitchen and help her sometimes so for basic cooking knowledge, we are sure almost all of us already mastered it at this age. Cooking at home can reduce the cost of always dining outside and what’s more important is that they are healthier because we can control the ingredients and their nutrition for the whole family.

If you are living with a family or children, we are required to pay attention to their food so they can grow healthily and even if we don’t used to cook in the past, things can change when having our own family. If you are bored with the same recipes every week, we can try some new ones by searching on the internet or reading a recipe book but not all dishes can be made by the standard pot, frying pan or sautéing pan since different recipes may need different methods to cook.

This is also the reason why mother usually have so many cooking appliance and cooking ware in the kitchen. Many of them are not cheap as well and they will surely consume space, especially for those living in a small apartment. If you are also experiencing the same thing, getting a multicooker is a wise decision due to their benefit.

About Cosori 6 qt and 8 qt
When talking about multicooker, the one come first to our mind will be Instant Pot which is widely raved today even your colleague and high school friends are all talking about this brand. However, they are not the only one that offers multicooker or more specifically pressure, multicooker because there is another great brand called Cosori. This one can be a good alternative for the market leader and actually offer more value for the money since most of the time they are also more affordable.

Just like Instant Pot, this brand also have various models in their catalogue along with some size variant like Cosori 6 qt and 8 qt. Both of them are taken from the Premium line instead of the Original line because the original line is topped at 6 quarts only. As you may already know, their difference is on the capacity which makes the 8 quarts the better choice for people with more family member dining together in the house or more than 6 people in one cooking.

Cosori 6 qt and 8 qt Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, both of them are looking like the same unit when placed side by side but the 8 quarts will be bigger and will require more power as well compared to 6 quarts size. If you ever see Instant Pot DUO60 vs LUX60v3, they are coming with the same type of display and a range of controls as well as indicator placed around the display. The exact capacity for Cosori is 6.3 and 8.3 quarts with the same stainless body finish.

Cosori 6 qt and 8 qt Function and Programs
Coming into the feature part, these two will have the same function as a pressure, multicooker and have the cooking options like in the IP DUO line. They are capable of functioning as slow cooker, rice cooker, saute pan, yogurt maker, steamer, pressure cooker, and warming the food after done cooking. If you enjoy eating hot pot in winter or boiling something like eggs and potatoes, these multicooker can be used to cook the dish as well.

Another plus side of using multicooker is the preset features because users can cook these menus easily with a push of a button. In Cosori 6 qt and 8 qt, there are programs to cook meat/stew, poultry, soup, beans/chili, white rice, brown rice, multigrain, steaming vegetables, slow cooking, making yogurt, boiling pasta, steaming potatoes, hot pot, saute/brown, and bake and reheat. However, what makes these multicooker special in our eyes is how they offer a pressure level adjustment for pressure cooking.

Cosori 6 qt and 8 qt Features
This feature is unique because Instant Pot usually only allow user to pick between low and high pressure while Cosori is offering 7 level of pressures with 1 being the lowest and 7 as the highest pressure. With this, we can custom the setting to adjust the food we are cooking so they can be done properly. But, the downside is the majority or pressure cooking recipes are written for IP so we may have some trial and error at first tries.

Another plus side we love from Cosori 6 qt and 8 qt is the pressure release button which is placed at the center of the lid with steam valve off to the side to keep our hands from the hot steam as well as much easier to use. To add into their value, they will be packed together with a tempered glass lid and extra silicon sealing that we can use later such as the tempered glass for when doing slow cooking.

Now, let’s compare Cosori 6 qt with 8 qt. As it has been mentioned above, the most important difference between both of these multicookers is their capacity so if there are only between 3 to 5 people in the house, 6 quarts is already enough but if you are living with a bigger family such as with more than 2 children and their grandparents, the 8 quarts will cook enough food for the whole family at once.

Cosori 6 qt vs 8 qt

Cosori 6 qtCosori 8 qt
- More Affordable - Expensive
- 1000W - 1500W
- For 3-5 people - For 6-9 people

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same amount of family to feed so it is best to suit the size with how much we need to cook. Our recommendation is to get 6 quarts for small family and 8 quarts for more people.

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