Crock Pot vs Oven


Slow cooking is popular because it is very simple to use and can ease our work in the kitchen effectively. People used crock pot by preparing all the ingredients and putting them in a crock pot set with a timer. The food will cook by itself and the crock pot will change into warming mode when the cooking process is done. Crock pot can safely cook food even when leaved unsupervised. While oven in the other side is used to roast and bake food, unlike crock-pot it is not advised to leave your oven on unsupervised at home. Both of these cooking appliance is equally useful but was made to serve different purpose. In this article we will give you information about crock pot and oven, and how to use them.

Crock Pot

Crock pot is an electric kitchen appliance made to do slow cooking. Slow cooking is a method to cook food ingredients with a low heat in a particularity longer hours. Crock pot brand is owned by Sunbeam Products, an America based company which its activity is manufacturing electric home appliance since 1910. Their other product include Mixmaster mixer, the Sunbeam CG Waffle iron, Coffeemaster (discontinued), and fully automatic T20 toaster. Sunbeam was owned by Jarden Consumer Solutions but now it is owned by Newell Brands Company.

Crock pot was invented by The Naxon Utility lead by Irving Naxon. He was inspired by his Jewish grandmother when she told him about a Lithuanian stew which is need to be cooked for several hours in an oven. The Rival Company bought Naxon in 1970 and advertised the product as “crock-pot” in 1971. Slow cooker became widely popular in the US during the 1970, since many women are began to work outside the home. They can prepare the food in the morning and when they came home in the afternoon, the food is already done. (Have a look : Crock Pot vs Instant Pot)

Crock pot have an oval shape, complete with an attached glass lid and a secure lock. Crock pot is available in many variants of sizes and colors, the most commonly used in a home is the 6 quarts. The older version of crock pot does not have the display panel so we can’t manually set the cooking time. The modern version is featured with a display and can be set to cook food between 30 minutes up to 20 hours. Crock pot cooking pot can be removed and easily cleaned, the cooking pot is called as stoneware. It is also claimed to be oven and microwave friendly. Outer finish of crock pot is made of stainless steel and also fingerprints proof.


Oven is a kitchen appliance used to cook food by heating or baking them. Foods that are cooked using this method include meat, casseroles, bread, cake or other desserts. Ovens comes in different types for example. Gas oven, this oven need gas installment to be used. Gas oven also said to be more expensive than electric oven. Electric oven, is an oven powered by electricity. This oven have a thermostat that can control the oven’s temperature electronically.

Aside from how those oven was fueled, oven is also available in conventional and convection oven. Conventional oven is the regular oven whether it was fueled by gas or electricity. While convection oven is an oven which have fans inside the cooking chamber. This fan is used to regulate the heat inside oven more evenly, so the food can cook faster. There is also microwave oven, this type of oven commonly come in a smaller sizes, where it can be put into your countertop. This type of oven works differently from the other. Microwave oven works by exposing the food to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency to cook it. This will induce the polar molecules inside the food to rotate and produce a thermal energy known as dielectric heating. Oven also can use variety of methods to cook. The common type might be to heat the food up from below. This is widely used in baking and roasting. Some oven also able to heat from the bottom to provide broiling.

Crock Pot vs Oven

Crock PotOven
- Have smaller size- Have bigger size
- Have cheaper price- The price is pricier than crock pot
- Is made mainly to do slow cooking- Can be used to bake, broil, and roasting
- Can be leaved unsupervised for many hours- It is not save to be leaved unsupervised


Crock pot and an oven is surely two different kitchen appliance. They might be made to cook food, but the method is more into different rather than the same. What we can compare from both of them might be their versatility. Crock pot is said to be able to perform simple baking, you can find many baking recipes using crock pot. At the other side oven is also able to do slow cooking, but unlike when cooking using crock pot where you can leave it for many hours. It is no recommended to do so with oven, since it is pretty dangerous to leave your oven without supervision. They are not interchangeably and it is wise to get each one of them if it is required to.

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