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Rice is staple food of those who are living in Asia or Asian who are living in another continent but the food itself is also eaten by many other people from around the world. If you are also often consuming rice and want to always have them on the menu conveniently, Cuckoo Vs Tiger Rice Cooker can be a great helper to prepare one. They are a very popular rice cooker brands with huge collection and reliable performance but, see which one should serve your house better below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Using Rice Cooker
  • Which Rice Cooker to Purchase
  • What are Cuckoo and Tiger Rice Cooker
  • What Cuckoo and Tiger Rice Cooker Look Like
  • What can we cook with Cuckoo and Tiger Rice Cooker
  • What else Cuckoo and Tiger Rice Cooker can offer
  • Are Cuckoo and Tiger Rice Cooker Easy to Clean
  • Cuckoo Vs Tiger Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker

Everybody loves convenient and if you feel like doing something inconvenient right now, there is probably another method to keep things simpler and allow you to be more at ease. Cooking is one of them and all of us are always looking for delicious foods, sometimes we can even go for the extra miles just to enjoy a unique dishes such as visiting a country or have to spend hundreds just for one dish. However, on a daily basis, home cooking still wins for they are the tastiest.

Cooking itself is the hobby of many and we are sure at some point one ever tried to cook their favorite dish whether it is just fried rice or a full pot of tomato and meatball soup. The best reason to cook besides it is cheaper to feed more people if you already have a family is it also let the cook to craft their dish better whether it is for the special preference of the people in the house or based on their nutrition needs.

The issue is that we have to spend lots of time and effort while cooking and this is not the things we can allocate everyday which is why there are lots of cooking appliances invented to help people be as convenient as they want. We have instant food that only needs to be microwaved or raw ingredients which needs manual preparation such as rice, meat and veggies. For those who are eating rice almost on a daily basis, we have rice cooker to ease the job.

Rice Cooker Types

Rice cooker is probably one of the most popular cooking appliances sold out there because of their useful and convenient benefit but, depending on what you need, the option can be varying widely. In general, there are conventional rice cooker, smart rice cooker, and combo rice cooker. Conventional rice cooker is the best choice for the general users because they are very simple or easy to use; what you need to do is put the washed rice, water, and then press the cook button then they will start to cook.

We also have smart rice cooker which is planted with computer inside and it is like the opposite of conventional ones for they are pretty hard to begin with especially if you have never had one before. There are plenty of options and cooking mode here as well as the type of ingredients we are cooking and thus, it can take some time before getting the perfect idea on its system. Combo rice cooker is also often smart and besides acting as rice cooker they are also offering other methods like slow cooking, and pressure cooking.

About Cuckoo and Tiger Rice Cooker

If you already decide which type of rice cooker to purchase depending on the need around the house, now is the time to see what those companies are offering in the market because we have so many of them today and some are simply better than the rest. In general all rice cooker will be able to cook rice but not all of us are looking for rice cooker only so if you also often cook other dishes then it is better fit those in the shopping list as well.

To make the shopping finish quickly, it is better to decide a budget range first because then we can eliminate the expensive and shady items quickly in an instant. It is also nice to shop from popular or reliable companies because most of the time they are offering good quality products and among those many options, Cuckoo and Tiger are two of the best brands to chose from. These popular rice cooker brands have a long history and a worldwide customers as well as products to choose from.

Cuckoo and Tiger Rice Cooker are widely available but also different based on the models or types but, the former usually set their rice cooker apart based on the type such as general rice cooker or their basic models and the pressure cooker whether it is the electric type or those with induction system. On the other hand, Tiger also have lots of options to choose from the basic models which is the most affordable and will cook rice with one push of a lever.

The second is micom series with some programmable features, as well as the third which is an induction model that can be a good alternative if you are going to take precision cooking to the next level because in general this technology is said to be able to cook your rice better. Since there are so many of them, in this article we will only talk about two specific models from each brands and this time we are picking the popular 10 cup pressure cooker from Cuckoo and 10 cup Micom from Tiger.

Cuckoo and Tiger Rice Cooker Design

Aesthetically, both of the Cuckoo and Tiger Rice Cooker are very attractive as you can see on the sample picture above with a mostly bulb-y design and a color option that won’t make your kitchen looks awkward. The former has a white variant as well if you prefer it to match the kitchen main painting or overall look. The whole rice cooker is very compact as well and as this model we are picking the one that can fit 10 cups of uncooked rice.

The height is about 12-inch tall and the footprint is about 15 by 14 inches so this Cuckoo should fit in your kitchen top just fine. Compared to Tiger rice cooker in this article, we think the former is much more attractive but this model is measured almost the same at 9.8-inch tall, 11.1-inch wide, and 14.6-inch deep as well as have a stainless steel body. Unlike Cuckoo however, it has a handlebar to let user carry or move the rice cooker conveniently.

Cuckoo and Tiger Rice Cooker Menus

Moving further, let’s see what  Cuckoo and Tiger Rice Cooker can offer and starting with the former, this one is capable of cooking various dishes, not only rice. There is a menu of the types of rice we can cook with this rice cooker besides regular white rice and they are gluten rice, mixed rice, brown rice, gaba rice, a mode to cook porridge, and nurungji which is a Korean crispy rice or scorched rice. There is also multi cook to cook other dishes on demand.

On the other hand Tiger rice cooker is also offering various menu to choose depending on what you are cooking from plain rice, porridge, mixed rice, sweet rice, brown rice, or multigrain. In addition to these different cooking menu, both of them are also coming with warming feature to keep your cooked rice stay warm after done cooking. You may also cook other types of dishes using the timer such as steaming meat and veggies conveniently with any of these rice cookers. Read also: Instant Pot Duo60 Vs Nova Plus.

Cuckoo and Tiger Rice Cooker Features

Moving further, besides being a standard rice cooker, the Cuckoo in our article today is also offering another function which is pressure cooking and this function is not available in Tiger rice cooker. Pressure cooker often integrated in a more expensive rice cooker or multi cooker and they are very useful to cook various dishes such as fish to soften their bones and ease people eating them. Another cooking function in Cuckoo and Tiger Rice Cooker is slow cooking mode.

Just like any slow cooking method, this mode is great when you are cooking less-expensive meats that needs a long hours to tenderize but they are also great for making soups which took hours in stove top now more conveniently done in your rice cooker.

Cleaning Cuckoo and Tiger Rice Cooker

Last but not least is the maintenance and in this side Cuckoo and Tiger Rice Cooker are equally convenient as well because besides the removable cover lid for when you need to clean or wash them, but the former also have an automatic steam cleaning. This cleaning mode is accessible from the menu and will keep your cooker clean as well as sanitized with the simple steam dispensed by the system. As for the inner pot, they are made with diamond coating in Cuckoo and regular non sticky coating in Tiger.

Cuckoo vs Tiger Rice Cooker

Cuckoo Rice CooTiger Rice Cooker
- Made in Korea - Made in Korea
- Has scorched rice menu- Various rice option
- Has pressure cooking option- Only has slow cooking option
- Has steam cleaning feature- Has BPA free Tacook accessories 

Both of Cuckoo and Tiger Rice Cooker are a good option for your next rice cooker because they are equally reliable but are also different because if you are looking for a cooker that can be used as a pressure cooker as well the Cuckoo has the option for you. Since these are mostly going to be used as a rice cooking tool, there are various rice options on the menu yet only Cuckoo has the scorched rice option if you also like their crispy and dry texture.


All in all we should pick the one fitting our need the most but for these specific models in our article today, those who are looking for the one that can be used as a pressure cooking appliance Cuckoo is the most ideal pick.

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