Cupcake Tin vs Muffin Tin


Cupcake and muffin are a lot of people’s favorite. They are practically easy to make and does not take a very long time to cook. People from children to elders loves the various taste and flavor of cupcake and muffin. Cupcake and muffin also great when serve in a special occasion, since it is in a personal size, it can be easily served and eaten without too many hassle. Both of them are baked in a baking pan or tin, the shape of the thin is very similar and interchangeable. Although very similar there is some unique feature which is present in one of them. Here is some information regarding cupcake tin and muffin tin.

Cupcake Tin

Cupcake or also called fairy cake is small cake made to serve one person, which may be baked in small thin paper or aluminum cup. It can be decorated with various cakes decoration and many kind of icing. Cupcake originated in America. Amelia Simmons perhaps the first who invented cupcakes, she release a book named “American Cookery” in 1796 and the recipe was written with “a light cake to bake in small cups”. To replace using tin or pad cupcakes has been made with various cooking equipment. Such as a cake in a mug, it recently gain popularity in many internet cooking forum. It is replacing the usage of muffin or cupcake tin to bake it. When making cake in a mug use an oil such as olive oil or sunflower oil into the mixture ingredients, when the oil heats up it creates air pockets in the mixture which allow the cake to raise quickly. There is also cake in a jar, which replace the baking tin with a glass jar. Butterfly cake is also a variant of cupcake. The top of cupcake is cut or carved with a spoon, and cut in half. Then buttercream, whipped cream or other sweet filling can be inserted into the cupcake, the finishing touch is putting back the carved part on top of the cream to resemble butterfly.

Cupcake was originally baked in a heavy pottery cups. Some bakers this day may still use individual ramekins, small coffee mugs, large tea cups, or rather small oven proof pottery type dishes for baking cupcakes. Cupcakes also baked in muffin tins. There are a few type of materials used is cupcake tin. First, aluminum cupcake tin, this tin is lightweight, has a very good thermal conductivity, and resistant to many forms of corrosion. Second, aluminium tin, this type is commonly used by bakers, has a unique combination of properties and superior to heat transfer, corrosion resistance, and durability. Third is carbon steel, this tin is harder than aluminum, has an excellent heat transfer, and can achieves and maintains both very low and very high temperatures, which makes this pan an effective and versatile cooking equipment. There are also other materials which is not mentioned in this article.

Muffin is referred to baked breads in small tins in the US, while in the UK muffins are oven baked, then cooked in a griddle. The American style muffin are basically a quick breads, baked in an individual molds. Quick bread muffins really need to be baked in molds because they are made with batter rather than a dough. The word muffin derives from the old German word Muffen which is the plural word of Muffe means a small cake. Muffin can comes in a lot variety of flavor such as corn, cheese, or sweet varieties such as blueberry and banana. In the 11th century in Wales English cupcakes was cooked on a griddle.

Muffin tin or also called bun tray in the UK, is mold or pan used to make muffins or cupcakes. Usually a single cup in a regular muffin tin contains 3.5 ounce and have 12 room in them. Muffin tin can be made from aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron or silicone. Aluminium muffin tin is commonly coated with Teflon or other non-stick coatings. The aluminum muffin pan contains stainless steel which conduct the heat slowly, this will increase the time needed to cook the muffin. The dark nonstick coating also absorbs light which may result in more browning when baked inside the oven.

Cupcake TinMuffin Tin
- The pan is commonly used with paper liners- The paper liners is not necessary
- The cup is commonly shallower than muffin tin- Some special muffin tin have deeper and straighter sides than cupcake tin
- Have narrower space between the cups- Have broader space between cups


People can use muffin pan and cupcake pan interchangeably there is no intense different between both of them. What may cause a little difference is how people use the pan. Cupcake pan often filled with less batter to retain its shape, because we will use frosting and decoration when making cupcakes. While in the muffin making, the batter is usually poured little bit over the pan, to make a crisp-edged “muffin top”. A specialized muffin tin have a broader spacing between the cups and a nonstick coating, this feature will allow the muffin top to spread. There is also muffin pans which have a shallow lip around the cup, this feature will make a large muffin top but keeps it round and attractive rather than a ragged square.

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