Dutch Oven vs Bean Pot


When choosing cooking equipment we have a lot of various options. We usually choose which suit us best, the food we want to make, the style of cooking we normally do and the usefulness of the equipment itself. Whether it can be used for many different kind of foods or only can be used to only one kind of food. The price of the equipment itself may affect people choices. When it comes to slow cooking Dutch oven and bean pot is a good option. They have been used since our ancestors and is proven to be able to make food have its own unique taste. Both Dutch oven and bean pot have their own upside and downside, here is a brief information about both of them.

Dutch Oven

Dutch oven is a thick-walled cooking pot with a tight fitting lid. Dutch oven is commonly made from seasoned cast iron, some of the Dutch ovens are also made from cast aluminum or ceramic. Some metal are enameled rather than being seasoned. In the early 17th century, the Netherlands was making its mark on the world stage. This period is called the Dutch Golden Age. At that time they are building empires, revolutionizing global finance by inventing the joint stock company, and creating brilliant new technologies. One of them is the Dutch oven. In the 1704, an English man named Abraham Darby watch the process of the Dutch oven making when on the trip to Netherlands. He was creating his own version based on the original one when returning to England. The American then improve the design by adding legs to the oven, making it does not have to rely on suspending them above the fire. You can use Dutch oven for variety of cooking for example roasting, Dutch oven can maintains heat well, they are good for roasting large cut of meat. What you have to do is first heat the conventional oven to 350 F (176 C). Heat your Dutch oven on the stove top and brown your meat to get richer flavor. Add liquid and any vegetables you like to your Dutch oven. Cover it and place it in your preheated conventional oven. Bake your food for an hour or two.

Bean Pot

Bean pot is a deep wide-bellied, short necked vessel used to cook bean-based dishes. Bean pot is commonly made from ceramic, but sometime there are also pots made from other material like cast iron. The narrow mouth of the bean pot minimizes evaporation and heat loss, while the deep, wide, thick-walled body of the pot facilitates long, slow cooking times. Bean pot is a distant relatives of clay vessels that other cultures have used for centuries, like Morocco’s cone shaped tagine and Spain lidded cazuelas, bean pot can be found everywhere start from retail store to garage sales and online auction. Since bean pot are commonly used to make bean based dishes, here is some recommended recipe on how to cook Boston baked beans. First, prepare the required ingredients such as California pea beans or York state beans, salt, pork, sugar, molasses, dry mustard, salt, pepper and onion. Then soak your beans overnight in enough water to both cook them and let them expand. The next morning, drain your beans and chop up both the onion and the salt pork. Toss the whole lot in the bean pot. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir. Put this in the oven at 300 degrees and check on it every hour or two. You may add water if it starting to dry. Cook it for 6 hour or more, depend on how you want your bean to taste, the longer you cook it the stronger the taste will be. Not only to cook beans, bean pot also can cook stews, soup, roasting, grains, breads, and even cakes.

Dutch OvenBean Pot
- Usually comes in rectangular shape or oval shape- Comes in variety of shapes
- Commonly made from enameled cast iron- Commonly made from ceramic
- Typically pricier than bean pot- Typically cheaper than dutch oven
- Can be used to cook many different kind of food- Commonly used only to cook beans


Both Dutch oven and bean pot are made to do slow cooking. Some of their differences is commonly Dutch oven are made from iron while bean pot are usually made from ceramic. Some people testified the food which they cook using bean pot have a special taste compare to when cooked with other equipment. But you have to pay extra care when cooking with bean pot, since it is commonly made from ceramic it is pretty easy to break them when you accidentally drop them. It is recommended to handle them with care and store them afar from children. Dutch oven at the other side is made from iron so it will not break that easily. The downside of using Dutch oven is the enamel can crack or chip. And since the enamel is usually white, once it becomes discolored, it is mostly impossible to return them to its previous condition. Cast iron is also a poor conductor of heat, so it will take a longer time to get hot, but it also can retains the heat longer.

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