Dutch Oven vs Crock Pot


For people who loves doing slow cooking, Dutch Oven and Crock Pot is sure very familiar to you. You can use both of them to braise and making stews or other foods. These products sure can give you many benefit and typically easy to use. People usually put their Dutch Oven in the oven for a period of time to braised meat and vegetables. While Crock Pot can be used by itself.

In this article we will give you information about:

  • What is Dutch Oven and what it can do ?
  • Dutch Oven materials Some tips to choose the right
  • Dutch Oven for you
  • What is Crock Pot kitchen appliance ?
  • Who made Crock Pot ?
  • How to cook using a Crock Pot?
  • Dutch Oven vs Crock Pot

About Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven is a thick walled cooking pot commonly made from cast iron. It has a tight fitting lid and two handle placed in both side of the pan. Dutch Oven has been used as a cooking vessel since long time ago. Dutch ovens commonly have cylindrical or oval shape. Dutch Oven can be used to make soups/stews, roasting, frying, making breads, and making casseroles. Dutch Oven is rather similar to braiser.

Dutch Oven Materials

According to thespruce, In general Dutch Oven can be specified into two types. The bare cast iron and enameled dutch oven. Bare cast iron is an excellent conductor of heat and is the preferred cookware material and used by many professional cooker. Metal Dutch Oven able to withstand an extremely high temperature without degradation, this makes metal Dutch Oven useful for a wider variety of applications. Enameled cast iron Dutch Oven sometimes have ceramic core or metal core. Ceramic core can conducts heat extremely well and is commonly used in making dutch ovens. Enameled Dutch Oven is known for its easy to treat feature, making it perfect for those seeking convenience. Some enamel might stay for a long time. However some enamel were not made to withstand an extremely high temperature, so it is wise to always check the condition of your dutch oven.

Tips to Choose Dutch Oven

When choosing dutch oven, it is recommended to purchase the cast iron dutch oven. You can also pick whether you want your Dutch Oven to have legs or not. For home cooking the standard heavy flat bottom Dutch Oven should be convenience for you. But if you are into outdoor activity like camping, it is good to purchase the one with legs attached. Also when buying Dutch Oven for outdoor activity make sure it has a rim all the way around the edge to keep coals from falling off. How you use the Dutch Oven is depend on how you are going to cook using dutch oven. (See more about Dutch Oven in here)

About Crock Pot

Crock Pot is an electric kitchen appliance made for the purpose of doing slow cooking. Slow cooking is a method to cook food in a low heat for a longer period of time. This method is commonly used to cook a cheaper type of beef with connective tissue and lean muscles fibers for stewing and will able to produce tastier stews than those using expensive cuts.

Crock Pot Manufacturer

Crock Pot is manufactured by sunbeam product, an American based electric home appliance manufacturer. The company has been producing electric home appliances since 1910. Sunbeam other home appliance include mixmaster mixer, the Sunbeam CG waffle iron, Coffeemaster (discontinued) and fully automatic T20 toaster. Sunbeam Products was owned by Jarden Corporation until 2004 and by Newell Brands since then.

Cooking Using Crock Pot

When cooking using Crock Pot, the raw food ingredients whether it is solid or liquid, such as meat, vegetables, stock, water, or wine are put together in the Crock Pot. Some recipes may require the liquid to be preheated first. After all the ingredients are put inside, the lid is closed and then turn on the Crock Pot. Some Crock Pot can be manually set to cook the food in preferred time. After the food is cooked Crock Pot will automatically switch to warm mode, to keep the food warm enough to serve. You can also choose between low and high temperature to cook your food.

Type of Crock Pot

Crock Pot is available in various sizes and color. You can find in in 2 quarts until 8 quarts, it also came in three colors, the standard silver stainless steel, black and red. Crock Pot inside is called stoneware, it can be removed and easily clean. Crock Pot lid is made with glass and have a sturdy handle on top of it. Crock Pot also have two sturdy plastic handle in each side of it.

Dutch Oven vs Crock Pot

Dutch OvenCrock Pot
- Have to be put in stove top, oven or using hot coals to cook food- It was powered by electricity so it is more convenience
- Can’t be leaved unsupervised for longer period- Can be leaved when cooking for longer period
- Made from multi layered materials for better heat conduction- Made from different materials as an electric device


When choosing between both slow cooker and dutch oven, it is wise to think about your need. Like what already been said above, Dutch Oven is a cooking pot, you need to put it in a stove to, oven or use hot coals to cook the food inside. While Crock Pot can cook food automatically using electricity. The crucial different with Dutch Oven and Crock Pot slow cooking is the safety, you can leave Crock Pot unsupervised while it is cooking but when using oven the risk might be higher, so it is not advised to leave your oven on at home. The other different might the lack of temperature control in oven, also using electric oven for a long time will burdens your electricity bill.

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