Dutch Oven vs Instant Pot


Cooking tools and appliances are very helpful to create various dishes and ease your job in the kitchen and many have their specific function but, there are some tools that can be very versatile as well just like Dutch Oven Vs Instant Pot. These two are the workhorse in your house for their versatility since we can use them for almost any cooking methods. For those who wonder which to purchase, go see what they can offer below so then we can choose better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Shop for Kitchen Appliance
  • What are Dutch Oven and Instant Pot
  • What Dutch Oven and Instant Pot Look Like
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  • What else Dutch Oven and Instant Pot can offer
  • Are Dutch Oven and Instant Pot Convenient
  • Dutch Oven Vs Instant Pot

Shopping for Kitchen Appliance

Shopping for the house can be a very fun and exciting thing to do when you move out to a new place or starting a new life from our family’s home. Now we can start to choose appliances and all the tools needed to make sure everything can be done conveniently and the thing is, not everyone will have the same preferences because we probably have a different lifestyle as well. Kitchen often said as the heart of the house for it is the place where we can cook.

Preparing the meal for the family or ourselves is a good start to a better lifestyle, healthier in comparison to buying pre-packaged foods or processed foods which definitely not going to do your body justice in the long term. Cooking tools and appliances we need to have can be different depending on what we will consume or often make in the house so we have to consider them properly. For small electrics, their purpose should be the one deciding its importance but for large appliances, space is also a necessary point to consider.

Small electrics such as Hand Mixer Vs Stand Mixer will occupy your countertop and while their size are fairly small compared to bigger appliances like refrigerator, having several lines up can make your kitchen looks packed and smaller than it is. It is best to put those that we are going to use often only for example a toaster or a pod coffee machine if you are a coffee drinker. Appliance like stand mixer is only necessary for those who love baking bread thus, not everyone will need one.

Other small electrics like slow cooker and blender are must-haves as well in many households for their versatility and usefulness. In short smaller appliance and those we used everyday are necessary but we may want to think about sorting the placement first so then they won’t take too much space and hindering your movement. For bigger appliances like standalone freezer, dishwasher, and ranges, we should measure the doorway first; both home and the kitchen for we need to make sure they will fit through them.

It may sound funny but there are many cases when people are shopping big appliance yet they can’t fit them through their doors. It will need quite the time to prepare and measure the space in the kitchen but everything will be worth it when these appliance click in their places just as you planned. 

About Dutch Oven and Instant Pot

We always love shopping for new kitchen appliance because it means we get to use a new tool for cooking and it is very fun to try recipes and methods that we are not very familiar with yet. There are many cooking tools and appliances out there designed to help you cook certain dishes or ease the job around the kitchen but not all of them will suit your preference and in the midst of those huge options, we need to shop based on what we need the most.

Our favorite when it is about cooking tools is their versatility especially those that can be used for different cooking methods or dishes we often make and among those fall in this category, we are sure most people are aware of how good a Dutch Oven and Instant Pot will be in the kitchen. These two workhorses are the favorite of many due to their versatility and usefulness but since they are expensive, you may only want to have either of them if budget is restricted.

Dutch Oven is a regular cooking vessels, very similar to those we called as French Oven or Cocotte and the reason why it is hailed as one of the most useful tools is because we literally can use it for any cooking methods whether it is cooking soup, stews, rice, frying, stir frying, baking, and many other types of dishes we often make at home. They are heavy and durable with thick walls and lid as well as enameled for those coming from certain brands to make sure they need less care.

Instant Pot on the other hand is a brand of slow cooker which is very popular here and unlike Dutch Oven, it is an electric appliance you may want to have if using stove or oven are seen as an inconvenient way to cook. Similarly however, this appliance is loved by many because of its versatility and capability to do various cooking methods, one being pressure cooking which can be done in stove top as well but will be less convenient and need certain cooking compartment.

Dutch Oven and Instant Pot Design

The first thing we love from Dutch Oven and Instant Pot is their dimension because in most cases, the one we used at home are standard version with several liter capacity because both of them are available in a few different sizes. Dutch Oven is very similar to any cooking pot we have at home but what makes them different is the durable and thick cast iron material which makes it ideal for slow cooking and useful in both stove top and oven.

It can be round, oval, or in unique shapes depending on the manufacturer and popular brand like Le Creuset also enamel their ovens for easier caring and of course fancier looks. Instant Pot or often called as IP is very similar to a rice cooker with a round and tubular design as well as heavy lid with handle on top. They have a digital display at front and a bunch of buttons to access the menu. There is also a deep fryer version of Instant Pot for better versatility.

Dutch Oven and Instant Pot Cooking Options

Because they are popular due to their versatility, let’s see what can we use these tools for and in this side, they are equally amazing to have in your kitchen. A Dutch Oven is ideal for many types of cooking including making soup, slow cooking, making sauce like one pot pasta, deep frying fish or fries and other veggies, baking in the oven, and cooking rice using stove pot. Stove pot will deliver the heat only from the bottom while oven is cooking evenly from various sides.

Instant Pot is also capable of cooking with various methods but they are more convenient because the heat source is produced by the appliance itself. For example, the Duo Nova model in our article today comes with cooking options for making soup/broth, rice, meat/stew, bean/chili, poultry, porridge, and doing slow or pressure cooking.

Dutch Oven and Instant Pot Features

As an electric appliance, Instant Pot will be much more convenient in comparison not only for its wide cooking options but also for its additional features. In general, all of them will have this warming function to keep your food stay warm and tasty until we finish it which is also programmable. They also have timer and it means less monitoring, unlike when using Dutch Oven on stove. Depending on the model, this appliance has Yogurt making function while certain version have air frying and dehydrating function.

Dutch Oven and Instant Pot Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, Dutch Oven and Instant Pot are equally easy to get familiar with and there are a bunch of recipes we can follow to create certain dish on the internet. Using stove top with the cooking compartment is easy and just like using any type of cooking pot but if you plan to do slow cooking we must preheat it first and it may take a good amount of time yet, it is able to reach a very hot temperature.

Instant Pot is a bit tricky at first because we have to learn how to use the display and overall operating the unit properly. The manual helps a lot and recipes will usually tell you what needs to be done. Its saute function will help building taste before simmering process and it makes the appliance as useful as Dutch Oven over the stove top while also pretty much convenient since we can leave the long cooking process unattended. 

Dutch Oven vs Instant Pot

These cooking pot and appliance are very useful to have and equally a nice option to purchase but since the latter is an electric cooking tool, it will be much more convenient for the heating element are all automatic including the cooking methods and the most useful timer. It can also do slow cooking, sautéing, and even pressure cooking directly in its compartment, making the appliance ideal for different types of user.

Dutch OvenInstant Pot
- Stove top or Oven - Internal heating element
- Need constant monitoring- Have timer
- Can be used for deep frying - Offer air frying function (certain types only)
- Can’t do pressure cooking - Pressure cooker
- More affordable- Expensive
- Easy to get familiar with - Can be complicated to use


We should choose based on our own preference and in this side Instant Pot will be the better option if you are also looking for a pressure cooker and love the way everything is automated, especially when we can leave the pot unattended.


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