Fry Pan vs Omelet Pan


Maybe all of us already have an experience cooking with a fry pan or frying pan. The cookware is very popular used by people from around the world. The variety of food made with it also have many varieties. We can fry food, making things like pancake, cooking omelet, and making some sauces. You basically can use it when cooking things which does not need many liquid. Most of us maybe have more than one size of fry pan to be used when cooking different amount of food. Many people are comparing fry pan and sauté pan, but in this article we will talk about the difference of fry pan and omelet pan. Some omelet pan have similar look to fry pan which is why they are hard to tell apart.

Fry Pan

Fry pan or frying pan is a type of cookware which have a flat bottom and used for searing, browning food, and frying food. The typical fry pan has a diameter for about 200 to 300 mm, with a low sides that flare outward. It has a long handle on a side and have no lid. Some larger type of frying pan have small grab handle place on the opposite direction from the main handle to ease people when lifting it. There is a similar pan to frying pan called sauté pan. Sauté pan can be used just like frying pan but were designed for lower heat cooking methods, called sautéing.

Frying pan was first discovered in Mesopotamia and was made out of copper. Frying pan also known to exist in ancient Greece and were called tagenon. While in Rome they were called patella or sartago. The word pan from frying pan comes from an Old English word panna. Before the invention of cooking stove, cookware usually have legs to support them when placed above the fire. After cooking stove became popular a flat bottom cookware also following the trends. Just like any other cookware, some frying pan have a nonstick feature. The most popular nonstick coating is Teflon. The bonding process of Teflon to roughen aluminum was patented by Marc Gregoire in France in 1954. He then formed a company in 2956 to market nonstick pan under the brand name Tefal. This nonstick frying pan is not suitable for some method of cooking such as glazing. Teflon frying pan can release toxic fumes when heated beyond approximately 240 oC. In modern day comes another type of frying pan, which is the electric one. Electric frying pan is used without cooking stove, because it used electric heating elements. Electric frying pan has a different shape than regular frying pan. It has square and rectangular shape also electric frying pan has a feature not present in traditional frying pan which is heat regulation.

Frying pan is commonly used with oil or fat covering its surface. However greasy food like bacon does not need additional oil when cooked with frying pan. How much oil is required is depending on what food you want to make. For example when cooking battered chicken or other goods the oil have to covers the inner pan surface, but when cooking food like pancakes the oils only used a little so the food won’t stick.

Omelet Pan

Omelet pan is a pan specifically made for making omelets. Omelet pan is created with a low curved edges and a wide diameter bottom design to make the omelets rolled easily. Omelet pan is best when it have a non stick bottom to ease people when they roll the egg. Another type of omelet pan consists of two half rounds, fully enclosed on each sides and hinged in the middle. The way to use it is by pouring the egg and other ingredients mixture into both side about half of the pan. When the egg is cooked then brought one pan to the other making it a single omelet.

Here is some things you need to pay attention to when choosing an omelet pan.
1. It have a well profound and have a flat bottom. This will ease the cooking process so the eggs can be cooked faster.
2. Choose the one pan which have a good conduction.
3. Choose the one with a lid, since you may need it later to cook an omelet which required lid to cook.

Fry PanOmelet Pan
- The pan omelette has smaller diameter- Frying pan has bigger diameter
- There is a type of omelet pan which has two half circle size and can be put into one- Frying pan does not have that variant
- Some omelet pan have a different angle sides which is beneficial to flip eggs- Frying pan commonly comes with the same angle sides
- The price tends to be cheaper- The price tends to be havier


Many people said that both of frying pan and omelet pan more the same rather than different. You can use them interchangeably. Many people use the same frying pan to cook their omelet without problem. If you are not into collecting many sizes of pan, then it is wise to just use frying pan to make omelet. But if you are into collecting many type of cookware and think you need another pan to make omelet then you may also get the omelet pan. The choice is all yours.

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