Frying Pan vs Saute Pan


Among those many flat bottomed similar to frying pan cookware, saute an might be the most often cooking ware to be compared with frying pan. It is because the both pan can be used almost interchangeably. Both of them are made with the same materials and also available in same diameter. They might be better suit for certain type of cooking, but it does not mean the other can’t perform the same task. In this article, we will talk about how frying pan is different from saute pan.

Frying Pan

Frying pan is one type of cooking ware, it is commonly comes in non-stick type, stainless steel, and cast iron, but it also available on many other material. Frying pan have flat bottom, typically have a circle shape, and commonly sold without the lid. Frying pan size are vary from 8 to 25 inches. A bigger fry pan might be not suitable for home cooking since most stoves are not big enough to heat it evenly. Frying pan also have a long handle at one side and some bigger frying pan may have another smaller handle placed at the opposite of the main handle. (See also : Frying Pan vs French Skillet)

There is also modern version of frying pan which is electric frying pan. This frying pan does not need to be placed over a stove to cook food. It use the heat which comes from electricity. It also have different shape than traditional frying pan, it usually comes in square and rectangle shape. The main benefit of this electric frying pan is, it has heat regulation. The detachable power cord incorporates a thermostatic control and can be used for maintaining the preferable temperature. The most common frying pan is the non-stick Teflon. As we knew this kind of non-stick elements can release a toxic fumes when heat at certain degree, making it not suitable for some method of cooking, such as deglazing. When using a frying pan, coat the inner surface with oil first before throwing the foods. However when cooking a high fat food such as bacon, the additional oil is not needed. The depth of the oil used in cooking is decided by what are you going to cook, if you want to fry battered chicken, fish or vegetables then you have to at least cover the inner pan surface with oil. But if you want to make pancake or such, just put a little bit of oil to keep the batter from sticking to the pan. Aside from cooking with stoves, frying pan also can be used in the oven to make lasagna, pizza, or using it as a mallet to tenderize food. When using frying pan as a mallet it is best when the frying pan is made of heavy weight material such a cast-iron. When choosing frying pan there are things you need to consider, such as what kind of material, whether it is induction ready, whether it is scratch or dent resistant, corrosion, will it rust , and is it dishwasher safe or not.

Saute Pan

Saute pan is a type of cookware made from various material but most commonly made with stainless steel and nonstick type. Saute pan have a straight side and larger surface area. Which is why saute pan is ideal for searing meat or reducing a pan sauce, because the food is less likely to slosh things over the side. Saute pan also have a handle like frying pan and larger pan usually accompanied by a smaller handle located at the opposite of the main handle. Just like its name, saute pan main purpose is to saute food. Sauteing is a method of cooking food quickly using a relatively high heat with a little oils. The food is stirred by tossing the pan back and forth without using spatula. When sauteing the ingredients is usually chopped finely into tiny pieces, to allow fast cooking. The food cooked using this method tends to keep its texture, moisture, and flavor, with a brown skin. When cooking meat, chicken, or fish using this method, the finishing is often by deglazing the pans residue to make a sauce.

Frying panSaute Pan
- Designed to fry food- Designed to sauté food
- Has sides that flares outward- Has sides that less flared outward
- Often sold with no lid- Often sold with lids


Like it have been said above, frying pan and saute pan can be used to cook the same food just as well. Some people might be more comfortable going with frying pan when sauteing, and some might prefer frying battered food with saute pan. You can choose which one you are more comfortable with, without have to purchase every cooking ware available in the market. What most important is choosing the right material for your cooking ware, for example if you use induction stove, your choices only vary with aluminum clad stainless steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel. But if you are using gas stove you have a lot to choose from aluminum, aluminum stainless steel, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, copper and carbon steel.

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