Gas Oven vs Electric Oven


When choosing a new oven for your kitchen, you have to consider whether gas oven or electric oven is better for you. Of course, each of the two types of oven has distinctive advantages and disadvantages. Below, we will see the comparisons of gas oven vs electric oven to help you determine which one is better for the money.

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Cost Efficiency

There are several reasons to choose a gas oven instead of an electric one. The very first reason that most home cooks care about is the efficiency. Gas ovens are much more efficient than electric ovens. Gas ovens are fueled by either a gas tank or gas line. The gas cost is usually lower than electricity, although this may differ from place to place. See also: Convection Oven vs Regular Oven.

On the other hand, electric ovens are powered by electricity. The operational cost of an electric oven is usually higher than a gas oven. Keep in mind that an electric oven may cause a significant increase in your electricity bill if your previous oven wasn’t an electric model.

Power Outage

The second reason why gas ovens are preferred is because they are not vulnerable to power outage. With a gas oven, you don’t need to worry very much about power outage. It is fueled by gas. It will continue baking when a power outage happens.

Meanwhile, electric ovens are particularly susceptible to power outage. They will not be able to operate in the case of a power outage. Imagine you are in the middle of a baking process, and a power outage happens. The electric oven will stop working. So, electric ovens are not ideal for places that often experience power outage.

Cooking Quality

In terms of cooking quality, gas ovens are generally not as good as electric ovens. But there is still one unique advantage. A gas oven tends to produce uneven heating. This allows the food to have batches of crispy areas and slightly burnt spots next to non-crispy areas. Some people love baked foods with such features.

However, electric ovens are better in terms of cooking quality because of two reasons. First, an electric oven does not release as much moisture, so it is great for baking and roasting. Second, an electric oven provides even heating, so you won’t need to rotate the food constantly to prevent burning.

Installation and Ease of Use

Gas ovens are more difficult to install and use. You have to make sure that the connections are secure and leak-proof. Gas lines may develop leaks, which result in toxic gas filling the room. Leaked gas is also dangerous because it may cause a fire hazard.

On the other hand, electric ovens are much easier to install and use. In most cases, you only need to plug the power cord into a power outlet. You only need to push a button or turn a knob to turn the electric oven on. It won’t leak any toxic gas.Additionally, electric ovens are often equipped with advanced features, such as digital control, cooking presets, and timer. You can see some examples of advanced electric ovens from Samsung here!

Gas Oven vs Electric Oven

Gas OvenElectric Oven
- Fueled by a gas tank or gas line- Powered by electricity
- Lower operational cost- Higher operational cost
- Not affected to power outage- Susceptible to power outage
- Uneven heating, releases more moisture- Even heating and less moisture
- More difficult to install and use- Easier to install and use


In general, electric ovens are better. An electric oven can give you better cooking results, thanks to the lower moisture and even heating. It is also much easier to install and use.

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