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Reusable bottles or tumblers are very popular in present day because we can see it as an effort to reduce the plastic use and if possible, lessen the amount of waste we produce. There are so many brands out there offering high quality reusable bottles like Hydro Flask vs Klean Kanteen. Both of them are using high quality material for their products so our bottles or tumblers can stay for a very long time. Go check our article below to see what they can offer to you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a reusable bottle
– What are Hydro Flask and Klean Kanteen
– How many variants do Hydro Flask and Klean Kanteen have
– What Hydro Flask and Klean Kanteen can offer to you
– Hydro Flask vs Klean Kanteen

Reusable Bottle
Water is very important for our body to help it perform properly, so it is better to drink an amount of water each day and if possible avoid sugar with water because it is indeed hydrating but can also cause some problems later due to taking too much calories per day. Many people recommended to drink 2 liters or 8 glass of plain water per day but depend on what your body need, this amount can be less or more.

People with little daily activities may get enough hydration by drinking occasionally but those who exercise or work where they need to move their body a lot, will require more water and more prone to thirst which is why it is always recommended to have water near you when exercising to replenish the body. When outside the house, it is good to use water bottle or tumbler to carry your hydration safely anywhere without having to buy bottled water on the go.

Water bottle is very popular and since long time ago has been used to carry water when we plan to spend some time outdoor doing some activities because they make carrying water easily due the material used to build the body are usually plastic or metal while glass bottle also widely exist but since they are fragile and heavy, it is less preferable when used on the go compared to the other first two. Their shape is also widely vary but most of the time they are vertical.

Plastic bottle is preferable when we need to carry light weight bottle and don’t need any insulation feature because the material won’t be able to keep the temperature inside and when used to carry cold water, it can get slippery caused by condensation while hot water is almost impossible because the material may not suitable with high temperature and the body will become too hot to handle if they have no built in handle or strap.

About Hydro Flask
In the market, there are so many brands offering good products and as for water bottle, the one you may took interest is Hydro Flask, because they are one of the leading brand of insulated bottles in the market especially for those who love to do activities outside the house since their products are built to deal with the outdoor environment from a good material and stylish design which you won’t need to worry to carry in public places. Read also: Miir vs Yeti here.

They are one of the best manufacturer of insulated bottles and unlike many other brands out there, Hydro Flask only offer insulated bottles so there is no plastic or glass bottles in the catalogue and the company can focus on making a dependable and better insulated stainless bottle for their customer. The brand has been in the market for quite some time and starting from an unknown name, now they are recognizable by so many, thanks to the commitment to always offering the best products.

Hydro Flask started by a pair of couple several years ago based on their own experience when going on vacation when their water becomes warm after spending a long day in a beach which is of course unpleasant because in the hot weather, we would love to drink a cold beverage to refresh our body as opposed when in cold weather. Based on this they build the brand and create a water bottle that will keep the temperature inside as long as possible both for hot or cold water.

Hydro Flask Variants
In their collection, Hydro Flask have several types of bottles to carry some beverage such as wide or regular mouth bottle, small bottle for children, tumbler or bottle for hot beverage like coffee and tea as well as bottles for alcoholic beverage like wine and beer so we don’t have to carry glass bottle when camping or do similar activities outside. Additionally, they also offer food flask which is good to carry liquid food or soup on the go to office to make sure they are still hot when lunch time come.

Hydro Flask Features
Since Hydro Flask only have insulated stainless steel water compartment or bottles, their capabilities are going to be the same and generally, the brand differentiated the features on its lid because some may have big or smaller opening while some may have straw for easy hydration on the go. Wide mouth bottles are preferable because it can take ice cubes easily as opposed to smaller mouth that can help prevent spilling accidentally when drank directly from the mouth.

As for the insulation, Hydro Flask use double wall insulation system which layered two stainless steel on the body so the temperature will stay as it is even for many hours later and to help retaining it a bit longer, they also used a special lid with honeycomb design to prevent the temperature from escaping the lid and at the end prolonged the hot or cold beverage better. As for the rate, the brand claimed that their bottle can keep cold water for 24 hours while hot water is up to 6 hours.

This mean if we carry coffee at 8 am, they will be still hot even after lunch hour if you don’t finish it already while cold water can stay cold throughout the day for better experience. Another important thing when looking for water bottle is the material because they have to be food grade for safety and Hydro Flask use 18/8 stainless steel that won’t retain any flavor or affect the taste of our water as well as BPA free. Their body is also coated to promote easy gripping when you hold the bottle.

About Klean Kanteen
There are many other option out there for water bottle and if you are looking for the one that can protect the temperature inside for a long hours then you need to check Klean Kanteen because just like Hydro Flask, this brand have a huge collection of insulated bottles in their catalogue. What we love the most from the brand is they are taking insulation into another level or longer for those who plan to carry their bottle along in their adventure.

One of the goal of using reusable bottle is to live cleaner and reduce the waste we produce that can harm our earth. Klean Kanteen is taking part to build the awareness of refilling and reusing any reusable bottles with Bring Your Own movement to promote people carrying their own bottle or water compartment outside and build a healthier habit both for themselves and earth by using a sustainable products. Additionally, they also work together with 5 Gyres to help removing plastics from our ocean.

This is an important issue that our generation must try to solve and we do think that using sustainable product from a company with awareness is important to support the positive works they do. When this article is written, they even currently donating half of their online sales to local Camp Fire relief efforts which is also a great work to help others.

The company said that their original Klean Kanteen compartment was made to prevent and stop the using of plastic bottles that contain toxins and can caused cancer in many people so along with the purpose, the brand also support Breast Cancer Prevention Partners by participating in fundraising to celebrate and inspire those who suffer from the disease and commemorate those who lost in the battle along with supporting researches and advocacy work.

Klean Kanteen Variants
Klean Kanteen collection is quite wide because besides offering bottles and tumblers with varying mouth sizes and a collection of cap to provide more options, they also offer food canister which is great to carry liquid food on the go to your office or when doing some adventure on the wild because your soup will be as hot or warm as it coming out from the pot even after several hours outside for better experience. Additionally, they also offer insulated bottle with cup integrated for easier drinking anywhere.

Klean Kanteen Features
As it has been mentioned earlier, what we love the most about Klean Kanteen is the insulation and unlike many others that can only keep the temperature for several hours, this brand can keep their cold water stay cold up to 100 hours according to their site while the hot water is up to 30 hours which is of course far longer than many other similar bottles out there. However, this may depend on the size and cap options that are sold separately from the standard cap.

The material of Klean Kanteen bottles or tumblers are stainless steel to make sure it can be reused without affecting our health and just like other stainless steel products, they can last for a pretty long time and durable enough to be carried in your wild adventure anytime. Additionally, the body is coated with a new coating to make sure it can last longer than their previous bottles so we don’t need to repurchase another bottle shortly.

Now, let’s compare Hydro Flask with Klean Kanteen. As you may already know, their prominent difference is on the rating because Klean Kanteen have better insulation to protect the temperature inside for longer period than Hydro Flask. Klean Kanteen also offer their bottles in more affordable price and have more product option for those people who want to pick the one that suit their preference better.

Hydro Flask vs Klean Kanteen

Hydro FlaskKlean Kanteen
- Cold water for 24 hours- Cold water for 100 hours
- Hot water for 6 hours- Hot water for 30 hours
- More expensive- More affordable
- Less product variant- More product variants

All in all, both of them are a good choice to reduce the waste we made and promote a more sustainable lifestyle for better environment. However, we prefer Klean Kanteen better because their insulated bottles can keep temperature longer while also available in more affordable price.

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