Instant Pot Duo60 vs Lux60v3


Dining at home with family is one of the best moments to bond together and talk as well as spend quality time. However, not all of us have much time to cook from scratch so having a kitchen appliance like Instant Pot Duo60 vs Lux60v3 can be very helpful when you want to serve healthy foods for everyone. These models are very popular but also slightly different so go check what they can offer before making a decision.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using a cooking appliance
– What are Instant Pot Duo60 and Lux60v3
– What Instant Pot Duo60 and Lux60v3 Look Like
– What can we cook on Instant Pot Duo60 and Lux60v3
– What Instant Pot Duo60 and Lux60v3 can offer to you
– What are the Disadvantages of Instant Pot Duo60 and Lux60v3
– Instant Pot Duo60 vs Lux60v3

Cooking Appliance
Almost everyone loves eating because it is a delightful moments and delicious foods are always very tempting to try even when we have to spend so much to get the perfect ingredients or paying high-end restaurant. However, always eating out is not a good decision for the wallet especially if we have a whole family to feed so learning some recipes can be very helpful now and in the future. Cooking may be not the simplest thing to do but they are actually very fun.

When cooking at home, we can craft the food from scratch and make sure to put only the things necessary as well as healthier because we are in check of what being put in the body and safer for people with some type of foods to be avoided. One of the main issues of cooking is the time since it may take hours or even more than a day depending on the recipe. Read also: Zojirushi vs Aroma Rice Cooker here.

About Instant Pot Duo60 and Lux60v3
If you don’t have such time to constantly monitoring the foods and purchasing various cooking tools or appliance, having one that can do all the jobs is a good decision. In present day, there are so many good kitchen appliances we can find in the market and one that attract so much attention or can be said has its own cult is probably Instant Pot. Just like the name, it is a kitchen appliance that works as a multi-cooker so we can do lots of things with just one unit.

If you have never used such thing before or this is the first time learning about the appliance, there must be some skeptics thinking and it is understandable. In its core, Instant Pot is a brand and they are selling kitchen appliances especially multi cooker and pressure cooker. What makes them special from the classic cooker we used in the past is now they are programmable to do more; two of the best examples being Instant Pot Duo60 and Lux60v3.

There are various models by the brand but these two are very suitable when you are living with a huge family about 9 people eating in the house because less will not be enough to feed all of them so picking smaller model may not be a wise decision as well as when going for larger for it may produce leftovers.

Instant Pot Duo60 and Lux60v3 Design
From the outside, Instant Pot Duo60 and Lux60v3 are looking like the same items and it is because they are equally coming with the same color options and material for the whole unit. On the face we can see a small screen which is very useful when navigating the cooker and setting a time that we will use most of the time. The whole features are actually mirrored on the controls panels since there are some not present especially on the Lux60v3.

Instant Pot Duo60 and Lux60v3 Cooking
The number “60” in each of their names is indicating the size which means both are having the same 6 quart capacity but as a whole line Duo and Lux are available in many sizes like 3, 5, or even 8 quartz. With 6 quart capacity, we can cook a whole chicken, two pounds of dry beans into a soup, around 4-dozens of hard-boiled eggs, 1 pound of pasta with 1 pound of sausage and plenty of sauce, bone broth, and many others.

Instant Pot Duo60 and Lux60v3 Features
Coming into the most important part of Instant Pot Duo60 and Lux60v3, they are also having a different capabilities and comparing the two, Lux is the more affordable so there will be some features not available in this model. Duo is very popular because it is offering 7 on 1 functions with interesting capability to do 2 pressure cooking. The available cooking modes are pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute, yogurt maker, and warmer that making this model a workhorse for the house.

On the other hand, Instant Pot Lux60v3 is offering all of those functions but without the low pressure option and the yogurt maker. For many people, all of these functions are already enough to cook the recipes we often use but if you are also cooking in low pressure, it may not be a good option. The best benefit of using this type of cooker will be the time and effort spent dealing with the cooking process so then we can just leave them and let the appliance do the rest.

Instant Pot Duo60 and Lux60v3 Disadvantage
However, it doesn’t mean Instant Pot Duo60 and Lux60v3 are a perfect option for everybody because the first thing you have to prepare when purchasing any of these models is learning curve since the appliances are tricky at first. Many inexperienced users find themselves have to read the instructions thoroughly or find an instruction to a recipe cooked with the appliance online before starting to use them. It is not a huge disadvantage but does require a little bit more effort.

Now, let’s compare Instant Pot Duo60 with Lux60v3. As you may already know, the sole and most important difference between both of them is on the cooking functions because as the basic model, Lux including Lux60v3 is not featured with low pressure cooking and yogurt maker which mean if you plan to also use these features, it is not as capable as the Duo60.

Instant Pot Duo60 vs Lux60v3

Instant Pot Duo60Instant Pot Lux60v3
- More expensive - Less expensive
- 7 in 1 - 6 in 1
- Low Pressure and Yogurt Maker - No Low Pressure and Yogurt Maker

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same opinion and need as well as recipes to cook with the appliances so we do recommend people to pick the one fit their house the most. Yet, among the two we do prefer the Duo60 better because low pressure cooking function is necessary in many recipes.

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