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Coffee is sitting at the top with tea as the world’s most consumed beverage and it is not without any reason because they are indeed tasty and versatile. For convenience, many of us today prefer to brew coffee from K Cup Vs Pod because it is easier to do so compared to brewing from regular drip machines. To see how they are different from each other, go check which is more convenient between these brewing options below so we can spend wisely.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What affect Coffee Flavors
  • What are K Cup and Pod Coffee
  • What K Cup and Pod Coffee Look Like
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  • How are the Taste of K Cup and Pod Coffee
  • What are K Cup and Pod Coffee Pros and Cons
  • K Cup and Pod Coffee

Coffee Flavors

Starting a day with a cup of coffee is what we are doing and this is the routine of millions of people in the world that becomes a habit and of course also drive the coffee demand in various countries all over the earth. This delicious bean based beverage is popular not without a reason because brewing those needs skills and even from the tree itself, coffee beans carry different characteristics that will result differently as well in your cup.

  1. Variety is the first factor affecting how a coffee will taste after being brewed because the plant play an important role in deciding the main characteristic of its fruits. It is very similar to wine and far more complicated than just Arabica vs. Robusta.
  2. After the variety, the place where they were grown is also important because specific features like altitude, climate, soil type, soil microbiome, and topography will affect the plant thus, beans from one region will have different taste from those planted at different places far away.
  3. Farming practices affect coffee taste as well but this is more of a technical reason because coffee beans doesn’t ripen at the same time so the best way to pick them is by hand of trained individual so those unripe ones should not be included into the product.
  4. Another complicated process that affects coffee taste is the drying step because they can be naturally dried by the sun, washed out or wet-processed, or a combination of both. The dry process often have less clarity, low in acidity, but has a fruity taste compared to better in clarity and higher acidity of wet-processed.
  5. The more common process that affects coffee taste is their roast profile and in fact, it is more complicated than just a simple light or dark roast. In real life the roasters have to decide in what level the bean needed to be processed so it will include various variables like roast time, charger temperature, rate of rise, etc.
  6. Another complicated process is the blending step because in most cases the coffee we drink is made from a combination from various bean or origin. It alters how the original bean should taste after being brewed yet, as more enthusiasts are paying attention to the origin, we can find many single origin today at various coffee specialty shops.
  7. Last but not least is the brewing process or the final stage of coffee processing before we sip it. Different brewing method will extract different taste from the coffee grounds including variables like brew ratio, grind size, water temperature, and even extraction time.

About K Cup and Pod Coffee

As complicated as a coffee can differ from one cup to another, these important factors are only necessary to be remembered when you are an avid coffee drinker or a person with certain enthusiast to the beverage because let’s be honest, the majority of us don’t pay a lot of attention to those factors especially when the coffee we bought are those standard brick or pre-ground coffee comes in a jar and canister for at the end of the day, we are going with what sits on our tongue the most.

Besides personal preference, when it comes to coffee, rather than its origin or how the bean was processed before arriving at your hand, the convenient is actually more important because you will brew them everyday which is why we are always looking for the most convenient way to brew coffee. Today, if you are not into instant coffee and its fairly light taste, we can use either K Cup or Pod coffee to brew the beverage using specific machine that can be ideal for home use and in public establishments.

K Cup is the original pod coffee system and it is owned by the single serving coffee machine Keurig so you will have to use their machine or similar brewer to make one. This is also called pod coffee machine because it comes in a single serving, pod compartment which is similar to a small sauce cup. They can be made by different brands but mostly stated to be used only by certain machine. Read also: K Cup Vs Drip Coffee.

Pod coffee is more similar to a tea bag in term of system because it doesn’t have a cup and comes in a mesh fabric or material which is used for a filter purpose. Similar to K Cup however, they can be made by various different brands but in comparison they are cheaper and brewing more traditional or black coffee instead of various beverages that you can get on the other system. Price and environmentally, the latter is cheaper and easier to recycle than plastic or aluminum version.

K Cup and Pod Coffee Compartment

As you can see, we are sure most people can differentiate a K Cup and a coffee pod because they are very much different from each other. The compartment is indeed coming like a cup and has this tall room inside to contain the beverage mix which in fact it can be anything including tea and hot chocolate so the K Cup is not always containing coffee grounds. The whole cup is a combination of plastic, aluminum, and paper filter without the beverage mix.

Separately, these cups can be recycled but the thing is we will need to separate them manually since together as whole K Cup is not recyclable. A coffee pod is only made of two combination which is the paper filter and the coffee ground itself which means they are friendlier for our environment. The coffee inside is pure coffee so we will need additional sugar or milk if you are not into black coffee and in comparison, they are more similar to a tea bag.

K Cup and Pod Coffee Machines

Moving further, besides the design itself, K Cup and Pod coffee are very different from each other when it comes to the machine in which they can be used to brew coffee. Since K Cup is trademarked by Keurig, their machine is the one you will need if the system fits your preference better. Their machines are widely available and just like any single serving machine out there, they will be able to brew your beverages in minutes or even seconds without much fuss.

Keurig machines depending on the model can adjust the water amount and temperature with a simple operation. Besides their own machines, some coffee brewers in the market can also use the same system such as Bunn My Café. Not only coffee, depending on the cup, you can make anything with these machines. Pod coffee is also useful with specific machine but rather than just one brewer, they can be used with almost any drip coffee machines out there such as the previous Bunn machine.

K Cup and Pod Coffee Taste

Taste wise, both of K Cup and Pod coffee are pretty much the same to each other depending on the blend put inside because rather than the package, the coffee grounds inside matter the most when it comes to deciding the taste. In general they are not going to be the best quality coffee we can get because as you may already know, the pre-ground coffee inside is no longer fresh which affect the coffee taste as it was in contact with oxygen previously.

Different brands have their own blend and characteristic so rather than the compartment type, these manufacturers are playing a more important role in deciding the coffee or beverage taste. But, when it comes to option, K Cup do have a wide range of options from the cheaper blend to those single origin that cost more yet also only enthusiast pay attention to similar coffees.

K Cup and Pod Coffee Pros and Cons

Coming to the pros and cons of these compartments, both have their own factors to consider. K Cup has lots of variety and it can contain various beverages including iced tea, making the system more convenient while not only Keurig but many other single serving machines can already brew from the cup. Its con is they will be quite expensive compared to pod system while also less environmental friendly as well as don’t produce very strong coffee.

Pod system on the other hand is very cheap in comparison to K Cup but it can only brew black coffee which is perfect if strong coffee is what you are loving more. Almost any brewer today is also able to use single coffee pod and some machines can even use both K Cup and Pod coffee with certain adaptor.

K Cup vs Pod

K Cup Pod
- Native to Keurig machine - Can be used with most drip/single serving machine
- Can contains various beverages- Black coffee only
- Less environmental friendly- Easy to recycle
- Expensive - Cheaper
- Mellower coffee- Strong coffee taste

Any compartment is good depending on your own preference because at the end we will have different taste. K Cup is more convenient for those who are not only drinking coffee but also other similar beverages especially if you don’t often enjoy black coffee since in general they taste mellower. Pod coffee can only brew black coffee so it is less versatile but they can give you quite a strong coffee while in addition cheaper and better for the environment.


All in all you can pick or use both system with suitable hybrid machine yet, for those who are enjoying black coffee often, Pod coffee is far cheaper and ideal for the house especially those coming from your favorite brand.

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