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Water bottle or reusable bottle is a great way to reduce waste and save some more money by carrying beverages or water from home when going out. Klean Kanteen vs Yeti are two great options for those who need a water bottle that can keep their beverages as hot or cold as when they pour them in. If you also like these two brands, go check our article below to see what they can offer to you and which brand will give you the best value.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
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– Klean Kanteen vs Yeti

Reusable Water Bottle
Water keeps our body healthy and keeping it hydrated is very simple just by taking an amount of water each day regularly. When our body needs to be replenished, we will feel thirsty and then grab some water to gulp. However, since it is very simple, there are many of us who neglects drinking water while doing some activities which is actually can lead to some problem later if happened for a long time and this is why we need something to remind us like with schedule or putting stickies notes where you see often.

Some of us have no problem taking a proper amount of water but some may do so. Office worker spent most of their hours working in front of a table, sitting and since they don’t move around much, they may not feel too thirsty and with the amount of works at a time, it is easy to forget about drinking water. This is why many people recommend to bring water bottle or cup and put them in the table to remind them taking the water.

For those who loves exercising or do some activities in the wild, a water bottle is just as important because it is used to carry the hydration when we are outside or far from clean water source. Those who move a lot or exercise will lost more water in their body which is why they are more prone to getting thirsty. People who spent more than a day or need to carry as lightweight as possible; as opposed to water bottle, they may prefer collapsible bottle better because they are light and thin.

However, if you only plan on camping for a short time and don’t have issue about heavier compartment, you may prefer stainless steel or insulated bottles because they can keep the temperature inside longer just like thermos in your house. One of the best benefit of using insulated compartment is a better experience for the beverage or food we put inside will stay as warm or cold even after several hours being outside.

About Klean Kanteen
We are sure most of us already have a list of favorite brands and are tend to buy products from specific manufacturer because their items are dependable or for various other reasons. If you want the bottle that can be both durable and dependable in various activities, Klean Kanteen may be one of the best option. The brand have a collection of insulated bottles to help people carrying their hydration or beverages from home to accompany them in various activities outside featured with a good insulation for better experience.

One of the things we love from Klean Kanteen is their effort to help the main goal of using reusable water compartment which is reducing the waste from using a single-use habit like what happen in our society now even though people slowly realize moving to a better option. Bring Your Own project is a great effort to help people realize the bad effects of producing more waste and to help to use a healthier, sustainable products which is better for them and the earth we are living in. Read also: Hydro Flask vs Klean Kanteen here.

Another Klean Kanteen important activity is supporting Breast Cancer Preventing Partners because they initially made their products as a healthier and better option than those plastic bottles that have toxins causing diseases like cancer in human body. This is a good and much appreciated decision to help people build awareness of the danger that may threat their health or even life. Additionally, they also support and take part to restore and protect ecosystem as well as help removing plastic waste from our ocean for a better environment.

Klean Kanteen Variants
Klean Kanteen have several bottle models in their catalogue and they are all insulated. The design are slightly differentiated by the neck because we can have those with wider or narrower mouth but generally, they are very similar to each other and made from the same material. For those who want to use cup or tumbler instead, they also offer the models with and without lid for hot or cold beverage but mostly popular for hot beverage like coffee in the morning.

Klean Kanteen Features
As it has been mentioned above, Klean Kanteen offer one of the best insulated bottles in the market because they are featured with a standard where the bottles can keep the initial temperature for more than a day depend on the model we pick. The one in our sample picture is their Insulated Reflect bottle and this one have a rating of 20 hours cold and 40 hours iced water. What’s unique here is they use bamboo as the cap to help keeping the temperature.

Due to this cap, the model is not suitable with hot water and best for cold water only. If you pick the one with climate lock lid, the rating will even increase for longer period up to 100 hours for cold water and 30 hours for hot water. This rating is higher among many other similar insulated bottles in the market and actually can keep your beverage for more than a day; some users also said that they can even see ice cubes in the bottle next day.

Since one of the main goal of using reusable bottle is to replace the plastic bottle that can contain toxic, all of Klean Kanteen bottles are made from 18/8 stainless steel and not only healthier, this material is also stronger to stay useful for a very long time, making it a good investment. Additionally, their colored Klean coat is formulated for human and environmental health to be safer as well as more durable than their previous coat.

About Yeti
Since there are many other options in the market, it is good to find another brand so we can compare them and see which one will be the better option and if you love Klean Kanteen bottles or tumblers, you need to check what Yeti has to offer as well because they are also among the most popular insulated bottles manufacturer now. This company also offer several other products in their catalogue and most of them are getting a good reviews from the users.

Initially, Yeti is not manufacturing water bottle because what inspired the founder at the first time is a cooler which is a compartment to keep several items inside stay cool for long hours. The brothers who love fishing and other activities in the wild found that their cooler is not dependable enough and lead them to want to offer a good quality cooler for those who also love the kind of activities and cooler, like them that will stay useful even when facing the harsh environment outside.

They start Yeti Coolers in 2006 offering a cooler based on their own standard for outdoor enthusiast and because they made them from first-hand experience, the result is a cooler that can take the abuse they often face both in water or in field. Along the years, they also offer compartments like bottles and tumblers in the catalogue for those who need a good insulated compartments.

Yeti Variants
Yeti may be very popular with their coolers but their bottles are also loved by customers. They offer insulated bottles, tumblers and cups which not only can be used indoor but outdoor as well because they are very tough to be our companion in the wild. What’s unique in our opinion is their Colster which is not a water compartment or cup but more like a mini-cooler shaped similar to a cup to keep your can of coke or beer stay cold even when not in a cooler.

Yeti Features
Just like many insulated bottles, their most important part is on the insulation itself and in this part Yeti is offering their insulated bottles with double layer of insulation to keep your beverages as hot and cold for a very long hours. They don’t put the rating but many customers are satisfied about how long these bottles can keep their beverage both hot and cold even in summer especially for cold drinks. Additionally, the mouth is wide to insert ice cubes and won’t touch your nose tip when drank.

Just like many other insulated bottles, Yeti also made their bottles and tumblers from stainless steel material which of course can stay longer and useful for years to come. However, there are users stating that the bottles can actually dent when dropped which is very unfortunate because we want it to be very tough at the first place. As for the tumbler, they are featured with magnetic cap to make it even easier when opened or closed and suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities.

Now, let’s compare Klean Kanteen with Yeti. As you may already know, both of them are offering a good quality water bottle and tumbler, and both can work great when used to carry hot or cold beverages. The only difference is on the design because Klean Kanteen offer both small and wide mouth bottle while Yeti only offer wide mouth bottle. From the price, we can see that Yeti is more affordable than its rival while also offering other products that you may want to try as a substitute which is a cooler.

Klean Kanteen vs Yeti

Klean KanteenYeti
- Have narrow and wide mouth bottles- Wide mouth rambler
- More expensive- More affordable
- Offer food canister- Offer cooler

All in all, both of them are a good option and you can go with whichever brand you like. However, we prefer Klean Kanteen better because they are involved in many beneficial activities to promote a more sustainable lifestyle and using their products made us contributing on their actions as well.

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