Microwave vs Microwave Oven


Microwaves have become one of the most loved kitchen appliances in the world. Many people even say that they don’t know what to do if without their microwaves. With a microwave, you can cook your meal or heat last night’s leftover within just a few minutes. Now, the question is, what is the difference between a microwave vs microwave oven?

Some people have met both terms “microwave” and “microwave oven” as if they are referring to different things. But most people say that they are the same. Continue reading below to understand better about:
– What a microwave is,
– What a microwave oven is,
– The differences between a microwave vs microwave oven, and
– Which one that is recommended for your kitchen.


In science, the definition of the microwave is a type of electromagnetic radiation that possesses wavelengths between one meter to one millimeter and frequencies between 300 MHz to 300 GHz. It is used for communication purposes. As a matter of fact, the first microwave oven was invented after an accident that involved melted candies and an exploded egg due to microwave radiation. See also: Microwave vs Stove.

Nowadays, the term “microwave” is commonly used to refer to the kitchen microwave oven. So, when someone mentions “microwave”, he or she is probably referring to a microwave oven.

Wikipedia describes a microwave oven as an electric oven that is designed to heat or cook a food by exposing them to microwave radiation. The exposure causes polar molecules in the food to vibrate and generate heat. Microwave ovens are incredibly popular and loved by a lot of people because they can cook foods very quickly.

Note that microwave ovens and regular ovens are different. Cooking a food in a microwave oven is called microwaving. With a microwave oven, you can microwave, boil, simmer, or steam a food. However, a microwave oven can’t really bake. Meanwhile, a regular oven is used to bake.

Microwave Oven Variations

That said, there are now advanced models that have both microwaving and baking functionalities. However, people don’t use the term “microwave oven” to refer to an advanced model like this. Microwaves and microwave ovens are the same thing, and they don’t bake.

Instead, those advanced models are named according to their additional functions. For example, a product with both microwaving and baking functions is usually called “a combination microwave/oven”. You may also find a convection microwave oven with grill.

If you have an advanced model with multiple functionalities, you may find different settings called “microwave” and “microwave oven”. This is actually uncommon. The differences between the settings can only be answered by the manual book, as these settings are exclusive to the device.

Microwave vs Microwave Oven

MicrowaveMicrowave Oven
- A type of electromagnetic radiation- A cooking device that heats by using microwave radiation
- The term is also commonly used as the short of microwave oven- The proper name of the device
- A microwave can’t bake- An advanced model with baking function is called a combination microwave/oven


In the context of kitchen appliances, microwaves and microwave ovens are the same things. They are cooking devices that heat the food by using microwave radiation. They can be used to boil, simmer, or steam the food, but they don’t bake. However, there are advanced models with multiple functionalities; a device that can microwave and bake is usually called a combination microwave/oven.

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