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Water bottle is one of the many ways we use to minimize the use of non-reusable plastic bottles and to help us carry hydration whenever we out from home. There are so many good brand out there offering many quality products like MiiR vs Hydro Flask. Both of them are popular brand with trusted reputation and have many collections in the catalogue. Go check our article below to check what they have to offer to you so you can pick which brand have the kind of features you want.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a Water Bottle
– What are MiiR and Hydro Flask
– What MiiR and Hydro Flask have in their catalogue
– What MiiR and Hydro Flask can offer to you
– MiiR vs Hydro Flask

Water Bottle
Water is important to our body and we don’t need to be reminded by other people to take them because our body will send a signal and make us feel thirsty which usually followed by taking a gulp of water to satisfy the dry throat. Since our body rely on water and food to survive, we are recommended to drink an amount of water everyday though, people’s need may differ from the different amount of activities we do or how hard we work our body.

Since we all know how important hydration is, water should accompany our daily activities whether we only spend time at home doing house chores, working on an office or doing some work or activities outside. Just like many edible things, we will need a compartment to transport them from place to place and water is commonly stored in a bottle or soft compartment like a hydration pack when the main focus is to transport them more compactly like when doing some adventure on the wild.

The idea of water bottle besides to ease transporting or carrying them along in your activities is for environmental benefit because the less we use plastic, the less we can generate garbage and since water bottle can be used for a pretty long time, we don’t need to purchase bottled water anymore when being outside. Another benefit is we can save some more by carrying our own beverage from home as opposed to going to coffee shop or such.

About MiiR
There are so many water bottle brand out there or drinkware brand in general because this is a crucial item that many people need and among those many brands, it is god to find the one that coming with a design or benefit you want from the water bottle itself. If you want a high quality bottle or drinkware then MiiR is one of the best option because not only you can drink with style, the company also have an active campaign to help those in need.

MiiR have a huge collection in their catalogue and it is covering from drinkware like bottles, food canister and other beverage specified cups if you are the type who like to use each cup for different beverages. What we think interesting about this brand is not only because of the product they are offering but also the message they send to help and motivate those who want to change to be better especially in term of empowering women to take the chance and do what they are passionate about.

MiiR Variants
As it has been mentioned above, this brand have a huge collection on the drinkware side added with the food canister in case you want to bring hot or warm soup to work or to any other activities when needed. For the bottle collection, they have several model but prominently divided by the design or the mouth because even though the capability is all the same, one have smaller mouth while one is wider for those who like to sip from wide mouth or carry an ice cold beverage.

For people who love bringing hot beverage like coffee, tea or hot chocolate it is better to use wide mouth or tumbler compartment to avoid burned tongue. These tumbler have 2 versions; the one have more secured lid for when on travel while the other is preferable for an office set with regular lid to ease the drinking access. Additionally, MiiR also have regular cups for home use or camping and beer growlers when you need to take the alcohol in your adventure.

MiiR Features
The size for MiiR bottles are variable, so we can choose the one that match our need while the features or capabilities are mainly the same. Let’s take an example on the bottle both of the small mouth and wide mouth variant that are insulated and have the exact same technology called the Thermo 3D Double Wall Vacuum Insulation Technology which is working just like many other insulation by keeping the initial temperature longer for better experience when taking your beverage later that day.

Depend on the beverage you carry, these bottles are claimed to be able to keep the hot temperature for up to 12 hours and cold water for up to 24 hours that can stay even longer when you add ice inside. Additionally, they use Temp Deflector Technology on the lid to make sure the temperature will be reflected back inside instead of going through the lid to keep especially hot beverage warm longer. The lid type itself is screw type to avoid leak.

Another thing that you need to know when looking for a bottle is the material because we are using them to carry beverage that we are going to drink and to make sure your beverage stay as healthy and tasty as they should be, MiiR use 18/8 Medical grade steel that won’t transfer either the flavor of your previous drink or give you that unpleasant metal aftertaste. As for the outer body, they use powder coating and it won’t sweat even when used to carry cold beverage.

About Hydro Flask
It is always good to have another option when looking for something since then we can compare them side by side and choose the one that offer the best benefit we are aiming or at least available in the range of price that we are willing to spend and when we are talking about water bottle, Hydro Flask is one among the best you need to check because they have a good quality and are fairly affordable for both style and durability. Read also: Camelbak vs Hydro Flask here.

This brand started by a couple who are experiencing an unpleasant situation regarding their water when they go vacationing in a beach and realize that their water become warm after being exposed to the sun in a typical hot beach. This is why they build the company and offer the solution to help people keep their beverage hot or cold for better experience. The ownership has moved since then but the products are still as good and even keep being improved.

Hydro Flask Variants
They have a pretty big collection covering both bottles, tumblers and food compartment that are coming with the same technology. As for the drinkware, they have bottles for beverages and alcoholic drinks like wine and beer for those who loves to take their alcohol while exploring the nature like when in camping. Another interesting product in their catalogue is the cooler which is shaped like a bag but used to keep your beverage cold without the need to carry the un-cool box.

Hydro Flask is offering various compartment but the main product is the bottle and the technology used or main feature are all the same while mostly differentiated by the type of lid because depend on the model, they may have different lid such as those with straw or just regular lid. Overall, the brand offer both small mouth and wide mouth bottle as well as kid bottle that separated from size and additional flex protection to improve the bottle against bumps.

Hydro Flask Features
Just like many other vacuum insulated bottles, Hydro Flask bottles are capable of keeping the water inside warmer or cold for longer period of time for better experience. The company used the TempShield Technology which is consisting of two layers of walls to keep the temperature stay as it is longer than without insulation and they claimed that hot water can stay up to 6 hours while cold water is obviously longer at 24 hours even longer when added with ice.

Additionally, the cap is also unique and they call it as Honeycomb insulation due to the shape mimicking those of honey comb and it is used to add another level of protection for the temperature. As for the material, they are using BPA free stainless steel construction to make sure your beverage will be as tasty as it should be without any unpleasant aftertaste or flavor from your previous beverage while the BPA free means you can rest assure about any chance of the material may affect your genetic makeup.

Now, let’s compare MiiR with Hydro Flask. As you may already know, both brand are equally using a double layer of stainless steel to build their vacuum bottles and since the technology are the same, the capabilities will be similar as well. What’s different is the claim that MiiR can keep hot water for up to 12 hours in which Hydro Flask is only 6 hours. Another difference is on the design because, MiiR have many design option printed on the bottle than the one design of Hydro Flask.

MiiR vs Hydro Flask

MiiRHydro Flask
- Creative design- Only one design
- More affordable- More expensive
- Hot beverage up to 12 hour- Hot beverage up to 6 hours

All in all, both of them are a good option if you want to look for a good quality water bottle. However, we do recommend MiiR better because of the various option, so you can pick the one that suit your taste the most, moreover, their bottle is also less expensive.

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