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Water bottle is very common these days and not only children, adults also carrying them everywhere when doing some activities outside to keep their body hydrated. There are so many brands that offer bottles for beverages out there such as Miir vs Yeti with their wide collection of different models. Since water bottle are commonly very similar, both of them are also don’t have many differences, so go check our article below to see what they can offer to you or which brand have the kind of feature you want.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a Water Bottle
– What are Miir and Yeti
– How many variants do Miir and Yeti have
– What Miir and Yeti can offer to you
– Miir vs Yeti

Water Bottle
Water makes life possible and it is not a new thing anymore to drink an amount of water or have a water intake goal everyday in our present lifestyle because in the past, people seems to not paying much attention to the benefit of keeping the body hydrated. Since it is just water, many of us probably also not realizing the importance of drinking enough water but summing all the benefits, our body can’t perform properly without enough water that may lead to some problems in the future.

Among the current trends, water are made less boring with many type of fruits or what they called as infused water to help those who don’t like the plain taste or regular water and since all of them are natural, it can add another benefit as well when taken regularly. Another popular benefit of water in current trend is to clear skin and it is very well-known among youngsters because water can flush remains which may cause some skin problem but there is lack of research to make a lot more people sure, nonetheless, drinking enough water is not a bad decision.

Since water is liquid and a thing that will goes into our body or consumed, we can’t just use any compartment we can find because depend on the user’s need, there must be factors that needed to be adjusted to make drinking water more convenience or easy while on the go or during activities. The most common compartment is bottle which is used since long ago to carry water or liquid, making it more transportable from places to another while keeping the inside from being contaminated.

However, not only bottle, depend on the type of liquid we are carrying or beverages such as cold drink or hot beverages, the compartment model you may want to check on will differ as well. For people who want to bring either cold or hot beverage, it is best to look for compartment made from stainless steel with insulation because plastic bottles can retain color and taste of the beverage and making it unpleasant for next uses while the capability to keep temperature is also bad.

About Miir
In present day, we can find numerous brand that offer bottles with different design and overall collections. Generally, they are very similar to one another because as complicated as a bottle will be, it is simply a bottle to carry beverages or water. Miir is one of those you want to check on if you prefer the one that offer a good product in affordable price along with an interesting vision to help those in need especially for clean water. Read also: Miir vs Hydro Flask here.

The company is well known with its “empowerful” project that help people living in places where access to clean water is hard and required huge effort just for daily needs and the current destination is Honduras or Lempira specifically. Not all people will be interested on making a difference in place where they never heard or been to, but if you are the opposite, the brand is a good option to go without needing to directly included in the process.

Miir Variants
Apparently, Miir also offer other goods besides water bottles or beverage compartments because the catalogue also has bags in different section but we will only talk about the bottle. The brand have different compartments covering bottles, tumblers and cup, so the users can choose whichever product or compartment they want for each one of their needs. While cups are coming in the same size, bottles and tumblers are varying in sizes and lids along with some interesting designs to match your taste.

Miir Features
If you need a bottle to carry both hot and cold water, the option will be the wide or regular insulated bottle because they are coming with the same insulation while differ only on the mouth size. For those who need to insert ice or carry a warm beverage, the wide mouth is a better option because it can promote a better access for the users. As for the insulation, Miir bottles are coming with Thermo 3D Double Wall Vacuum Insulation which is using 2 walls on the body.

These layers is used to keep the initial temperature inside the bottle stay in its initial level as long as possible so hot water can stay hot for up to 12 hours and cold water for more than the double or 24 hours plus when added with ice cubes. Additionally, these bottle are coming with a special lid called Deflector Technology that reflects both hot and cold temperature back into the bottle and not pass through the lid to optimize the insulation.

Another important thing we need to make sure when looking for a water bottles is the material because we will going to use them to carry something we will consume and to avoid any bad effects from the material they are made with Miir bottles are made from 18/8 stainless steel so they won’t retain the taste of your previous beverages as well as won’t alter the taste of your current beverage for health purpose and better experience.

About Yeti
It is always good to find another option when looking for something, to compare them and see which option will give the best benefit among the two. If you like bottles or water compartment that can keep your beverage at its initial temperature then you need to check what Yeti can offer because this brand is also one of the most popular in the market for their insulated compartments and coolers for activities in the wild like fishing or just having fun at a beach in summer.

Yeti is initially not a bottle brand because the company’s first product or motivation to invent the brand is to create a dependable coolers which users can always depend on to while exploring and doing many activities in the wild. The cooler are marketed for outdoor enthusiast and can take whatever thrown at it while taken outside because we know the rough environment they will work on. However, as the market keeps widening, they also offer many other products such as bottles or rambler along other accessories.

Yeti Variants
Among many other brands, in our opinion Yeti is one with a wide variants of products especially on the insulation type because not only you will find bottles or tumblers, the brand even have small compartments that looks like a cup to keep your regular bottles like beer bottles or soft drink bottle cold which is not available in many other brands. Additionally, they also offer bigger compartment or jug for sharing with friends and company as well as reducing the amount of small bottles you need to carry.

Yeti Features
The one in our sample picture above is Yeti Rambler bottle and just like what you can expect, this compartment is insulated to make sure you can always have a good experience in your journey because the beverage or soup you are taking from home will stay hot or cold for longer even though you prepare them in the morning and eat or drink them in the noon while you are outside exploring and enjoying your favorite activities.

Just like many other insulated bottles or compartment, Yeti rambler bottle is made from 18/8 stainless steel material which is known to not retain any taste from the previous content or give your food or beverage a strange taste. Another benefit of stainless steel material is they are stubborn or strong enough because we will take them outside and we know that it may get knocked down or fall from your pack for example, so the bottle won’t break that easily.

As for the insulation, Yeti used double walls insulation and resist to condensation for firmer grip while the material itself is dishwasher safe for better convenience. Additionally, they have a wide mouth so when we drink directly, the mouth will placed above our nose while the cap is leak-proof.

Now, let’s compare Miir with Yeti. As it has been mentioned above, both of them are coming with the same double walled insulation which makes the compartment should have the same range of hours they can keep the initial temperature. For product variants, Yeti is undeniably wider with several accessories available as well.

Miir vs Yeti

- More affordable- More expensive
- Narrower product variants- Wider product option
- Have some interesting design (graphic)- Similar design

All in all, both brands are a good option to go if you are looking for high quality insulated bottles. However, we prefer Miir better because the brand offer bottles with the same features yet are offered in far more affordable price than Yeti.

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