Napoli Pizza Oven vs Uuni


Electric and gas oven are great to ease the job around the kitchen but for those who want to bake pizza at home, a regular oven may not going to deliver the authentic result which is why Napoli Pizza Oven Vs Uuni are here to offer you both convenient and a unique, authentic taste. These pizza ovens are very reliable but might have a slight difference as well and before you shop for one, see what they can offer below and pick the one that will fit your preference the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do you love Neapolitan or New York-style Pizza
  • What are Napoli pizza oven and Uuni
  • What Napoli pizza oven and Uuni look like
  • What Napoli pizza oven and Uuni are fueled with
  • How are the Performance of Napoli pizza oven and Uuni
  • Are Napoli pizza oven and Uuni easy to use
  • Napoli pizza oven Vs Uuni

Neapolitan and New York Style Pizza

All of us love tasty foods but apparently, not many are willing to put an effort to learn the cooking method for our favorite dishes. Cooking is a very useful and convenient hobby which is great to learn because apparently we will need to take care of ourselves when moving out and an ability to cook will not only let you cook the meal properly, healthily, but also more economic for we don’t have to eat out all the time.

Different people may have different tastes and our favorite dish will be different as well but it is also true that Italian dish called Pizza is one of the most popular international dishes we can enjoy almost anywhere we travel. While the basic recipe and cooking methods are the same, this dish is affected by local tradition and sometimes can be very different from the one we used to enjoy. Pizza also varied widely, such as Neapolitan and New York style or even the fairly new deep dish.

Deep dish is easy to distinguish because of the size and overall method to cook and put the ingredients together but Neapolitan and New York style pizza are very similar to each other with the same very thin crust, but they are actually not identical in texture and overall taste. Neapolitan pizza has a very thin crust at the base with the dough puffs-up around the sides to give you the popular airy and thin crust. Since it is so light, certain area can become charred very quickly.

This is the reason why we have to pay attention closely to not to overcook the dish and as the bottom is very thin, most of the time it is not possible to pick it up with hand thus, we eat it with a fork and knife. On the other hand New York style pizza, while it is quite thin throughout, the crust and bottom are still much sturdier which makes you able to hold the dish when eating them but they will also need to bend easily.

As for pizza, it is more convenient to just buy them from a well-known restaurants or your favorite pizzeria but for those who love to cook and modify the dish, cooking pizza at home is not very difficult process as long as we get the technique correct and cooking appliance ready. Neapolitan and New York style pizza can be cooked at home as well but to get the authentic taste we must have a wood fired oven. 

About Napoli pizza oven and Uuni

In the past, cooking authentic pizza at home means using our regular gas or electric oven but if you have used them before, they sure lack the taste we get from the woods burnt to cook the dish. Thankfully, as people are getting more creative combined with the huge demand of a convenient oven, there are many great alternatives to cook pizza at home authentically with wood fired oven. These types of oven are far smaller, making them ideal for thinner pizza like Neapolitan and New York style.

Among those many options, Napoli pizza oven and Uuni are two amazing choices for those who want to cook this favorite dish at home conveniently without having to build a full, dome styled wood fired oven. Both of these compact ovens are designed specifically for single use and unlike the full-sized ones, the operation will be much more convenient and easy as well. We also love their build quality because each of their manufacturer seems to pay much attention to the sturdiness of their products.

Starting with Napoli, this is one of the best options for wood fired pizza ovens we have in the market and while it is not as popular as the other Uuni, it is working reliably as either countertop or outdoor oven and as the name suggests, it is a very ideal tool for cooking Neapolitan pizzas. Our favorite feature from this model is that it can be used with different fuel and it has a good build quality too. Read also: French Oven Vs Dutch Oven.

Moving to Uuni, we are sure you can find so many list recommending this pizza oven and this is because how reliable this brand is when it comes to offering amazing pizza oven that can be used at home. They have various ovens in the catalogue for user to choose from but in today’s article we are going to take the popular Uuni 3 as the best basic model. If you are looking for convenience, there is also Koda oven which operates using gas instead of wood.

Napoli pizza oven and Uuni Design

Moving forward, let’s see the build quality of these pizza oven and starting with Napoli, it has this black design which we adore better for its subtle and somehow elegant appearance, making no one thinks it is a piece of expensive oven which in fact is not. We also like the color option for we don’t have to pay much attention to its outer housing in case they are bright, we will need to clean them often as well while the burning chamber can take up to 12-inch fresh pizza to cook.

Uuni in this article Uuni 3 is the opposite because as you can see, it has a chimney on top which is removable and it looks expensive despite being cheaper than Napoli by being made from 430 stainless steel and also very pretty. It is very sturdy and the inner chamber can be used to cook for up to 13-inch pizza. Similar to Napoli it has legs and in addition it has a wood handle to pull the lid panel open.

Napoli pizza oven and Uuni Fuel Types

Just like when shopping for grills, the first thing you may want to check is the fuel type because it will decide on what we can run these ovens on and in this side, both Napoli pizza oven and Uuni are equally convenient because we can use wood pellets to cook or with propane gas if you want a more convenient cooking. However, they don’t come with the propane attachment thus, we may need to spend more to get one.

What’s different is Napoli can use both real wood and charcoal as well besides wood pellets. Uuni also have the one that can be used with propane instantly but it is the Pro version which is more expensive yet also bigger in comparison. They will not come with the wood pellets but we can always get from any brands out there including from Uuni. 

Napoli pizza oven and Uuni Performance

Moving to the performance side, these ovens are actually easy to use and while the exact time is variable each time we cook, on average Napoli pizza oven and Uuni will heat up pretty quickly for about 10 minutes and both of them are boasting a very high temperature which can go higher than 900 degrees Fahrenheit. In real life, however, we don’t need this much heat because 400-500 degrees are mostly enough to cook the dough and ideally, the dough must be high in water to create a crisp texture but still moist.

Depending on the temperature where you slide the dough in, in its high level one pizza can be cooked in about a minute but pay attention to the timer and make sure to rotate it for even cooking. In comparison, Uuni has a lid to cover the cooking chamber and it does help with the process, making the dough cooked quickly. We also love the way they retain heat inside the cooking chamber but still, it is highly recommended to put them on a heat resistant surface and don’t touch the oven for the surface will be extremely hot.

Napoli pizza oven and Uuni Ease of Use

From the ease of use side, Napoli pizza oven and Uuni are easy to get familiar with but just like any manual cooking process, we do think time is needed to master these ovens because the dishes may sometimes comes less perfect than what we hoped for. When it is about convenient, Uuni is far better than Napoli thanks to its design especially the slide out tray to fill the pellets and there is an opening at the top to refill them conveniently while the oven is operating.

Its drawback is that we can only use pellets in Uuni while Napoli is also capable of using real woods, making the former more ideal in case you are running out of pellet or when being carried to camping where dry woods are easier to gather than having to carry a dedicated wood pellets.

Napoli Pizza Oven vs Uuni

Napoli Pizza Oven Uuni
- Easy to clean (black) - Need more care
- Expensive- Affordable
- Have no lid- Have dedicated lid
- Can use real wood and charcoal- Wood pellets only
- More compact - Have chimney 

These wood fired ovens are amazing and reliable but there is always learning curves we need to get used to. They can equally cook tasty pizzas or any dishes you want to bake as long as they are short enough to fit in the chamber but Uuni can cook faster and convenient with its pellets tray, making the oven more user-friendly. Napoli however, can use regular woods as fuel and easier to care for it is black.


All in all we can pick any oven to use because both of them are reliable but if we have to choose one, Uuni is actually the better option as long as you don’t mind the stainless finish, moreover, it is cheaper as well. 

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