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Cooking is fun as they let you craft the food from scratch so we can tailor the dish to meet certain qualities including if you want to reduce the consumption of oils. With air fryers like NuWave Vs Ninja Air Fryer, we can still enjoy crispy dishes without having to submerge them in hot oils which overall healthier for your body. If you are also planning to use this kitchen appliance, go check which of them will be the best option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Fried Foods are Bad
  • What are NuWave and Ninja Air Fryer
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  • NuWave Vs Ninja Air Fryer

Health Risks of Fried Foods

There are various food preparations we used to cook ingredients and frying them must be one of the most popular especially in restaurants and fast food chains everywhere because they are convenient and quick but also delicious and addicting. You can practically fry any solid ingredients but the most common will be potatoes as in French fries or potato wedges, chicken strips, cheese sticks, fish, as well as some veggies like battered cauliflower and broccoli. Many of us love fried foods for the taste and texture.

  1. Fried foods and calories are coming hand in hand because commonly fried foods are high in calories since typically they have to be coated in batter or flour prior to frying and as the ingredients are submerged in the hot oil, they will lose water while also absorb fat which further increase its calorie content. More often than less, fried foods will be significantly higher in calories than those prepared using other methods such as baking and boiling.
  2. Fried foods and trans fat are well-known enemies of many and almost all of us know the danger of trans fat. These fats are formed when unsaturated fats undergo a process called hydrogenation when the oil is heated until a very high temperature during cooking. This process changes the chemical structure of fats which makes them difficult for the body to break down and this can result in health issues such as increased risk of heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Health is the most important to take care of because without a healthy body, it is difficult to enjoy life and avoiding fried foods in most occasions should be a cheap price to pay for long term health. One of the popular studies against the effect of consuming fried foods relating to reduced mortality is done recently based on diet questionnaires to more than a hundred thousand women in their 50 to 79 of age who are participating in the Women’s Health Initiative.

With the research ongoing for roughly 20 years, the elevated risk of death among heavy eaters of fried foods remained after researchers have adjusted other related factors including lifestyle, diet, education, and income level. A very specific reason for this is probably the increase of heart disease because fried foods based on various studies may contribute to high blood pressure, low good cholesterol, as well as higher obesity risk. This includes two large observational studies that found the more frequent one consumes fried foods, the higher their risk of developing heart diseases too.

About NuWave and Ninja Air Fryer

To avoid these scary side effects of the delicious fried foods, we should reduce the consumption and if possible stop consuming them altogether. Reducing the frequency of visiting fast food chains or restaurants as well as trying to cook at home will help in the long term and rather than frying our favorite ingredients, let’s try swapping the cooking methods such as by baking them in the oven with a very little layer of oils to give the similar taste and texture of deep fried foods.

Another method is by using an air fryer and we are sure most people nowadays are familiar already with this modern cooking appliance. This is such a good alternative for those who want to avoid deep frying their favorite ingredients but still want to have the unique flavor and texture of fried foods. As the name suggests, instead of using an abundant amount of heated oil, this method uses hot air instead and to help retain a similar results, in most recipes you will also suggest to put a thin layer of oil on the food’s surface.

In the past air fryers were not used at home as they are prominently industrial appliances but due to the rising demand of healthier food especially those to reduce the consumption of deep fried foods, companies begin to introduce consumer based products as well including NuWave and Ninja. These kitchen appliance brands carry lots of products and one of them is air fryers which are not only affordable but also reliable and easy to use for everyday cooking at home.

NuWave and Ninja Air Fryer are such great choices for people who want to extensively reduce or avoid eating fried foods for now we can enjoy the similar results but with less worry. The best thing about these fryers in our opinion is their ease of use because you will not need much time before able to cook with the appliance like a pro. They offer a friendly user interface as well as reliable performance for different types of cooking and ingredients. Read also: Ceramic Frying Pan Vs Cast Iron.

NuWave and Ninja Air Fryer Design

There will be few models in the catalog for air fryer in both brands and today, we are going to compare both NuWave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer. NuWave also has several different sizes available from the smaller 3 QT, 4.5 QT, to the family size 10 QT to make sure you can always have the option for different user’s amount. Ninja also have different sizing options and the one we are talking about today is their standard 4 QT variant as opposed to MAX XL which is 5.5 QT.

But overall, all of their capabilities will be the same or all have the same set of features with only capacity difference. Similar to most air fryers, NuWave and Ninja Air Fryer come with the familiar shape of boxy external with a rather flat top where you can find their control panel. There is a sliding door which is used as a cooking tray and with a handle at the front to access the room. Both also have this black, shiny plastic finish all over the unit.

NuWave and Ninja Air Fryer Features

Moving further, let’s check what these air fryers can offer because you will find some useful features in the unit and it seems that NuWave and Ninja Air Fryer are quite different here. The first thing most people are considering when looking for an air fryer is their temperature range but in general, most of them are able to cook in a temperature up to 400 degree Fahrenheit including these two while the lowest range is usually about a hundred degrees.

You can adjust this manually by using the control panel provided but they are also convenient especially for NuWave Brio air fryers because this model offers various different presets for different menus to cook. The available menus are thick cut fries, medium cut fries, chicken nuggets, ½ ribeye, chicken breast, and frozen fish sticks. All of them are paired with ideal temperature and cooking time for example fish sticks are cooked 8 minutes in 400 degree or medium cut at 15 minutes at the same temperature.

On the other hand, Ninja have roast, air fry, dehydrate, and reheat function with adjustable preset temp and time for a more convenient operation as well. NuWave and Ninja Air Fryer have a start/pause button and this can be used to interrupt the cooking process. For example, when you have to re arrange the ingredients or flip them over to achieve a nicer even cooking. What’s interesting is that Brio from NuWave also has wattage functions which let you choose between 1800, 1500, or 900 watts operation.

NuWave and Ninja Air Fryer Operation

As it has been mentioned above, one of our favorite parts of these air fryers is their ease of use and similarly, they are operated at the same manner or have the same steps. It is always recommended to preheat the appliance first before cooking for about 3 minutes and in NuWave there is a dedicated function for this menu while with Ninja we have to do it manually by setting up the temperature and time separately.

After preheating, press the menu or desired temperature and time for the ingredients we are about to cook and then put them in the cooking tray: depending on the ingredient, you may or may not want to use oil spray. Press the start button and we can wait until they are done cooking or stop midway to flip and rearrange the foods.

NuWave vs Ninja Air Fryer

NuWave and Ninja Air Fryer are very useful and convenient cooking appliances for those who want to reduce the consumption of deep fried ingredients but still can’t give up the crunchy and dry texture of the foods. Side by side they are equally capable but NuWave is more convenient in our opinion as it offers various different presets to allow quick operation including the options to choose wattages.

NuWaveNinja Air Fryer
- 900, 1500, and 1800 watts

- 1550 watts

- Preheat function

- Manual preheat with timer
- Six preset menus
- Four preset functions
- Larger capacity options- 4 or 5.5 QT


All in all you can pick any of them as they are equally reliable and easy to use but if we have to pick one, NuWave in this article Brio air fryer is the more convenient choice because you can use their presets to cut down making manual adjustment.


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