Ozark Trail Cooler vs Yeti


In this article, we will see the comparisons between Ozark Trail Cooler vs Yeti, which are both very popular in the market. Ozark Trail Cooler is significantly more affordable than the Yeti cooler. So, how about the performance? Is Ozark Trail Cooler at least as good as the Yeti cooler?

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Design and Appearance

Well, honestly, Ozark Trail Cooler and Yeti look a little similar to each other. Not that you can expect a unique shape. A cooler box always has a box-like shape with a door on the top. However, Ozark Trail Cooler looks a little awkward and cheap. You may even say that Ozark Trail Cooler is practically a knock-off clone of Yeti.

On the other hand, the Yeti cooler looks classy. It has sturdy T-Rex Lid Latches, which are made from tough rubber. The rotomolded construction and armored core are virtually indestructible. The metallic handle is sturdy and durable. This is a modern-looking cooler box that you will be happy with.

Features and Value

If you are hard-pressed to save some money, Ozark Trail Cooler may seem like a great bargain. It has an EVA compression molded base, which is quite tough, and dual bottle openers. The construction is quite durable. It also has a good capacity. You can fit about 36 cans into the jumbo cooler. It is equipped with nice straps for easy carrying.

However, Ozark Trail Cooler is nothing in comparison to Yeti. For sure, Yeti’s rotomolded construction and armored core are much more durable. If you are going to a camping trip into the wilderness, you should consider getting a Yeti. The superior build quality will withstand the abuse. The capacity is good and spacious.

However, Yeti indeed doesn’t have the bottle openers or soft straps. You don’t really want to put the metallic handle on your shoulder. It should be carried by hand. This is a little inconvenient.


In terms of performance, Ozark Trail Cooler is pretty good. But once again, it cannot compare to Yeti. In a cool environment, Ozark Trail Cooler can keep ice for about 4 days. Unfortunately, the insulation is not very good. Some users have complained that, in relatively hot environments, Ozark Trail Cooler can only keep ice for about 8 – 12 hours. That’s hardly acceptable.

On the other hand, Yeti has a consistent performance. It can keep ice for about 5 – 6 days consistently regardless of the environment temperature. It is indeed more reliable. If you are going to a long trip, Yeti can keep ice from the start to the end of your trip. You will never run out of ice!

Ozark Trail Cooler vs Yeti

Ozark Trail CoolerYeti Cooler
- EVA compression molded base- Rotomolded construction and armored core
- Cheap appearance- Modern and durable look
- Shoulder straps- Metal handle
- Low insulation performance- Excellent insulation performance


Between these two models, we highly recommend you to choose Yeti. It has a much better build quality. It is virtually indestructible. Also, the insulation performance is much better, as it can keep ice consistently for several days.

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