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Drinking water in moderation is what we need to do to stay hydrated and not only when we are at home, water should be drank when your body send the signal by making you thirsty. Carrying water bottle is very useful when we are away from home but when you do some outdoor activities and don’t want to carry the bulk, you may want to use collapsible bottle such as those from Platypus vs Camelbak. If you are also eyeing these brands, go check our article below to know more.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a Collapsible Bottle
– What are Platypus and Camelbak
– What Platypus and Camelbak Look Like
– What Platypus and Camelbak can offer to you
– Platypus vs Camelbak

Collapsible Bottle
Hydration is undeniably important to our body and to keep it hydrated is our responsible to our self to stay healthy and keep it to functions properly. Our body is made mostly by water and depends on it to survive, the purpose of water in our body is to keep every cell and organ to work as they are supposed to such as maintaining the temperature, lubricating the joints and remove the waste from our body. To put it simply, water is good for our health.

Drinking water is an easy task and we can do it anytime we want or feel thirsty, so make sure to carry a bottled water or water bottle when you are doing some activities outside even when you are just sitting in your table doing your everyday jobs. We office worker tend to forget taking the hydration when dealing with a pile of work which is why it is important to keep bottle, tumbler, cup or any drinkware in our table to reminds us to stay hydrated.

Just like when you are working a desk job, people who spend their day doing house chores, relaxing and doing any other activities will need to drink their water. The problem is when you are outside doing some sports that needs you to carry many gears in your backpack which is can be a huge disadvantage if you want to carry a hard bottle since it will consume much space. If you also experience this problem, then you may want to use soft bottle or collapsible water bottle instead.

Just like the name, soft bottle or collapsible water bottle are those water compartment that instead of made from hard and solid material such as stainless steel, it is made from flexible material, similar to plastic which is of course can be folded when empty and can be put in your backpack without consuming much space or adding too much weight on your shoulder because without the water, they are practically weightless or so light you don’t even know it is there.

About Platypus
Just like with everything else, we need to consider the brand when looking for something because it is important to decide whether they are trusted enough to offer a dependable product you are looking for and for collapsible bottle, the one you may want to check on is Platypus. This brand name is written just like the animal name and the company is very well-known among those who do sports such as hiking or those that required you to carry as compact gear as possible.

Just like you already know, when doing this types of sports, we definitely need to carry a water bottle because you will have a hard access to clean water along your journey and carrying a hard bottle is not only inefficient in term of space but also heavier due to the material and along with other problems such as the drink ability when you need to reach them for hydration. Due to their compact form, may people today are moving to collapsible bottle to carry their hydration during the activities.

Platypus Design
Platypus itself not only offering soft water bottle in their catalogue but also has hard bottle to suit their users need or preference since not all people probably want to use soft bottle to carry their water. Their bottles are mainly having the same design but with different color scheme to match your taste and of course sizes so you can decide how big or much water you want to bring at a time. Some of them are even clear or without any color at all except for the brand’s name printed on the body.

Platypus Features
Depend on the size you pick, a Platypus soft bottle can be slightly heavier due to the bigger form but for example, the 34 oz. or 1 Liter bottle is around 34 grams when empty which is can be very beneficial to keep your backpack as light as possible. Since this is a compartment used to carry the water we are going to drink, checking on their material is one of the most important thing we must do and thankfully, this brand used plastic with food grade liner and rugged exterior.

On the drink ability, Platypus bottle is very good and easy to chug on when you are feeling thirsty even when walking or standing and since the mouth is small, you can minimize spill when accidentally lift the bottle too high. However, being small brings another problem which happen when you want to carry iced water because it is too small to fit any ice cubes inside. As for the cap, they have no secure connection so make sure to always hold them to avoid losing the cap.

Depend on the model you are picking, Platypus have soft bottles that featured with DuoLock as opposed their original line. What makes this bottle special is it has attached carabiner clip that you can used to carry the bottle in your backpack or handle them when carrying them in your hand.

About Camelbak
It is always good to have another option when looking for something and if you love or very interested in Platypus soft bottle, then you may want to check another option available from Camelbak brand. We are sure those who loves to do activities in the wild already familiar with this brand because their high quality backpack for the purpose and just like their pack, the brand hydration bottle is just as good as you can expect. Read also: Contigo vs Camelbak here.

Camelbak Design
The brand actually offer many water bottles and other drinkware or compartments that mainly used when you are not in the wild because they are made with either Copolyester or stainless steel for the insulated bottles when you need to carry hot or cold beverage. For those who loves to explore the wild, their collapsible bottle and reservoir are the best option since they don’t consume much space and very light compared to hard bottles; the reservoir are called Crux and the collapsible flask is called Quick Stow.

Camelbak Features
The Crux reservoir has been long favorite of many people who carry their water bladder in their journey and along with the collapsible bottle, it seems that Camelbak is upgrading their products to offer better convenience for the user. The Crux has different sizes and shapes to match your reservoir compartment and they can carry water from 1.5 Liter up to 3 liters depend on the model. At the other hand, the collapsible Quick stow is suitable for short activities since it can only handle 500 ml of water.

As for the Crux reservoir, Camelbak is upgrading the straw because they committed to make the reservoir even easier access to user. The upgrade is by using a larger hose while the bite-valve is now angled which making the user spent less energy when sucking the water out so we can have a better experience as well. The wider hose will simultaneously prevent the water from heating as fast and the easy to use lock flips will prevent any leaks when you done drinking.

Another major upgrade is on the main lid which is now screwed in a breeze and has a fit more like a mason jar. As for the Quick Stow collapsible bottle, what’s worth mentioning is the wide-mouth cap and bite valve which has a lockout dial, very useful to sealed the cap tightly. For those who are worried about the material, you can rest assure because just like the Crux hydration reservoir, this collapsible bottle is still made from Polyurethane material which is safe to carry water.

If you want to get the best out of the collapsible Crux bottle, there is even an aftermarket straw adapter that you can use to convert the flask to a hosed mini reservoir so you can carry them in your backpacks instead and let you sip the water on the go.

Now, let’s compare Platypus with Camelbak. As you may already know, both of them offer a quality soft or collapsible bottle in their catalogue but since Platypus has been offering the variant longer, their collection is massive compared to Camelbak with only one option. Another difference will be the design and material because Platypus use food grade plastic while Camelbak used the same material like for their reservoir which is Polyurethane.

Platypus vs Camelbak

- Many sizes- Single size
- Many color schemes- One option
- Made from food grade plastic- Made from Polyurethane

All in all, you can pick the one that match your need or preference. We do think they are equally good but if you are looking for a collapsible bottle with a huge options then you may want to choose Platypus instead because they have different sizes or color schemes you may like.

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