Rubber Scraper vs Spatula


There is some confusion with rubber scrapers and spatulas. People often mistake one for the other. While the two items may look similar at times, there are some distinctive features that set them apart. In this article, we will help you understand the differences between a rubber scraper vs spatula.

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What is a Rubber Scraper?

When talking about kitchen tools, a scraper is a kitchen implement that is specifically designed for scraping or collecting the last bits of sauce or batter from a container. Actually, a scraper can be made from various materials, such as metal, plastic, nylon, wood, rubber, or silicone rubber. However, rubber scrapers seem to be the most popular. See also: Turner vs Spatula.

What is a Spatula?

According to Wikipedia,a spatula is a kitchen implement with a broad, flat, and flexible head that is designed for mixing, spreading, and lifting materials. Classic spatulas are typically used for folding and processing dough. However, modern spatulas have evolved with different designs and materials, as they are designed for specific purposes.

For example, there is the frosting spatula, which is usually made of metal or plastic. It is specifically designed for applying icing or frosting on cakes. Another example is the cookie shovel, which is a specialty spatula with a larger blade, designed for scooping cookies from their pans.


Obviously, a rubber scraper is made from rubber. It may be natural rubber or synthetic rubber, but the synthetic ones tend to be more durable. Hence, rubber scrapers are sometimes a bit flexible. The flexibility allows you to collect bits from a container more easily.

On the other hand, spatulas are typically made from metal or plastic. Hence, spatulas are sturdier and more solid. They don’t bend easily. This makes sense, because you need something that is tough and durable in order to fold your dough.


A rubber scraper usually has a handle. Various materials can be used for the handle, such as rubber, silicone, plastic, metal, or wood. Meanwhile, the head or the blade is usually flat. It may have a rectangular shape or a spoon-like shape.

On the other hand, a classic spatula is usually thick and tough. The handle is the same piece as the head. However, special-purpose spatulas do have different designs. A frost spatula usually has a narrow, thin, and flat blade. Meanwhile, a cookie shovel’s blade is very wide and flat so that you can lift up multiple cookies at once.


A rubber scraper is used for collecting sauce or batter from a container, such as a bowl or jar. With a rubber scraper, you can easily collect the last bits from the corners and walls.

Spatulas have wider varieties. Classic spatulas are specifically used for working with dough. Frost spatulas are for applying icing or frosting on cakes. Cookie shovels are for lifting multiple cookies from their pans at once.

Rubber Scraper vs Spatula

Rubber ScraperSpatula
- Made from rubber- Made from metal or plastic
- A little flexible- Solid and sturdy
- Blade is flat with a rectangular or spoon-like shape- Blade is flat, may be narrow or wide depending on the purpose
- Used for scraping or collecting the last bits- Different design for working with dough, applying icing, or collecting cookies


Rubber scrapers and spatulas are different. A rubber scraper is designed for scraping or collecting the last bits of sauce or batter from a container. A rubber scraper is a bit flexible with a rectangular or spoon-like shape. Meanwhile, a spatula is designed for mixing, spreading, or lifting materials. Spatulas are solid and sturdy. Classic spatulas are used for working with dough, but there are now other modern variations such as frost spatulas and cookie shovels.

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