Serrated Knife vs Bread Knife


There are so many type of kitchen knives use by chefs or professional cooker. We might own several types of kitchen knives in our kitchen, but many of us may only have one knife, which we used to cut meat, slicing bread, chopping onion, slicing vegetables, cutting fruits and so on. Actually different knives are made to do different jobs and they have their own unique feature. In this article we are going to explain about two of most interchangeably kitchen knives, which is serrated knife and bread knife. It is correct that both of them are categorized as serrated blade, but eventually they also have some differences. Here is how serrated knife is different from bread knife.

Kitchen Knife

Kitchen knife is any type of knives used in food preparation. Kitchen knives are made from various materials such as carbon steel, this material is an alloy of iron and carbon, it may also contains some other elements such as, vanadium and manganese. Stainless steel, this material is an alloy of iron, the composition is commonly 10-15% chromium, also nickel and molybdenum, with a bit of carbon. High carbon stainless steel, this material is a stainless steel alloy, which contains a relatively higher carbon compare to other type o material. Laminated blades, this material is combining the advantages of hard but brittle steel which had a good hold of shape but chipped and damaged easily with a tougher steel but not capable of taking a good shape. Titanium, this material weight lighter and wear resistant but not as hard as steel. Ceramic knives, this knife is very hard and can keep its shape and edge for a long period of time. Has a lightweight, do not impart any taste in food and do not corrode. The last is plastic; this material is not very sharp and commonly used to cut vegetables without causing discoloration.

Serrated Knife

Serrated knife is a type of kitchen knife or chef’s knife, which have serrated edge, and the blade has length between 4 and 7 inches. This knife is often mistakes for bread knife but the size is actually shorter and sharper compare to bread knife. Serrated knife also often referred as “tomato knife” and “sandwich knife”. Serrated knife is very good to slice through fruits and vegetables, it can cleanly cut them without tearing them and can also do a good job when slicing bagels and cutting sandwich fixings. Serrated knife is ideal to cut things, which have a crusty and hard exterior but have softer interior such as bread. Serrated knife works by its serrated similar to saw edge, the teeth on the knife catch and rip the goods while the knife is smoothly slides through the goods. It can smoothly cut a slice of tomato without crushing it. Serrated knife is also ideal to cut bread because it will minimize the crust to splinter.

Bread Knife

Bread knife is one of many kitchen knife used by chefs, its main purpose is to cut bread, and have a serrated edge to ease when cutting through bread without crushing it. The bread knife usually comes in between 6 and 10 inches and have an offset handle to make sure the cooks knuckles won’t touch the cutting surface while the knife is making it way pass through the food. Just as the same as serrated knife mentioned above, the serrated edge of bread knife is useful to cut food which have a hard texture on the outside and softer on the inside. It is not clear when exactly bread knife was first invented, the earliest history might be back in the 1893 when Friedrich Dick Company exhibited a similar knife in World’s Columbian Exposition. After that Joseph E. Burns patented one bread knife design in the United States. Burns knife had section of serration inclined with respect to the axis of the blade, that form an individual small cutting edges which were perpendicular to the blade thus cut without the excessive normal pressure required of a scalloped blade and without the horizontal force required by positive-raked teeth that would dig into the bread similar to wood saw.

Here are some tips on choosing good serrated knife:
1. Choose the knife, which have fewer, broader, deeper and pointed serrations.
2. Choose the one with a thinner blade angle.
3. Choose the one with a comfortable and easy to grip handle.
4. Choose the medium weight.
5. And have a measurement about 10 inches long.

Serrated KnifeBread Knife
- Serrated knife is shorter with measurement between 4 and 7 inches- Bread knife is longer with measurement between 6 and 7 inches
- Serrated knife has a normal handle- Bread knife has an offset handle
- More need material and more expensive price- The size is shorter and the price is cheaper


The usage of these two serrated knife is practically interchangeable. You can use one of them to do the same job as the other. If you are not into collecting kitchen knives, you can get only one of them. As long as you pick the right material and the serrated type, the knife will do wonderful in your kitchen.

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