Stand Mixer vs Bread Maker


Having cooking as a hobby is probably one of the best and most productive activities we can spend our free time with when not working. Baking is also an amazing hobby for then we don’t have to buy store products that we are not sure about the quality. To make bread at home, however, Stand Mixer Vs Bread Maker are needed if you are looking to be more convenient. You may want to have either or both at once but first, go check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

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  • Stand Mixer Vs Bread Maker

Stand Mixer for Bread Baking

Bread is a staple food in many countries and this delicious baked goods is one of the most consumed foods in the world with tons of recipes to use as well as variants that can be modified as needed. They can be crunchy, flexible, or soft depending on what you prefer better or the recipe but to make one, the tools needed will mostly be the same including the technique. Among other types of cooking, bread baking is probably among the most effort consuming cooking to do.

This is because bread dough require kneading to produce those bouncy texture which is preferred by most people but unfortunately not all of us are willing to pay the effort when making at home. For those who are not going to spend the energy just to bake bread, there are so many no-knead bread recipes on the internet that we can try, but the texture will not be the same as those we have spent the energy with.

If you love soft bread but just don’t want to knead them, the solution will be stand mixer because they will cut the preparation process and let you be as convenient as possible by leaving the appliance to do all the energy consuming process which is mixing and kneading. They impressively mix all of the ingredients we prepared and we don’t even need to remove the dough from the bowl for they will do the next kneading process without covering your countertop with flour and sticky dough anymore.

As useful as a stand mixer can be in your kitchen, they are not a must-have to make bread because we can make them with hand only and necessary when you are looking to be more convenient. It is also heavy and expensive so not all those who want one can purchase them. Compared to a regular mixer, they are much more expensive depending on the features and overall power of the motor, especially those made to be a work horse in your kitchen.

Comparably, a regular mixer is actually more useful because they can cover many types of recipes; not just for baking. In case you wonder which will suit your application the most, check our Hand Mixer Vs Stand Mixer. Another appliance you may want to have if bread baking is your hobby is a bread maker itself and as the name suggests, this interesting appliance is here to let you make bread automatically with as little hassle as possible.

About Stand Mixer and Bread Maker

Both of Stand Mixer and Bread Maker are the friend of any bread enthusiast who are also baking at home for they will cut the preparation process and overall will lessen the burden or mess in your countertop. Stand Mixer is like the heavy duty version of regular hand mixer and their main function is the same which is mixing but instead of whisking some egg whites, it is very powerful with strong motor to handle dough and special bowl which is locked into a place.

This will prevent the bowl from moving around when the mixing hand is doing its task but depending on the unit, this bowl can be adjusted to move as well or also called as spiral mixer. It tends to be used for mass baking because it works much quicker and with less under-mixed dough than a simple planetary mixer. They are easy to distinguish because stand mixer will be made from heavy-duty steel construction and not portable or convenient to move around.

Next is Bread Maker and we are sure many people are not aware of the availability of this appliance yet because it is not very common yet outside the country where the unit was first invented, Japan. However, it seems more and more people are getting interested in this useful appliance today and as the name suggests, a bread maker is essentially a kitchen appliance in which function is making bread; not only baking it but it is creating the dough from scratch.

This is why many people are interested to have one and our favorite parts is actually they can make a pretty amazing bread without less assistance because what you need to do is put the ingredients in and choose the menu in which you want to make. Some amazing and expensive bread maker like Bakery Virtuoso from Zojirushi can offer custom settings and tons of personalization but in general most models will have several bread settings including crust options to let you create a perfect bread.

Stand Mixer and Bread Maker Design

You can easily tell a Stand Mixer because they are huge and significantly different from a hand mixer but there are also those convertible models which combine the convenience of both types yet they are not as powerful and not designed for kneading dough. They will come with a big bowl and a fixed motor in which you can tilt upward to clean and remove the mixing hand. The bowl installed is moving on spiral mixer or fixed in planetary mixer.

A bread maker is looking almost like a rice cooker or multi cooker with the same round, oval, or rectangular shape. They will have a base and a removable tray or cooking bowl inside while some of the lid are made to be transparent to allow user take a peek on the process. The control panel are mostly placed at the top with a small display. Depending on the model’s capacity, most of them are capable of handling up to 2 pound dough.

Stand Mixer and Bread Maker Mechanism 

A Stand Mixer is very useful when you are bread maker because it will help you mix and knead the dough but the rest of the process are done manually since it is a tool to create the dough but not to finish the job. Standard beater is attached to the motor which is rotating it in certain speed we can choose from the control panel and depending on your application, the attachment types may vary as well such as the standard beater to do most tasks from mixing batter to shredding cooked meats. 

As for Bread Maker, the process is a little bit more complicated because, in general, this is actually a small oven rather than a mixing tool. What makes it more than just a simple mixing tool or oven is the large bread tin inside and this is because it has an axle at the bottom that is connected to an electric motor underneath. A small metal paddle is attached to the axle of the tin and this is the one responsible for kneading the dough.

Using Stand Mixer and Bread Maker 

We are sure most people are already familiar with how a mixer work and it is very similar to how we are going to use Stand Mixer. Starting by putting ingredients little by little in the bowl and whisk them together depending on the recipe including how long each process need to be and how long we need to rest the dough before kneading then finally taking the dough to a tray and put it in the oven. With Bread Maker, everything is simpler and can be done in one appliance.

First is putting the kneading paddle inside the tin and measure every ingredient needed before putting them inside the tin. The next process is placing the pan inside the oven or machine and choose the program we want through the control panel such as white, white rapid, whole wheat or quick bread and let the machine do its work. Now the machine will knead the dough and here we will hear sound or if it has transparent window, we can even peek what’s happening inside.

Stand Mixer and Bread Maker Convenience

At this point we are sure most people already able to pick which appliance to buy because both of these useful bread baking helpers are very much different from each other. From the convenient point of view Bread Maker will wins hands down because it will do the job from mixing, kneading, resting, and even baking the dough while Stand Mixer can only do the process up to kneading or resting. But, it is also more versatile for we can use it for many recipes as well, not only for bread.

Stand Mixer vs Bread Maker

Stand Mixer Bread Maker
- Mix and knead dough - Mix, knead, rest, and bake
- Heavy duty- Typical home use
- Can handle heavier dough - Mostly work up to 2 pounds dough
- As versatile as hand mixer - Can be useful as multicooker

Both of Stand Mixer and Bread Maker are a useful appliance and we can have both as well if needed but the prominent difference here is that the latter is more like and all-in-one solution to make bread while the former is a helper to let you save energy from mixing and kneading manually. Depending on the size, we can make a huge dough with a Stand Mixer while Bread Maker mostly have lighter capacity to work with.


All in all there is no bad option between the two for we may have different preferences and it is better to have both in case you bake often or working with much load. Bread Maker is great for regular home use thanks to its convenience while Stand Mixer on the other hand is versatile for mixing, kneading and shredding various ingredients. 


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