Stock Pot vs Dutch Oven


There are many type of cooking pot available these days. Some of them are designed to use in cooking several different type of food, and some can be used interchangeably. A lot of us usually own more than one type of cooking pot. We may own several same type or several different type of them. Some of these pots are Stock pot and Dutch oven, there are many other cooking pot out there, but in this article we will try to explain some of stock pot and dutch oven main usage and how are they different.

Stock Pot

Stock pot is a pot usually used to make broth. This type of cooking pot is one of the most common types of cooking pot used by people from around the world. It had a wide and flat bottom, straight sides and a wide opening as wide as the diameter of the pot itself, it also have two handles in each side and one at the lid. It was said by Chef Auguste Escoffier in his “A guide to modern cookery” released in 1907, that “stock or broths is the keynote of culinary structure” in French cuisine. Stock is commonly made by simmering water with a piece of meat, meat bones, fish or vegetables. This slow simmering process will transfer the flavors, colors, and nutrients into the water, creating a broth or stock.

Stock pot are usually used to make stews, boiled foods, porridge, steamed shellfish, and many other variety of foods. The most common material used in making stock pots are stainless steel, aluminum, copper and enamel on metal. Expensive types of stock pots are commonly made from layers of different metals, to enhance its conductivity. When choosing stock pots, consider its size, stock pots are typically larger than average than soup pots. Because we will make a large batch of stock compare to when cooking soup. Also consider the structure, buy the one which have a thick, heavy bottom to prevent the stock from burning. Stock pots size comes in a wide variety starting from 8 to 22 quarts. For industrial use there is even a size as large as 200 quarts. It is wise to pick one which will be the most suitable for your home cooking.

Dutch Oven

Dutch oven is similar to stock pot, it is also a type of cookware. Usually made from seasoned cast iron. The modern dutch oven is sprayed with at least two layer of enamel. Preventing the cooking pot to rust and ease the cleaning process. Dutch oven has a long history, in 1702 Abraham Darby visited Netherlands and studied the Dutch method of working brass, including casting a brass pots. He then learned the method and when he came back to his homeland he started a new brass mill in the Baptist Mills. Because the price of brass is expensive he began to substitute it with iron, then he began to sell more cookware made from cast-iron. When deciding between cast iron and enameled cast iron dutch oven, you have to consider the reaction between cast irons with acidic reaction. This should not be a problem once the iron is well seasoned. In Netherlands dutch oven is called braadpan or roasting pan. It’s another name is sudderpan which means “simmering pot”. The dutch oven in Netherlands have a black color with a blue enamel on the inside, it can be used in a stove top or in the oven. Since it was made of steel, this dutch oven is less pricier than the one made from cast iron. (Read also : Dutch Oven vs Bean Pot)

Here is the anatomy of modern dutch oven:
1. It is made from a heavy cast iron, enameled cast iron, and stainless steel or aluminum.
2. Have a knob or handle on the lid.
3. Have the ear type handle on the dutch pot.
4. Have a wide flat bottom.
5. Have diameter wider than it height.
6. Have a tight fitting domed or rounded lid.
7. It can be used bot in stovetop and in a modern oven.

Stock PotDutch Oven
- The height is more than its diameter- It has a thick wall
- Commonly made from stainless steel- Commonly made from cast iron
- Not as thick as dutch oven- It is pretty heavy
- Since the material is not thick, it also lighter- Unlike stock pot, it can be used both in the cooktop and in the oven
- The size may vary from medium to very large- Most of dutch oven is enameled, unlike stock pot


It is easy to distinguish stock pot from dutch oven or vice versa, you can differentiate them by looking directly at them. Stock pot is commonly made from stainless steel while dutch oven are usually made from cast iron. Dutch oven have a diameter bigger than its height, while stock pot may have the same height or taller than its diameter. The main purpose of these two cooking pot is different, stock pot have a main purpose to make broth while dutch oven main purpose is for cooking food. dutch oven has a thick wall, and if you try to make a lot of stock using one of them, you will need a bigger size than the 5.5 quarts, a dutch oven that size will cost more and also too heavy. These two cooking pot is not interchangeable, it is wise to get each one of them if you are able to.

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