Stovetop vs Range Top


Cooking is and important practice to produce food. We cannot live without food, and food does not only act as a primary need but also consumed for entertainment. The process to make food have not changed since ancient times, we used to and still cooking food by heating them up. There are many kitchen appliance to cook and heat up food such as stove, oven, and microwave. All those inventions are made to ease human work. When it comes to kitchen stove some people may still confuse how differentiate stovetop and rangetop. Both of them have the same purpose which is to cook food but also a little different. In this article we will provide some information regarding stovetop and rangetop.


Stovetop or kitchen stove is one of kitchen appliance which is used to cook food. Stovetop use a direct heat to heat up food and cooking it. The first stove known to human today roots from Chinese Qin Dynasty around 221 BC-206/2017 BC. It has similar design with stove found in kamado which appeared in the Kofun period around 3rd to 6th century. These stove got their heat directly from fired wood or charcoal through a hole in the front. In both of these stove the cooking pots were placed into a hole at the top of the construction or hung above the hole. In the 18th century, people in Europe are cooking using open fired which is fueled by woods. People from middle ages used a hearths made from mortar and brick, the cooking is usually done in the cauldrons hung above the fire or placed in a trivets. Open fire at that time have three major disadvantages, such as it was too dangerous, can produce too much smoke and the heat is hard to regulate which result in heat inefficiency.

An attempt was made to overcome these disadvantages by making a fire chamber, the idea is to enclosed fire on the three sides using a wall made from brick and mortar. This changing also required cooking pots to have a flat bottom instead of cauldrons. The first completed attempt using this method was the 1735 castrol stove, it was built by a French architect named Francois de Cuvillies. The stove was built with many fireholes covered by perforated iron plates. In the end of 18th century, the design was then refined by hanging the pots above the fire hole through the top iron plate, which will improve the heat efficiency. In modern day stovetop are placed in the cutout at the countertops, with all sides are surrounded by countertops. It also have the knobs placed on top of the counter.

Range Top

Kitchen range was first invented in 1790s by Count Rumford named Sir Benjamin Thompson. He was an active scientist and prolific inventor, he is the one who put the study of heat into scientific basis and then developed improvements of chimneys, fireplace and industrial furnace which then lead into the invention of kitchen range. Sir Thompson created a fireplace called Rumford fireplace, and created a sensation in London when he introduce the idea of restricting the chimney opening to increase the updraught. Following the success of his fireplace, Sir Thompson then designed a kitchen range made from brick, it has a cylindrical oven and holes in the top to place the cooking pots. (See also : Cooktop vs Rangetop)

The first kitchen range is too big and so it does not give much impact on domestic cooking. In the near future there is a steady improvement in the stove design, the stove size is decreased significantly. Mary Edvard invented the Reliance Cook stove in 1850, it has two baking room, one for dry baking and the other is for moist baking. When improvement comes in fuel technology, it also been applied in cooking stove. Start from gas fuel to electricity. Modern day rangetop is built into the countertop and the cabinet. This rangetop is placed deeper and took more space in the cabinet.

StovetopRange Top
- Is thinner than range top- Have thicker form compare to cooktop
- Place at the surface of the kitchen counter- Is built to the kitchen counter
- The controller is commonly placed at the top- Commonly have controller placed in the front of the range top


The most noticeable difference between stovetop and rangetop is the size. Rangetop is noticeably larger than stove top, since it will be place deeper in the kitchen countertop. While stovetop have a slimmer design and only consume the surface of the countertop. The other differences may be stovetop are available in electric, gas, or induction. While stovetop are usually available in gas fueled. A benefit available when using rangetop is it has more power, which can provides flexibility to set each burner as low as simmer to high heat. When using rangetop we also can add grill or griddle unlike stovetop. When choosing which one is better for you, it is recommended to also pay attention on the kitchen space. A tight kitchen space is not suitable to be placed with rangetop, it is wise to choose stovetop when you have smaller place since it won’t consume much space.

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