Thermos Flask vs Hydro Flask


You are going to a road trip, and you want to bring your favorite drink along. However, can you keep the drink hot/cold throughout the day? Yes, you can! With an insulated bottle, you can keep your favorite drink in the desired temperature range. Below, we will see the comparisons of two popular insulated bottles, Thermos Flask vs Hydro Flask.

In this article, you can learn more about
– The designs and features of Thermos Flask and Hydro Flask
– The pros and cons of Thermos Flask vs Hydro Flask
– Which insulated water bottle that has the best value for the money

About Thermos Flask

The Thermos 16-oz Commuter Bottle is a sturdy and well-made insulated water bottle that can keep your tea, coffee, or even tasty soup warm for 8 hours, and your iced water or lemonade pleasantly cool for 12 hours. This is a nice choice if you just need something simple to go on your daily commuter trips or short travels.

Unlike some other thermoses, this one does not leak. It locks shut firmly, and you can open it simply by pushing a button. Both the interior walls and the outer surface are made of stainless steel, so it is very durable. The vacuum technology is effective for keeping the temperatures in their suitable ranges. It looks good and stylish, despite having some occasional dingsduring everyday use.

Another nice thing is that the outside remains cool regardless of the content, so hot coffee won’t make the bottle unbearable to grip. The outside usually does not condensate. The size can easily fit in car’s cupholders. However, Thermos Flask does not have many accessories available. It does not have a cup. The design is very simple and streamlined; it doesn’t have any handle.

About Hydro Flask

At first, Hydro Flask may seem a little intimidating because it is heavier than most other brands with comparable sizes. However, it actually offers various advantages. Even the look alone can already attract you. It is available in many designs and colors. It looks very stylish.

Hydro Flask is also known for the superior versatility and customizability. There are various accessories available. For example,there are several choices for the lid and straw. You can customize your bottle on Hydro Flask here. The lid has a handle, so it is easier to carry around.

Hydro Flask has an excellent design and build quality; the interior does not retain flavors, so you can put any flavored liquid inside without worrying that the flavor may get altered. It is easy to clean. How about the performance? Hydro Flask is impressive. It can keep hot water for about 8 hours, although it is only lukewarm after 12 hours. It can easily keep cold water for more than 24 hours, so it is ideal for long trips.

Thermos Flask vs Hydro Flask

Thermos FlaskHydro Flask
- Keeps hot water for 8 hours, cold water for 12 hours- Keeps hot water for 8 – 12 hours, cold water for 24 hours
- Doesn’t have a handle- The lid has an integrated handle
- No accessories- Many accessories options
- Suitable for commuter trips and short trips- Good for longer trips


In general, Hydro Flask is more recommended. It is more customizable with many options for the accessories. In addition, the performance in keeping the temperatures is better. It can easily keep cold water for more than twenty four hours.

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