Thermos vs Yeti


Keeping your favorite beverage cold on a very hot summer day is highly important. Vice versa, you also want to keep your coffee or tea hot on a cold winter day. You can do these things easily with an insulated water bottle. Two of the most popular brands in the market are Thermos vs Yeti. Which one is better?

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– The look and appearance of Thermos and Yeti
– The construction and build quality of Thermos and Yeti
– The ease of use and features of Thermos and Yeti
– The performance comparison of Thermos vs Yeti
– Which insulated water bottle that is generally more recommended


Thermos usually comes with a slim and sleek appearance. The slim bottle looks classy and stylish. It is available in several color choices. You can easily find your favorite color choices. The slender design gives a pleasing look to the eyes. See also: Thermos Flask vs Hydro Flask.

Yeti also looks very stylish and elegant. It has a beautiful polished container. The stainless steel construction glistens under sunlight, and it is resistant to fingerprint. So, the polished surface does not get dirty easily. However, the stainless steel is rather prone to scratches and smudges, so make sure that you don’t expose the bottle to heavy abuse.

Build Quality

Both of these two insulated water bottles are built to last. Thermos is a little bit slimmer than Yeti, but it is also taller. However, the slim base also means that this bottle has a smaller footing area. It is easier to get knocked down.

Yeti, on the other hand, has a wider base. The wise base makes it almost impossible to knock down accidentally. The stainless steel construction feels really sturdy and durable. But, as mentioned above, the polished surface tends to be easier to scratch or smudge, so you still need to be careful if you want the beautiful look to last. See the available Yeti models here!

Ease of Use

Both insulated water bottles here are generally easy to use. However, Thermos scores a little better here. The slim design makes it easy to hold. You can grip the bottle tightly in your fingers. In addition, the opening on the lid is not too large. The size is just right for convenient drinking.

Yeti has a wider diameter, so it is a little more difficult to grip. The opening on the lid is much wider. This is convenient for some people, but not for the others. The opening may be too wide and make drinking without spilling difficult.


Now, we will see the most important consideration. An insulated water bottle is supposed to keep its temperatures for several hours. In this department, Thermos is at a slight disadvantage compared to Yeti.

Thermos can keep a hot drink for about 5 hours before it stars to significantly cool down. Meanwhile, Yeti can keep a hot drink for about 5 – 6 hours. Both bottles are said to be able to keep ice for about 24 hours, but once again Yeti is able to keep cold drinks slightly longer.

Thermos vs Yeti

- Slim and sleek design- Wide design with a polished surface
- Easy to knock off- More difficult to knock off
- Easier to hold and to drink from- More difficult to grip, the opening is a little too wide
- Slightly lower temperature retention- Better temperature retention


In general, we recommend you to choose Yeti. This insulated water bottle has a better appearance, build quality, and performance. It can keep hot drinks and cold drinks for slightly longer.

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