Toaster Oven vs Electric Oven


It is difficult to live without a kitchen appliance because we have been used to their convenience. There are so many electric appliances we have to ease everyday cooking such as Toaster Oven Vs Electric Oven. These units are a must for many of us because they are versatile and can be used to cook or finish cooking of various dishes. If you are confused about which to bring to your kitchen, see below about their difference so then we can shop better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Kitchen Appliance to Buy
  • What are Toaster Oven and Electric Oven
  • What Toaster Oven and Electric Oven Look Like
  • How Toaster Oven and Electric Oven Work
  • How are the Heating Element of Toaster Oven and Electric Oven
  • How are the Power Consumption of Toaster Oven and Electric Oven
  • Toaster Oven Vs Electric Oven

Kitchen Appliance 

We are often told that the kitchen is the heart of the house and we have been spending our time in the kitchen from a very young age while helping our parents to prepare the meals. It was a very interesting and fun moment we spent together but as we grow up, the frequency of time we can spend in the house may also decrease as we are busier with school and college. Now when we become full-grown adults, dealing with house chores and cooking are a common task we have done almost everyday.

If this is our first time living alone, there are tons to prepare before we can live comfortably. Shopping for a new kitchen is always a task we look forward to because it is the time we can invest in things that we will be using for years and to cook meals. The options will be abundantly available at stores and the freedom to choose what we want is kind of fun and thrilling too. We can’t wait to try those new utensils, cookware, or appliances and see how they can improve our skills.

However, we have to shop reasonably to not end up with items that we will only use for a week and then keep it in the cabinet for years later such as a waffle maker or a Panini press. These appliances are amazing and indeed useful but, we have seen so many people abandoning their tool just because they get bored of it or lose interest in the type of dish they can make. This is also our reason to buy multi-purpose appliances.

Multi-purpose appliances are often becoming our first choice whenever looking for a new unit for our kitchen because chances are if you won’t use one of their functions then the rest will still make them useful for daily or at least weekly use. While it is your money and your freedom, spending on items that are actually useful and important is still a wise decision to make, including when shopping for kitchen appliances. Overall, the rule is to buy those that we will be using, and using them often.

The choice will be different actually depending on the lifestyle and preference of the kitchen owner themselves. But, usually we recommend owners to have the basic ready for first time user such as microwave, toaster, toaster oven, blender, food processor, slow cooker or Dutch oven, as well as a handheld or countertop mixer if you love baking and making desserts at home which we are sure will be great for the family to bond and spend time together, especially nearing Christmas and other events or holidays.

About Toaster Oven and Electric Oven

There are so many appliances we can choose and match with what we will be cooking or doing in the kitchen but, some of them are also quite similar to each other too which sometimes can get quite confusing if you are deciding between two identical options with seemingly identical functions. There are actually quite a lot of these appliances out there such as multi-cooker and rice cooker which actually can cook in similar methods but differs in the menu they can handle and features.

Other similar multi-purpose appliances are Toaster Oven and Electric Oven that not only function in the same manner but also do the same task which is why it is not surprising to see some buyers are getting confused about which appliance they should go with. In general both of them will do the same job just fine like any type of oven which means we can grill ingredients inside from main course to deserts and even breakfast menus but, they seem to also have a very crucial difference. 

Toaster Oven and Electric Oven are both necessary in almost every kitchen or at least you may want to have one of them but depending on your space and cooking habit, some people may want to have both as well. In comparison, Toaster Oven is more similar to a Microwave because of what it can do or what we usually cook in them but, they have different cooking methods as one is using direct heat and the other is using a microwave to heat items.

Side by side both Toaster Oven and Electric Oven are more of a sibling of several years apart because of the much similarities yet, if you don’t have time to consider the two, the first appliance is great for those who cook only in a little amount at a time or single and small families at best while those who love baking, often have parties and cook in a larger amount, an electric oven will be the most ideal option.

Toaster Oven and Electric Oven Design

The first thing that sets these appliances apart the most is their size itself because to say it simply a Toaster Oven is the petite version of an Electric Oven or full-size oven such as those we can find in a stove or range that you can find in our Cooktop Vs Stove. A full-size oven can be a separate item or installed in your stove to make a range while the type of fuel itself decides the name so Electric Oven can come individually or together with your electric stove.

Another common difference is their door because usually, an Electric Oven which is the full-size version is opened from the top so the door will lay down when you open it while on the other hand a Toaster Oven has a similar door to a microwave. For the capacity of Toaster Oven, they can range widely from those that can only take several slices of bread to those that can fit a whole cake tray inside yet in comparison, Electric Oven will still handle lots of more meals at once.

Toaster Oven and Electric Oven Mechanism

Moving further, let’s see how Toaster Oven and Electric Oven work and in this side, both of them are equally powered by electricity but a full-size oven can be fueled with gas as well and in addition, there is another type called convection oven which utilize fan to circulate hot air over the foods. The electricity will increase the temperature of the heating element inside the oven which usually can be placed either at the top or bottom and can be both at the same time as well. 

When the selector switch is set on baking, the heating element controlled by the thermostat will come on to warm up the oven until the desired temperature. After the temperature is reached, the heating element will maintain the constant heat as stable as possible with the help of its thermostat until the cooking time ends. What’s confusing is that both Toaster Oven and Electric Oven can have fans inside which makes them convection ovens in terms of type so make sure to check the product thoroughly first just to make sure.

Toaster Oven and Electric Oven Heating Element

Besides the size itself, what sets these appliances the most is their placement of heating elements due to the lack of space in Toaster Oven. This makes the heating coil become too close to the bread or cake that you are trying to heat up or toast and it can create some limitations as well to what we can fit and cook inside. If your Oven has fans, it can cook batter and other ingredients like whole chicken faster and better.

Toaster Oven and Electric Oven Power Consumption

Since a Toaster Oven will be smaller in form factor, it will also require less power consumption per usage compared to the whole oven in general or the one in your range. It can be a great choice for single users or small families as we don’t have to use lots just to brown chicken or bake some goods and make toast in the morning. In comparison, most Electric Ovens will draw between 2000 and 5000 watts while Toaster Oven usually will only draw 1200 to 1400 watts.

Toaster Oven vs Electric Oven

Between Toaster Oven and Electric Oven, the sole difference is in their size by assuming that none of them are using fans because if they have one then we should call them by convection oven. The size matters in buying a kitchen appliance as it decides capacity, power usage, and the type of ingredients we can put inside. For those who only cook at a little amount or single users, Toaster Oven is convenient and faster to warm but a family who often dine together may want the full-size electric or gas oven.

Toaster OvenElectric Oven
- Small

- Larger

- Less power consumption

- Higher power consumption
- Less capacity
- Higher capacity
- Slower to heat/cook- Faster to cook
- Cheaper- Expensive


You can pick any type based on which fits in your house the most. If you already have a range with a full-size oven, adding a small Toaster Oven will be great so we don’t have to use that much of a power every time making small meals or toasting breads. 

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