Top Freezer vs Bottom Freezer


If you are now looking for a new refrigerator, you are probably wondering whether you should buy a model with a top freezer or bottom freezer. At first, they may seem to be similar, with just the placement of the freezer compartment being the difference. However, there are other important differences between a top freezer vs bottom freezer.

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– The pros and cons of each model, and
– Which refrigerator style that is more recommended.

About Top Freezer Refrigerator

Top freezer refrigerators are the most traditional models in the market. This is the most familiar style to many people around the world. If you ask someone to describe the look of a refrigerator, there is a big chance that they will use a top freezer refrigerator as a reference. See also: French Door Refrigerator vs Side By Side.

Pros of a Top Freezer

The very first advantage of a top freezer refrigerator is that it is more efficient in terms of energy consumption. According to the US Department of Energy, top freezer refrigerators are about 10 percent – 25 percent more efficient than their bottom freezer siblings. This is apparently caused by the different electrical scheme. Nevertheless, if saving as much money as possible from your electricity bill is a top priority, you should consider getting a top freezer.

Still, don’t forget to look for the Energy Star rating. Most electrical appliances nowadays need to come with Energy Star ratings to show that they have been optimized for low electricity consumption and good efficiency.

The second advantage of a top freezer vs bottom freezer is still related to money; top freezer refrigerators are typically cheaper than bottom freezer models. Depending on your budget, the difference may go for several hundred dollars or even almost a thousand dollars. If you are happy with a fully functional device that has an affordable price, a top freezer refrigerator makes a good choice.

Third, a top freezer often has more usable storage space than a bottom freezer. This is apparently because a top freezer does not need too much insulation to protect itself against vents that blow hot air. A top freezer usually has more storage space than a bottom freezer of the same size, so you can store more items there.

Fourth, by having the freezer placed on the top, you can easily see the content of the compartment at eye level. You don’t need to bend down to see and access the freezer, so it is more comfortable. However, this argument is only valid for adults and tall people with relatively similar heights to the freezers.

Cons of a Top Freezer

The first disadvantage of a top freezer is that it won’t win you any design award. It looks very conventional. This may be a problem if you want to décor your home with the most stylish appliances available, or if you want to impress the guests that will come to your home.

The second disadvantage of a top freezer is that it may be unsuitable for people with short heights. If you are not as tall as the top freezer, you will find difficulties accessing the compartment. Children are unable to reach the content inside – which may be either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the case.

About a Bottom Freezer

On the other hand, bottom freezer refrigerators are relatively new. They are not as old as the top freezer style. This may be the reason why they often look a little better. They are also available in a variety of designs; there are regular models with one refrigerator door and one freezer door, but there are also French door refrigerators with two refrigerator doors and one or even two freezer doors.

Pros of a Bottom Freezer

The first advantage of a bottom freezer is that it has the refrigerator compartment placed more comfortably at eye level. Since the refrigerator is probably the part that you will access more frequently, this is a good benefit. You won’t need to hunch or bend down to reach for the items that you use regularly.

The second advantage of a bottom freezer is that it always comes with built-in organizers. Whether you are using a swing-door style or a pull-drawer style, it always has shelves or organizing baskets that can keep your items in order.

Some people also like the fact that a bottom freezer can keep most of the cold air inside when it is opened. Note that cold air is heavier than hot air, so cold air tends to remain at the bottom whereas hot air tends to move up. On the other hand, when opening a top freezer, more cold air usually goes out.

Cons of a Bottom Freezer

The first disadvantage of a bottom freezer is that it is often more expensive. This may be due to the design, which is considered to be more stylish. Another reason behind the higher price is the thicker insulation. Nevertheless, bottom freezer refrigerators generally consume more power than top freezer models, so they are not as good as top freezer models in terms of cost efficiency.

Next, a bottom freezer usually has less storage space than a top freezer of the same size. This is because the walls have thicker insulation. As the effect, you won’t be able to store as many items inside.

Note that you may also find it difficult to reach for the items placed at the back of the freezer compartment. With a swing-door style, you’ll have to crouch down, whereas with a pull-drawer style you’ll have to bring out the whole compartment out.

Top Freezer vs Bottom Freezer

Top FreezerBottom Freezer
- More affordable- More expensive
- Relatively lower energy consumption- Relatively higher energy consumption
- Has more storage space- Has less storage space
- Easy to access the freezer compartment- Easy to access the refrigerator compartment
- Looks very plain and conventional- More stylish look


Between top freezer vs bottom freezer models, the top freezer model is more recommended if you want to get the most value from your money. It is cheaper, and it can save some money from your electricity bill in the long run. However, if you prefer a more stylish design with easier access to the refrigerator, a bottom freezer model can be your choice.

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