Vitamix 6300 vs 5200


Vitamix 6300 vs 5200 are two blenders that look similar to each other. However, why is Vitamix 6300 priced quite more expensively than Vitamix 5200? Both blenders can help you make smoothies, hot soups, and desserts, but note that there are some distinctive features that set the two apart.

Below, you can learn more about:
– The similarities of Vitamix 6300 and Vitamix 5200
– The distinctive features and capabilities of Vitamix 6300 vs 5200
– The power of Vitamix 6300 and Vitamix 5200
– Which model that is generally more recommended


If you put the containers of Vitamix 6300 and Vitamix 5200, you may notice that they are very identical to each other. They use the same 64-oz containers. So, it is possible for you to use the container of Vitamix 5200 on Vitamix 6300, and vice versa.

The container has a very good design which does a great job in creating a vortex to send the ingredients downwards to the blades. A tamper is included, and it is useful for pushing stubborn mixtures down when blending thick ingredients. The container’s lid has a hole, so you can add more ingredients while the blending process is still ongoing.

These containers can hold a lot of ingredients at once, but they are also quite tall. Both Vitamix 6300 and Vitamix 5200 measure 20.5 inches tall from top to bottom. So, these blenders will need some space in your kitchen for storage.

Power and Clean Up

Vitamix 6300 and Vitamix 5200 actually have the same power. They each are powered by a 2 HP motor with metal-to-metal assembly connections and a variable speed control. These blenders are powerful enough to cut down various fruits and vegetables into fine smoothies. They can also turn ice blocks into snow. The blades are tough and durable, as the blades are designed to deliver consistent results for years.

Both models are also able to clean themselves. Simply put some warm water and a small amount of soap into the container. Then, turn on the machine on the low speed. You can increase the speed gradually until the container is clean. Although the self-cleaning feature is very convenient, you still need to give it a quick scrub to prevent the container from becoming cloudy due to mineral buildup.

Presets and Master Power

The biggest difference between Vitamix 6300 and Vitamix 5200 is the preset functions. Vitamix 5200 does not have these presets. Although it is perfectly capable of blending the same ingredients, it needs manual control. Vitamix 6300 has 3 preset functions for smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soups. By selecting a suitable preset, the blender can work automatically without requiring manual control.

Vitamix 6300 also has a master on/off switch on the front side. This switch will kill the electricity in the entire machine when turned off. This is useful if you don’t want to plug and unplug the power cable whenever you want to use the blender.

Vitamix 6300 vs 5200

Vitamix 6300Vitamix 5200
- Three preset functions for smoothies, desserts, and hot soups- Manual control
- Master on/off switch- Manual plugging and unplugging
- More expensive- More affordable


Vitamix 6300 is a good choice if you can benefit from the preset functions. However, if you don’t mind about doing some manual control, Vitamix 5200 makes a better value for the money. Vitamix 5200 has the same power, while being quite more affordable.

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