YETI Hopper Flip vs Roadie


Living in a big city can be boring and dull after a long continuous days dealing with the busy schedule, lifestyle, and noisy environments so sometimes we need to free ourselves and try to seek a different adventure. For those who often play in the wild, ice box like YETI Hopper Flip vs Roadie are one of the crucial items to have out there. If you are also eyeing these boxes, see what they can offer so we can get the most suitable option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for an Ice Box
– What are YETI Hopper Flip and Roadie
– What Size Available for YETI Hopper Flip and Roadie
– What YETI Hopper Flip and Roadie can offer to you
– YETI Hopper Flip vs Roadie

Ice Box
When going for an adventure in the wild, we need to prepare so many things depend on what activities we plan to do there. The general rule is to keep things simple but still enough to accommodate our journey while being far from our comfortable bed and air conditioned room. Some people only need a bag of equipment and food with some clothes but some many need a few more especially when we decide to spend days doing certain activities.

When outside for long such as when fishing on your kayak or going for a hike, one of our biggest challenges is to keep things cool most often beverages. Everybody love refreshing soda or beer in the middle of the day, but the can once cold from our refrigerator will turn warm once we arrived at the site. This is why an ice box is a necessary equipment if you like to drink cold beverage while enjoying the activity.

In the past ice box are nothing special so we don’t pay much attention when getting one but, with modern technology and how people continues to improve things that we love, ice box also changed with fantastic claims to keep anything we put inside cool or make sure the ice will stay very long. While they sure sounds like a great options, similar with anything, we need to check the unit first before getting one so they will suit our preference better. Read also: Cosori 6 qt vs 8 qt here.

About YETI Hopper Flip and Roadie
When talking about ice box, one of the first popular names that comes to our mind is YETI and we are sure many people think the same too. Not only popular, they are also expensive compared to our regular ice boxes and while they do comes with interesting capabilities especially to keep your ice longer, it can be a disadvantage for those who have limited budget to spend. Basically, they are like Apple but for ice cooler box; a high-end brand.

YETI is an American company and founded back then in 2006, they quickly being the favorite of many and continue to upgrade their products to answer their customers demand over the years. Depend on which ice box do you need, they actually have many but, can be easily separated by hard and soft box since not all of us will spend the same amount of time out there or doing the same activities. Two of their most favored models are probably Hopper Flip and Roadie.

For starters, they are already different from the type itself since the first is a soft ice box while the latter is a hard ice box or coolers so it will depend on activities to choose one. In addition, there usually a number after a YETI ice box name like 18, 20, 35, and so on, but this is not a number of the size in quarts. It can be a bit confusing but this system is unique to them to indicate how many cans we can fitted inside with ice, using 2:1 ice to can ratio.

YETI Hopper Flip and Roadie Size
Hopper Flip is available in 8, 12, and 18 but Roadie only have one size which is 20 and they can carry 8 to 20 cans of beer depend on the size or from 10 to 24 pounds of ice only. For those who need a bigger compartment for a big barbeque party or camping with the whole gang, the hard ice box Tundra that can go up to 350 will fit even a regular house party with more than 200 hundreds of beer cans.

YETI Hopper Flip and Roadie Benefit
As it has been mentioned above, while both of them are a similar ice box, the type is different with Hopper Flip being a soft ice cooler and Roadie being a hard ice box. In general the soft ice box is the one you want to use when in a short expedition or those that won’t require more than a day out there. We can carry our lunch, cold beverages, and even dinner with something to enjoy after especially when picking the 18 size.

A soft ice box benefit is the build itself which help when brought or carry since it can be sling in your shoulder and of course more comfortable thanks to its flexible body. There is a strap which is made to be ergonomic when hang on the shoulder while the double stitched handle of Hopper Flip will make sure they are strong enough to carry the load. On the other hand, Roadie is more suitable for those who plan to spend a few days in the wild or to carry more cans.

Unlike those soft ice box, its ability to keep ice inside are better and the one we choose for camping but, it is not easy to carry especially when there is lots of other bags piling up due to the fairly huge size. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t use it for party or bringing the beverage to beach since it can carry enough and fight the warm environment to keep your cans cold and ice longer. To empty the water, there is a small opening at the bottom side with a lid.

Now, let’s compare YETI Hopper Flip with Roadie. Both of them are a great companion for your journey and enjoy some time outside but are also different. Hopper Flip is a soft ice box, good for a short trip to a nearby lake and hop into your kayak to fish or hike on the hills but don’t plan to spend more days with the ice.
Roadie is a medium sized hard ice box, good to carry the beverages for the whole family of 3 or 4 when spending time

on a beach or to carry ice when camping since it will help the ice last longer. Unlike Hoppe Flipr that can be carried both by hand or hang them on our shoulder, Roadie can only be carried by hand.

YETI Hopper Flip vs Roadie

YETI Hopper FlipYETI Hopper Roadie
- Soft ice box - Hard ice box
- Not very sturdy- Can stand different condition
- More size options - Only one size (20)
- Have sling strap- Only have handheld handle
- For short activities- Can keep ice longer

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us are going to have the same activities so it is best to get the one that match your needs. For those who only spend several hours or a day outside and don’t need much to carry, Hopper Flip is a very suitable model but if you carry the ice box to a hot place, need to carry more and want to keep the ice for longer, Roadie is the best option.

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