Zojirushi vs Tiger Thermos


A vacuum flask is probably an important kitchenware you will need to have if you are the type who like to bring either food or drink from home outside for work or on a hike and camping. These types of compartment is good to keep your food/drink at their temperature, so you can always enjoy them at their best. When talking about flask, two brands that come in mind are Zojirushi vs Tiger Thermos because they equally offer dependable products in their catalogue for their customer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to choose Vacuum Flask
– What are Zojirushi and Tiger Thermos
– What Zojirushi and Tiger Thermos can offer to you
– Zojirushi vs Tiger Thermos

Choosing Vacuum Flask
Thermos is also called vacuum flasks but the term is only used to refer the one that is used to stored water while the other can refer both type of compartments either the one to store water or to store foods. These types of container is undeniably good to store food and water, so you can take them with you to anywhere you go and unlike regular compartment, they are insulating which means the temperature is kept as best as their capability to stay at the original state, so you can enjoy them at their best condition.

Cold water is kept cold while hot water or food will be kept warmer for longer period of time. Beside this benefit, owning a vacuum flask is good to reduce cost because you are cooking and making drink at home, so you don’t have to spend for food or drink anymore when going out. Just like many other products, thermos are manufactured and designed for different purposes and before you are going to the shop, it is best to consider what you will need to use them for.

The main and most common type of thermos or thermal flask is to keep hot water to stay warm longer. This is an important point you will need to see in an item since some are especially designed for hot water, so if you also want to use it with cold water, make sure to look one with the feature. Generally, a thermal flask will be able to keep cold water stay cold for longer time than keep water warm; for example most thermos will be able to keep cold water up to 12 hours but hot water only 6 hours.

Another important part is to look for the correct capacity because it comes in a wide range of capacities and it is good to match it with how much you will need it to be or drink in a day. If you are planning on going for example hiking and want to share your drink with other people, it is good to choose the one that has bigger capacity while the smaller is good for carrying drink for yourself like when going to work.

When looking for an appliance sometimes we also look where the product is being made since it may affect the quality or its dependability and Japan is one of the most favorable in the aspects compared to many other countries. If you are also think the same then you may want to look at two of popular Made in Japan thermos; Zojirushi and Tiger Thermos. Both of these brands offer a wide range of kitchenware and equally popular as a quality brand in the world. Read also: Cuckoo vs Zojirushi here.

They are also have a collection of vacuum flask either for food or drink that you can choose easily in their catalogue. For this article, we are choosing one of their product with similar look and function; for Zojirushi we pick their Stainless Mug while for Tiger we pick their Stainless Bottle. Even though the use a different name to call the item, the function and overall features are the same. Beside the mug or bottle, they also offer various carafe size that mainly has more capacity than their bottle/mug.

About Zojirushi
For Zojirushi, this item in our first picture is SM-SHE48/60 which means it is available in two capacity, the 0.48 liter and 0.6 liter. As you can see from the outside, these thermos looks very attractive with a bright orange color or if you want to go more subtle, there is black variant. This one is made from stainless just like the name and to improve its capability, the company decide to use their patented SlickSteel finish in the interior side which is claimed to be able to fight against corrosion and also repel stains.

Zojirushi Features
Being featured with a flip-open lid make this mug easy to drink and with the safety feature, you don’t have to worry about leaking anymore. The stopper can be disassemble for thorough cleaning and the 2 step lid release will prevent excess condensation when the lid opens while the vent on the mouthpiece allows the liquid to flow more smoothly.

Zojirushi claims that this vacuum flask will be able to keep both hot and cold water up to 6 hours, so you can enjoy your drink at their ideal temperature. The mouth opening is as wide as 1-1/2 inch and the material used to make the mug is BPA-free plastic as well as 18/8 stainless steel for better built.

About Tiger Thermos
Tiger is also a trusted brand and if you ever look for the best thermos or vacuum flask available, you probably also ever stumbled upon the brand before. This company offer various types of insulated bottle differentiate by the lid type and also offer a good amount of choice into the food flask catalogue. For Tiger, the item in our example picture above is the MMJ-A with a choice of capacity from 12, 16, and 20 oz. as well as a different color options available consisting of black, pink, and clear stainless.

Tiger Thermos Features
Just like what a vacuum insulated bottle should do, Tiger thermos is able to keep the liquid inside warm or cold depend on what you pour in there; hot and cold is listed up to 6 hours. It is using stainless steel as the main material with double wall for the temperature resistant. The company claims that they used a super clean plus interior finish to prevent any odors which is common issue in many other similar compartments as well as stains to keep your bottle pleasant to use.

This item is using a pop-up lid which is great to prevent leak but if you like the screw lid, the brand also offer the similar bottle with your preferred lid. You can open this lid to reveal a wider mouth, so you can insert ice cubes. For a healthier product, Tiger thermos is made from BPA free material.

Now, let’s compare Zojirushi with Tiger Thermos. As you can see, both of them have the same shape and come with same features as well as the ability to keep either hot or cold water at around 6 hours.

Zojirushi vs Tiger Thermos

ZojirushiTiger Thermos
- More variant- Less variant
- More affordable- More expensive
- A bit heavier- Lightweight

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them can perform just as good depend on room temperature where you keep the bottle since it will also affect their capabilities in retaining their temperature. However, since Zojirushi is more affordable, we will recommend you to pick the brand if you want to save more money.

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